July 20th, 2011

When Fernando Torres Got His Groove Back…

Quite frankly, if he’s packing muscle definition like this during the 2011/12 season, we won’t give a crap whether he scores or not. Image: AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin/Daylife.

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67 Responses to “When Fernando Torres Got His Groove Back…”

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  2. MH from NH says:

    just so long as he doesn't score for Chelsea.

  3. littlegreenpea says:

    dang. he makes that warm-up look hot, man. liking those biceps.

  4. mai says:

    hottah!hottah!there goes my panties!

  5. Zahara says:

    madre mia! i am such a sucker for beautiful arms like those! ayayay!

  6. Rachelle says:

    yes! smart move nandopants! make your case for reintroduction into finest five! its a scandal that you let yourself slip down the hotness ranks! get your hair in order and good things will follow :)

  7. cisarovna says:

    I was trying to figure out why I was so shocked by the gun show, and then I realized in most pictures players have sleeves and tall socks covering their arms and calves. Why they gotta hide all the good stuff?

    • samson99 says:

      The torres passed a medical for liverpool melwood training ground he held a press conference in Madrid on July to bid farewell to the fans before completing his move to liverpool on a six year contract.Thanks for sharing the informative post. Regards. Monrow

  8. Amy says:

    We'll see if he actually has it back once we're about a month into the season.

  9. lili says:

    That's what you get for kicking him out of the Finest Five, Kickette ;)

  10. DrStrangelove says:

    Blue doesn't suit him, and neither does brown hair. As a neutral, I have to say he was hotter at Liverpool.

    • April says:

      I'm neutral as far as teams go, but I do think the red complimented him a little better. However, I like the "maturing" sort of hot that he is becoming.

    • xoWinnie says:

      he was at his hottest during the 'El Niño' days at Atletico circa the 2006 WC.
      with the brown hair and the faux-hawk…rawr.

  11. xbabyshakesx says:

    Guns and some blonde eh? i can get use to that! =]

  12. Jen says:

    I'm a Liverpool supporter and I have nothing but love for him.. I just want to see Nando happy again…. and maybe get a peek of his abs :) hehe. You definitely can't say he doesn't work hard in the off season as his six pack (and biceps, apparently!) are always ripped in the summer. Here's hoping for a healthy, happy season for my love (just as long as his success on the pitch with Chelsea doesn't get in the way of Liverpool's). He may not be a Liverpool player anymore, but he'll never walk alone.

    Also, Kickette, you clearly know the way to my heart. :) :) :)

    • Jen says:

      Amen!! I feel the same. I am a Red too, but hope that his Chelsea career is somewhat successful, (not too much) this season! He's so pretty!

  13. XParrot says:

    Perhaps we should we start getting on the Italians for calling it “calcio” as well?!

  14. lulu says:

    Salivating like a shewolf… Check.

  15. canederli says:

    Tried to post a comment with a link to more pictures but it disappeared. Oh well. I think he looks AMAZING! I'm hoping that the lighter hair will get him back in the goal scoring frame of mind, but I'm just so glad that he's looking happier and less stressed. The vacation agreed with him.

  16. FernandoForever says:

    Not the blonde!! Why is the blonde coming back!! Ugh, sure he looks supah fine here but the hair!! :'(

  17. hereforthenando says:

    What about the fact that he seems to have gone back to blonde? I may not love the guy (understatement) but I am very pleased that he is going back to his unnatural blonde roots. He looks best that way.

    I am going to back away from this photo now. If I keep staring and drooling, I might forget why he made me so mad in the first place.

    • Jen says:

      I know what you mean!! I saw this photo and almost ALMOST forgot why I was mad at him too.

  18. kathy says:

    Well, with those biceps, I would say: Time for Hot Hall of Fame! Come on Kickettes, do us the favour:)

  19. Carolina says:

    He has a lovely tan too :) . Sigh.

  20. mimi says:

    THE man of my dreams! I love his hair style now und hope he´ll score a lot of goals again!

    And p.s. kickettes: This young gorgeous man has to make the HHoF list soon! :)

  21. Miss XOXO says:

    Excited to watching you play tomorrow night Nando…Chelsea FC in my country (Malaysia) for Asia Tour after Arsenal FC (13 July) and Liverpool FC (16 July)…Three biggest club in football make me happy in two weeks:-))

  22. FootballDaze says:

    Jesus, he's gotten so big! Hope Villas-Boas will be good to him this season (and that statement just sparks another set of delicious naughty boy dreams).

  23. Mirella says:

    While I personally don't care if he scores or not as long as he looks yummie, I hope he does, for him. Oh, I want him to be happy, and I want to see the long blond hair fly, as he jumps around the pitch during goal celebration again.

  24. Sara P says:

    Hot Damn!!!

    Hot Hall of Fame PLEASE!! Like….NOW!!

  25. Miss Lampard says:

    Oh…Someone has told me that a very special man is coming back in his old way…Oh yes, Fernando is coming, it's just question of time and I'm sure that we will see the darling-old Nando. I'm going to love him again!

  26. IrishBlue says:

    Noice! Good to see Nando looking fit and ready for action (I really really do care about him scoring though). His hair seems to be slowly morphing back to it's old ways, which I hope can only be good for his football :D

  27. angie says:

    After his exit from Liverpool I hated Nando. I mean, how could he leave us(me) like that? I’m still very disappointed he abandoned us but I’ve recently decided I still love him!! How could I not when he looks so yummy? Oh how I’ve missed him….

  28. YvoYeungGirl says:

    ¡Anda! That is so hot! If he shows off that muscle pack everyday, I don't care if he scores either! Just pay him to flash those man muscles. And is he growing out his hair more? Are those blonde bits I see? He's on the way to perfection and should either be reinstated into the finest five or brought in as the new HHoF

  29. Real Talk says:

    Can someone please tell me how Fernando Torres was excluded from the Finest Five List?

    • IrishBlue says:

      We need answers!!

    • backoffmyNando says:

      We should petition for a re-do……or settle with Nando being inducted into the hot hall of fame. Either one is fine Kickette…….

    • FootballDaze says:

      That is a mystery to me too. I mean, who is Jack Rodwell to take over delicious Nando's spot???? Seriously, who is he? Or Bocanegra? Please. They might have potential, but Nando has the goods, here and now. Nando for Hot H.o.F!!!!!

      Edit: yet another reason for putting Nando in the Hot H.O.F. I was in a lovely Caribbean island last summer, enjoying myself, without a care in the world. My friends and I went to the supermarket for some snacks and….there, in the chips aisle….was Nando's yummy face on a can of Pringles. Well, I immediately thought about putting it in my bag so we could sneak up to room and cuddle. But I had to stop, reminding myself that I actually had money to pay for this! I will neither confirm nor deny whether cuddling with the Pringles can took place,

      • Miss Lampard says:

        Oh, I still have one of this can of Pringles…Quite strange, but I conserved it!

    • lol says:

      his dirty trasfer?

    • hereforthenando says:

      He has seemed a lot less "fine" since his transfer to Chelsea.

      • Amy says:

        Yep. Douchebaggery outweighs hotness for me, too. I would think many of the Liverpool fans that thought he was gorgeous probably wouldn't give him a second glance now. I know I wouldn't. Not that we expect him to care but maybe that has something to do with his exclusion from the list after his long-awaited addition to it last year.

        • Jeanx says:

          'douchebaggery'? that's one of the last words I would use to describe Fernando. I understand that many liverpool fans were hurt about his transfer and felt betrayed but I don't think he was a douchebag about it. I've seen many intervews of him post-liverpool where he says that those have been the best years of his life and that he will always love liverpool, even if clearly it's not reciprocated. But anyways, if you 'wouldn't give him a second glance' what are you even doing in a post about him?

          • xoWinnie says:

            erm…he also said a lot of not-so-nice things which left many fans disgusted not only because he left, but what the way he left.

            not saying i felt that way because i don't like LFC, but i certainly understand

    • Katherine says:

      yes, we want Nando back!

  30. Claudia says:

    guh loving those arms O_O

  31. April says:

    I saw this yesterday too:) Made me happy that I could prove to my male coworkers that soccer players DO have biceps!

    • Sarah, Madrid says:

      Show them couple pix of: Ramos, Cris, Arbeloa, TORRES, Drogba..etc to prove it, we have plenty of evidence :P

    • Shaz says:

      Please – it's called football, not soccer!

      Everyone apart from you Americans calls it football, so maybe it's time you get used to calling it that too. It's like when they interviewed the American coach after the Women's World Cup final and she kept calling it 'soccer' – don't know if it's stupidity or just arrogance.

      I know you have your own so-called 'football' (only Americans can call a game you play with your hands football) and like to be different from the rest of the world, but it's still annoying.

      • hereforthenando says:

        Did you know that in the US and Canada, if you call it football, people will think that you're arrogant and they will make fun of you? Perhaps Pia Sundhage was calling it soccer because that is generally the preferred nomenclature over there. She is also clearly far from stupid (and she must know that it is called football elsewhere–look at her resume!).

        There really is no need to act like that. Wow.

        • Shaz says:

          If there is one thing I don't care about it's whether or not Americans think I'm thick, lol!

          By the way – a lot of people must agree with me, because I went from seven thumbs-down to four thumbs-down last night, and then from eight thumbs-down to four thumbs-down during the day.

          • April says:

            So we're supposed to be impressed that there are more people as presumptuous and prejudiced as you? You know, for someone that is calling Americans arrogant, you sure play the part of the "pot" well. Maybe you should lash out against some Canadians or Australians next, just to prove you aren't a bigot, and leave us to enjoying photos and dish about soccer/football/futbol/footy players and enjoying the game, whatever we want to call it.

      • Sara P says:

        Wow! There is seriously no need to be like this. This is a blog about the sport, whether Americans call it football or soccer, it makes no difference. It is still the same sport. Right? Thought so….

      • Your comment is the only thing that is annoying not to mention insulting and disrespectful by calling a well loved coach stupid and arrogant. Soccer is not top sport here! Get over it!

      • Sarah, Madrid says:

        What difference does it make for you if she call it soccer or football!

      • April says:

        Wow… didn't realize that it was so offensive that in the States we refer to it as soccer (and we sometimes interchange it for football, but as a fan of both sports, its easier for me to use separate names). Just so you know, we actually adopted it from the UK nickname for Association Football, or were you not aware it was a UK nickname to start? So I don't find it to be disrespectful at all.

        This reeks a little more of an uncalled for hatred of Americans more than it does a statement about what to call the sport, which makes this an interesting blog to air such a position. By the way, The USWNT coach is Swedish.

      • Kat22 says:

        I think it's true that a lot of Americans tend to be very insular. I lived in the US for two years and have come across a lot of people who don't know much about the going-ons outside their borders.

        They also seem to think that they're better at most things than the rest of the world.

        Not trying to pick a fight or be mean or anything, merely an observation.

        • FootballDaze says:

          I think it's always dangerous to generalize, especially about an entire country. I've lived in the US for 15 years. I've come across the most nationalistic, pro-America morons you can imagine, as well as some of the most enlightened and cosmopolitan individuals. This is a country, like any other, made up of so many cultures, ethnicities, and ideologies. Some scream louder than others, which is why many foreigners think all Americans are the same. I'm sure there are nationalists in England, France, Argentina, China, Australia, wherever. It's easy to become enraged at those few who shout "USA! USA! USA!" at every match, and mock foreigners, what you (I mean the universal "you") are not seeing are the millions of us who are shaking our heads in disapproval. I know it's easy to pick on the US, but even my 15 years (and counting) living here do not entitle me to demonize an entire country. There is so much to disapprove of about the US, and so much to praise. Like any country. Like any people. I'd rather get to know them than judge them.

          • Kat22 says:

            I did not demonise the whole of the US; I merely stated MY experience. Maybe it had to do with the location, but believe me when I tell you that most people I came across were very insular.

            Before I went across (for job reasons by the way, not by choice) people told me all sorts of stories, but I didn't listen to any of it and chose to make up my own mind.

            • FootballDaze says:

              I stand corrected. "Demonize" is a strong word. Apologies.

              I agree about the location issue. Especially because of the current political climate, the country is very polarized (it's scary how much so) and some people are creating these pockets of reassurance: only listen to radio stations or watch channels that validate their views, etc. I think these particular individuals are frightened of change. Plenty is changing recently: gay marriage, ethnic minorities will be the majority in about 15-20 years, etc. People are frightened (I'm not excusing them, though), and they lash out. It's an exciting moment, but also a scary moment to live here. But I still have faith in them. They're a very resilient people. As much as I loathe certain aspects of life here, my God, these people work hard.

              But on a side note: I really admire that you came over for so long, and for work. I'm trying to find a job that will place me in Spain, England, or Brazil, in the near future. I'd like the experience. I feel a lot of respect because you did it. And now, back to work! :)

              • Kat22 says:

                No worries. I hear what you're saying. :o )

                I guess some people's extreme attitudes just came as a bit of a shock to me, especially when Obama was elected. Couldn't believe some of the stuff I was hearing…

                But I do agree that you get morons in every country and you shouldn't generalise, so maybe I should have worded my post differently.

                Good luck on finding a job in one of your chosen countries. Wouldn't mind living in Spain for a few years. ;o)

        • So Kat22 does this mean you don't love your own country since American pride is such a put off to you? All countries have contributions that its people can be proud of. Two of the biggest are television and the internet so kudos to the English for providing the first working television and kudos to America for the internet which you obviously use. I know I can't live without the two.

          If you think about it, the European nations are in very close proximity to each other. The US is very large in land mass. We border only Canada and Mexico. Canada and the US are alike in many ways. More Mexicans are coming to America and learning the culture. I don't think that we try hard to be insular because we think we are better. I think it's where we are positioned. I love travelling and would even like to live and work in another country someday. I'm sure there will things I don't like while I'm abroad, but for the most part I know I have to have an open mind and respect the culture.

        • April says:

          Sorry to hear you experience wasn't a good one, but I would say that keeping an open mind is best. I have folks in my family like the ones you mention, and I have folks in my family that are world travelers and cultural know-alls with the best of them.

          The danger I would suggest in generalizing that from any experience, at least in the case of the type of Americans you encountered, is that it would only reinforce that behavior in them and they'd become all the more closed-off. Ignorance is just that, and differences should be celebrated.

          I hope you get a chance to meet some more of us!

    • FootballDaze says:

      Regardless of what anyone else says, call it what you want. The rest of us are just glad you enjoy it. Unbelievable, what a way to pick arguments or be mean about something that doesn't matter. Again, just glad you enjoy it and enjoy this site.

  32. Céline says:

    Damn nando, since when did ur biceps get this big huh?? Te amo niño <3