June 10th, 2010

Well Suited: Slovenia in South Africa

Slovenia arrive in South Africa on Monday. They brought their man bags, shades and Louis Vuitton luggage so you know they mean business. Image: AP Photo

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22 Responses to “Well Suited: Slovenia in South Africa”

  1. Katja says:

    You just gotta love our boys. They’re much hotter when they are shirtless! ;) )
    I wish you all the luck for sunday match!

  2. Dolores says:

    so proud of our team! hello to Jasmina and Karin C (i'm from Slovenia too ) :-)

    • jasmina says:

      hahaha, kje smo se našli=P

      • Karin C. says:

        ampak res :)

        • Dolores says:

          hehe sam res..a ze dolg spremljata tolo stran vidve? jst sm ze res ful dolg tuki sam nikol nism nc komentirala-tko,da je bil tole zdej moj ta drug post se mi zdi :-) evo se en dan pa igramo a? :-) )

          • jasmina says:

            aaam…pa jest tko ene 5 let…nism pa še nikol komentirala:D

            sam ko so pa lih naši fantje bli pa nism mogla spustit:D

            jaaaaa, komej Ĩakam:D

  3. jeffery says:

    niceeee the spannish didnt even arrive as fly as them lol

  4. Maria says:

    Well… there’s a good looking team! Oooh man!! I see Spain is getting tougher competition :P

  5. Swooning in Spain says:

    That's Gucci, actually!

  6. Missy Manchester says:

    I noticed they’re wearing their cleats (athletic shoes?) with their suits. I think I kinda like it. In the words of John Legend, they’re “ready to go right now” LOL

  7. Didi says:

    I guess SloveNIA conquers all, even Kickette.


  8. jasmina says:

    well, I never thought I will see our boys here *grins*

  9. Karin C. says:

    that are our boys:))))
    GO SloveENIJA!!!!!

  10. Johanna says:

    I think those are the flat indoor "sambas" and they add a nice touch to the suits. Sweet pic!