July 15th, 2010

Well Suited: USMNT At The ESPY Awards

Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America

When we first heard about the ESPY Awards, we lost hours of our lives thinking about how we could blag our way in and receive thousands of award-winning spa treatments. Then, (once sober), we realised we were confusing the American sports awards put on by ESPN with ESPA the beauty brand we want to marry. We know the difference now, and can say with authority that these two things are both fabulous, but completely unrelated.

Now on with the story. The ESPY Awards descended on Los Angeles last night and the USMNT was quite well-represented.

Landon Donovan was the winner of three ESPY awards: Best MLS Player, Best Performance Under Pressure, and Best Moment for his stoppage time goal against Algeria during the World Cup. In true team spirit fashion, all of the USMNT members in attendance took to the stage to accept the award for Best Moment. Here’s our top three observations from the show:

World Cup Campaigns Make People Fall In Re-Love

After his very public shout out and profession of love for his estranged wife at the World Cup, it appears that Landon Donovan and Bianca Kajlich are back together again. They even snogged each time Landy got up to receive an award! Yup, they’re at that stage of the Reunited-And-It-Feels-So-Good part of the relationship.

In even better news for the Donovans, Landon told the E! channel last night that he is not about to become a dad via some random he met while on loan with Everton last winter. Skirting your first major scandal is an important step in the life of a footballer. We will be holding out for the day when Landon and Bianca produce inevitably adorable bubbas. Hurray for love and all other such corniness!

Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

Stuart Holden Is Adorable

Pictured here with the equally as sizzling Jozy Altidore and Maurice Edu, Stuart Holden was tweeting pics throughout the evening. He was voted most likely to pull a prank and compared his hair to Zac Efron’s. He also wore a skinny tie. If Stu gets any cuter he’s on our one-to-kidnap list.

Image via twitter.com/stuholden22

Carlos Bocanegra’s Woman Has Serious Powers To Destroy Our Mental Health

Yes, this lady has the power to bringĀ  Kickette HQ to instant, complete and utter jealous raging, the likes of which haven’t appeared since we saw a WAG with a Birkin. Real talk. Although we put out a call to the Twitterverse for more info on Boca’s mystery lady, it seems as though the Kickette Army is just as lacking in information / in denial as we are. ‘Los is booed up, y’all.

Carlos alluded to his lady in a recent Interview magazine piece, but we were hoping it was just a typo. Alas, t’was not to be. See you at Ben & Jerrys.

Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

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77 Responses to “Well Suited: USMNT At The ESPY Awards”

  1. Lorihanna, Morales Torres says:

    staurt holden he’s CUTE! :)
    and carlos’ is HOT! :D

  2. Amanda says:


    OK, THAT´S IT!!! I´ve had enough!!! Benny´s girlfriend has GOT TO GO! BITCH AIN´T CUTE!

    • Zinny says:

      Ouch! She is huuurt. I could not agree with you more. The kid could do a lot better. I mean, really, Benny? Did being born in Brazil teach you nothing about beautiful women? Sigh.

  3. Lisa says:

    I hate those people who say ESPN want soccer to succeed because they have invested heavily in the game. Maybe there is a kernel of truth in that but I hope ESPN don’t over-promote the sport to the point that it creates unreasonable expectations, both in the national team and MLS.

    Its funny, my favorite ESPN analyst that I follow Bill Simmons says his friends call him the Soccer Manchurian Candidate because they believe he has been brainwashed by ESPN bosses into liking soccer and hope Simmons’ influence will help spread its popularity to regular joes.

  4. Ashling says:


  5. Bernadette says:

    My heart broke upon seeing Carlos Bocanegra with a gf :( They make a cute couple tho. But I’m still jealous!!! :(

    • shay:] says:

      mine did also. it’s okay, your not alone

    • Felicity says:

      I too feel your pain. She is one lucky duck. Not only is he burn your eyes hot but he seems nice too.

      • GinaRuiz says:

        I too feel your pain! I have done NOTHING but consume large amounts of alcohol and chocolate just to numb the pain of seeing my Boca with his gf. UGH! Just stab me in heart and KILL ME NOW! Yes…….I will be calling a therapist on Monday.

  6. EternalDreamer says:

    The guys look great in their suits! Happy that Landon took Bianca to the ESPYs; it was so touching when he did the after-goal shout-out. Stu is definitely adorables; I was never really a fan of Twitter, but have been given evidence that may sway me to become one (yay for USMNT updates)! I must admit, Boca’s girlfriend is beautiful and, goes without saying, very lucky.

  7. sarrible says:

    Here's Carlos on the red carpet talking to ESPN Deportes:


    I find him even hotter when I remember that he speaks three languages. DAMN.

    • liz says:

      i've only heard him speak english, are there any videos where he speaks other languages?

  8. Ubuntu says:

    I hope that all the non-Americans can realize what a HUGE DEAL it was for the USMNT to win best moment this year. Rochette (mom died 2 days before her skate, bronze medal), Saints (rebuilding and inspiring the devastated New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina) and Mickelson (winning for his wife after one of her first appearances post-breast cancer treatment) were all huge and deserving stories this year, and everyone had their money on the Saints. The ESPYS are voted on by fans, so it was such an amazing moment for all us (minority) soccer fans here in the states. :) Plus, they look goooooooooooood.

  9. Pam says:

    Is that Carlos' girlfriend? Oh no I think he can do much better than that. In the interview he said his gf doesnt know much about soccer, whaat! He's Captain America and has a gf who doesnt know much about soccer? WTF. I'm a better match-better looking than her and a huge soccer fan/know it all. rrggh!

    • ussoccer84 says:

      Yeah, what the hell!!! Why do these footballers date women who have no clue about the game? I suppose they don't want be around football 24-7.

      Interestingly, I was on a plane back from Maui in 2004 and my friend, who knows the game pretty well, sat next to "a" Bocanegra girlfriend. She was a brunette and very ditzy. She was saying that Carlos wanted her to move to England with him because "he was playing for SOME team caaallledddd…Fulham." She was clueless and had a hard time remembering the team that her gorgeous BF was playing for! Shockingly, she seemed hesitant on the whole move. She also said that the reason she was flying solo was bc Boca was heading back to England for club duties. She seemed legit though. Well I bet she's kicking herself now for not hanging onto him bc that brunette in the photo posted is definitely not her.

    • Lisa says:

      same thing with Alex and Steven Gerrard. I guess these guys like bimbos who aren’t into football. It always bothers that footballers always go for the anorexic supermodel-types. Why can’t they ever date real women who actually LIKE football?

      • Dee says:

        I totally respect the sports world WAGs who are the high school and college sweethearts. They never were in it for anything other than the guy.

  10. Piquette says:

    I can't take my eyes off of Bocanegra's lady's serious arm muscles. Those things are *serious*!

  11. Sam says:

    I wish they got rid of red carpets so I could live in denial.


    • MUfcYanksGirl says:

      Clicking that link felt like being punched in the stomach. Noooooo Benny! I read about the girlfriend in Interview magazine but seeing it before my eyes has been traumatizing. I feel your pain.

    • NicKelly says:

      I'm embarrassed by the number of times I've watched that video since the WC started. But I can't help it; Steve and Carlos are so cute together! The one with Benny and Johnny B. is equally cute. I just wish the team had stayed longer so we could've gotten more "Roomies 4 Life."

    • Amanda says:

      OMG, thank you for sharing this! I don’t know HOW I missed it earlier, but LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

    • sarrible says:

      Good LORD. I think Carlos’s dimples just got me pregnant.

  12. Catie says:

    Boca’s girl has a freakishly small waist. Perhaps it’s just the angle, but jeez! Anyway, that’s the last I shall comment on her because I am choosing to pretend she doesn’t exist :P

  13. Samsun says:

    Carlos Bocanegra, Stuart Holden, and Benny Feilhaber. Enough Said!!! Those 3 can make you melt with one glance.

  14. Rusty, or maybe Anna says:

    Benny, Benny, Benny. Maybe you could have livened up your outfit with a color other than black?

    Anyone know how to get tickets to the ESPYs?

  15. senora ramos says:

    oh, team america! you guys look so hot! i love you with most of my heart. sad no timmay or gooch and most certainly swaggtastic hotness deuce!!!
    i am just going to continue to ignore bocagirl if everyone’s alright with that.

    and damn johnny b. you get cuter everytime i see you!

    • Bronwyn says:

      Completely agree- I think Jonny B is the most adorable thing evaar! He needs more attention, defos ;)

  16. Sahar says:

    Sorry I’m American but the us soccer team does nothing for me. Give me any other national team and I would be excited. I rather have the lakers there. I know it probably sounds unamerican but I think us team is the least attractive and the least exciting to watch

  17. Special Agent Kicket says:

    OK – here we go my fellow Kickettes….check out Lita Bernal on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=515445391&ref=search” rel=”nofollow”>.http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=515445391&ref=search … in both pictures, the profile pic on FB and the pic with Carlos from ESPY's, she seems to be wearing the same ring on her left index finger.

  18. Laura says:

    Carlos’s tie matches her dress. That’s serious.

    • sarrible says:

      The tie and the shoes just aren't doing it for me. I think it was a rare misstep for Captain Fashionplate America. But Benny, Stuart and Edson all look like some badass GQ escapees. Mmm, Edson. He's overlooked, but so adorbs.

  19. Kylie says:

    Carlos and his girlfriend are so ridiculously good looking…and her waist is so tiny OMG…Like as if I needed any more reason to be jealous of her.

    And I LOVE Stu and his suit/shirt/tie combo.

  20. Ezza says:

    So apparently this Manolita girl (she goes by Lita) is new. My friend says Bocanegra showed up to last year's Espys with a blonde girl. What I want to know is where did she get that dress, and is my size still available?

  21. Gibbo says:

    and Maybe Kai Rooney, Layla Kuszczak, Luka & Stefan Vidic, Nora Torres…a cute kid…

  22. gibbo says:

    need to see a picture of Jacey or Louise carrick soooooooooooooooon!

  23. Violets says:

    This is the second time I've watch the ESPYs. Both times (this year and last year) have been to see the USMNT, resulting in me jumping around the living room whenever they won (I have a Specs thing, and when he came on stage last year in a suit? Nearly died).

    Anyways, I may be supremely jealous of her, but Los's girl is rocking that dress. Also, Stuart is adorable. And Landon and Bianca are the CUTEST COUPLE EVER. I'm so happy that they got back together!!!!!!!!!

  24. NicKelly says:

    Forget Lee Greenwood — these boys make me proud to be an American! They were so cute (and hot) last night. Love seeing Carlos do anything, but perhaps my favorite moment was seeing Benny talk during their interview backstage after they won. How can someone be so hot *and* adorably cute at the same time?

    Speaking of adorableness, Stu Holden is just off the charts! Between his hair and his awesome sense of humor, he’s making a serious push to be my favorite member of the USMNT, and considering my deep love for Benny, Boca, Timmy, Mo, Gooch, Steve, etc., that’s saying a lot. Never change, Stu!

    As for ‘Los’s girlfriend, I’ve been preparing myself since the “Interview” article. I just can’t understand how she’s not into football, though. I mean, there’s no excuse for any woman not to be into football, but especially when you’re dating one of the hottest football players in the world, it just makes no sense. I hope she’ll rectify that situation.

    • Dee says:

      Amen, girl.

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      Nothing like the World Cup and some smokin' Team USA hotties to bring out my patriotic side.

    • Zinny says:

      I completely agree with you that his girlfriend should show some interest in soccer/football, but as an American, I can tell you that it's not that unusual. I'm one of the few women I know with a genuine love for the sport. I'd actually be suprised if she did have an interest. Sadly, that's the way things work around here

      • Catie says:

        That's funny because it's the other way around for me. I have so many female friends who love the sport, and only like one guy friend. The rest of the guys were too busy paying attention to Lebron James attempting to make a decision. But, whatev. Watching soccer at the bar at 10 a.m. (yes, we did… shhh) with snarky and sarcastic ladies who routinely shouted at the refs as if they were on the field themselves is so much better :)

      • Lisa says:

        You ladies sound awesome! keep fighting the good fight. Believe or not it is possible to feel alone in a soccer-mad country.

        I have the opposite problem to Catie, here in Maldives, soccer is by far the most popular sport. The problem is, there are no bars and mostly men go to the stadium.

        European league matches are on at midnight. Other girls like me who want to watch the sport are either too shy or too lazy to do so.

        I’m not, I go alone or with a friend to the stadium and I stay up to watch the European matches.

    • jen says:

      agree 100% they, and everything world cup related, were the highlights of my night…and all the jokes of course.

  25. Felicity says:

    I had only just come out of my shock-induced stupor (which involved a lil vino) after seeing the pre-espy party luckiest girl in the world pic (Los and his gf)only to have Los' gf trotted out yet again! In a shorter dress no less! (shakes fist at sky)

    Stu is ADORABLE …the funniest thing he did last night was post a pic of the hair off between him, Efron and Los…but the pic was actually a screenshot of the photo on his camera. Lurv him.

  26. MUfcYanksGirl says:

    God bless the skinny tie! Stuart Holden is looking scrumptious, as usual. If you are able to kidnap that beautiful man please ring me. I've got a few ideas/scenarios I'd like to run by him :)

  27. LV girl says:

    The only problem I have with BocaMuffin's girl (besides the obvious) is that she let him out of the house with those shoes on. Seriously, please do your job and make sure he's dressed properly.

    • LV girl says:

      Other than that, the boys look delish, especially Benny.

    • Lex says:

      I THINK those shoes are the ones they wore to meet the President at the White House before they left for SA. The ones Bill Clinton said he wanted. Does anyone else remember this?

      Oh god, Carlos and Benny are so hot.

  28. stephanieee says:

    hahaha "Yes, this lady has the power to bring Kickette HQ to instant, complete and utter jealous raging, the likes of which haven’t appeared since we saw a WAG with a Birkin. Real talk." I FEEL THE SAME WAY LADIES. i never really get jealous over other people, idk why its just simply not in my nature, but when i saw your tweet last night with a photo of her, something snapped inside me. she is stunning, and i'm sure is a nice girl, but i cannot get over the fact that she got to 'los first :( i needed a few scoops of cookie dough and unlimited amounts of photos of the deeeelicious looking benny feilhaber last night to help ease my pain.

    also ladies, i went hunting and found some adorable pictures of the boys at the ESPYs pre-party the night before, and from the night in general:


    • Dee says:

      Thank you for the links!!!

      Last time I got jealous…well…I found out it was the guy's cousin.

  29. VP says:

    Benny looks right out of the year 1999 with his black on black ensemble. Regardless, all of the guys looke exceptionally handsome. Congrats on the win for Best Moment!

    Someone has got to give us the deets on the luckiest girl on the planet AKA Los' g/f.

    • Amy says:

      Does the USMNT ever wear matching suits like other teams?

      It isn't that I don't trust them to dress themselves (except Benny, who has to dress that way in case he becomes *too* hot and we all combust), but I just think a flock of men in matching, well-designed suits is the hottest thing ever.

      • VP says:

        That's a great question, Amy. Did you see Los' shoes, by the way? They were brown and stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the rest of the guys. They look like the ones that they wore to meet President Obama.

  30. Amanda says:

    Noooooooooooooooo, Carlos!

    Also, thank God for Stu Holden and his twitter. He is rising fast on my charts!

  31. Ella says:

    The boys were just great last night! It was so cool to see them together and at a fun event all dressed up. The pic Stu tweeted of all the boys in their suits is DELISH. They're all just YUM!

    We MUST find out more about Los' girlfriend…how can she not be into soccer? Is she American? IF so, does she live with him in France during the season? I need answers! LOL!

  32. tammyv says:

    Someone better be producing some well suited pics of Timmy H and Deuce.. Where the hell were they?

    I seriously love these boys, even beyond my love for every man (or woman) who puts on the US shirt, these guys are a special bunch

    • NicKelly says:

      Timmy and Deuce weren't there, which made me really sad. I was sad not to see Gooch, too, because if there's anyone I would love to see all suited up, it's him. I know why all the non-Galaxy MLS guys weren't there, but not sure why these three weren't, unless they just went on vacation before EPL and Serie A seasons start.

    • stephanieee says:

      Timmy and deuce weren't at the show last night. only 9 of the guys from the team went last night.

    • tammyv says:

      I know Timmy was not there but I swear there was a pic of Jozy and Deuce on the red carpet and it was not from last year…

      And either way,..Timmy more than Donovan deserved the Trophy. he brilliance is what send us on the run

      • stephanieee says:

        i agree! i love landy, i really do, but i’m getting tired of the media only recognizing him and only wanting to talk to him about the team’s run in south africa. i mean we get it, the guy had an incredible goal against algeria, and america will not forget about that beautiful game for a long time, but without his teammates none of that would’ve been possible. i just wish the media took a little more notice of the other guys as well instead of always landon-this, landon-that.

        • MUfcYanksGirl says:

          Landon Donovan is, to date, the greatest soccer player that America has ever produced. He has done so much more for the sport than score a goal against Algeria in injury time. It can be seen in all the records that he holds, all the amazing plays that he has created, and all the goals that he's sent into the net. Even in the game against Ghana, when it came time to step up, it was Landon Donovan who delivered. Are there other great players on the US team? Of course there are. There's a handful of people who are outstanding, and there's young guys like Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore who haven't even reached their full potential yet. But for someone to be around as long as Landon Donovan has, and the fact that he has done so much for the sport, it's about time that he got some recognition. He carries that team, and he is an inspiration. It's only natural that he has become the face of American soccer. I can't think of anyone else who deserves it more.

          • tammyv says:

            Landon is considered the best outfield player… Kasey Keller is the the best player of all time. Though I still think Alexi Lalas is the best outfield

            • MUfcYanksGirl says:

              Both legit. I also think McBride is definitely up there. I just think Landon's got a quality about him that no one else has had, and it makes people love to watch and see what his next move is going to be. Personally I prefer him to Alexi, but I'd like to see him follow in his footsteps and become an analyst as well.

              • tammyv says:

                Alexi was brilliant to watch (still is when I see him play around LA actually) and he was the first American to play in Serie A. McBride is perfect in my eyes but I don’t know that I would rate him talent wise the best ever.

                honestly, I don’t Landon is as good as Dempsey. Donovan is the golden boy because he went the the US Soccer system and everyone knew him and followed him growing up but I don’t think he is the best ever or right now even

  33. Gibbo says:

    or a photo of Jack & Tyler Fletcher or Hayley Grice!

  34. Dee says:

    I now have a reason to finish up the crema di fragole I snagged in Italy. It had been a good day so far… well hope the job I interviewed for pans out…

    • Dee says:

      What I was going to say before I got inspired to drink was

      ZZ TOP had it right…every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man.