August 23rd, 2006

where is the love?

It’s right here, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. So much for tabloid reports about these two after the World Cup sending off.

However, there certainly is no love in any shape or form between Mr. Rooney and the FA.

Rooney was sent off in a pre-season friendly against Porto and given a three game suspension. Infuriated by the ban, Rooney railed off a scathing letter through his agent threatening to withdraw any participation in England’s off the pitch commercial activities. This means the FA couldn’t use his image to publicize any of the upcoming games between Man U and Macedonia in October.

The FA has responded, but we can’t be bothered to find the quote. Basically, they told him to piss off and get back to sitting on the bench.

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3 Responses to “where is the love?”

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