September 15th, 2008

The Debutants: Who’s the hottest?


Several players made their EPL/new team debut during this rather stellar weekend of footie – and we’ve noticed an interesting trend: the newbies are quite attractive.

For your consideration, we present to you:

Dimitar Berbatov for Manchester United. Sure, his hair is tragedy meets Count Chocula, but doesn’t he look fetching in a baseball cap?  Plus, he recently bought a stackload of trainers and sports related misc to give to charity, and we like our millionaires to be generous.

Xisco for Newcastle United.  Magpie fans, we recognize this is a difficult time. But the decision to take on Xisco and all of his super-buff, tattooed glory is one that you can take comfort and glory from for years to come. We’re hoping he decides to grow his hair back soon, so he’s less prison-hot and more regular-hot.

Robhinho for Manchester City.  He’s as cute as a little multi-million pound bunny with the talent to back up his price tag. Also, when he sweats, £50 notes fall from the sky. That’s pretty special.

Vedran Corluka for Tottenham Hotspurs (tonight). He has eyes like grey, stormy pools of brooding manliness. Nuff said.

Who gets your vote as the most sizzle-worthy debutant?

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59 Responses to “The Debutants: Who’s the hottest?”

  1. Becca says:

    Xisco get my vote. :)

  2. Mrs. Vedran Corluka says:

    Hairy arms. But loving it none the less!

  3. Alexandra Pato says:


  4. TammyV says:

    I am not sure that I support the idea that Berbs is on the list at all…he is just a transfer and not new to the prem

  5. diziet says:

    i've always had a secret appreciation for berba which was only enhanced by those skanky table-football photos, despite their high score on the Ujfalusi-ometer. However, a swift google-images check on Xisco has brightened my afternoon somewhat. Unusually for me, I actually prefer him with short hair but he clearly has hotness potential. Hmmm, I was already debating whether to go to the Newcastle-Blackburn game …

  6. TammyV says:

    I am not sure that I support the idea that Berbs is on the list at all…he is just a transfer and not new to the prem

  7. Genevieve Gourcuff says:

    ummmmm…. I'm trying to decide between Corluka and Xisco. Ok – I'm going with Xisco – although Corluka's eyes are quite stunning, the shaved head and the novelty of a name beginning with X has won me over.

  8. TammyV says:

    XISCO – Welcome to the Toon my love…Keep the goals coming

  9. TammyV says:

    XISCO – Welcome to the Toon my love…Keep the goals coming

  10. autumnmaple101 says:

    Draw between Dimitar and Corluka

  11. Emily (Giggsy's says:

    Ooh! I vote for Berba!!! He's broodily delicious and even makes our god-awful sailor suit away kits look good. (He'd look better in the old all-black kit… >:( Grr…) Xisco, though, impressed me with his hotness on Saturday. Good goal despite the Magpies' loss and all of the turmoil up in the Toon. I agree with Kickette, though, about Xisco's prison-ishness with the super-short hair.

  12. FirstTeamCoach says:

    LOL TFO I am so not surprised you posted ‘that’ picture. hehehe.

  13. The Fourth Official says:

    And no, we don’t know why he and the model in the pic are having angry sex on a football game table. And yes, they did actually have sex after the photo shoot. Though it wasn’t angry and it wasn’t on top of the football game table. As far as we know, that is.

  14. mrs jt ;) says:

    i dunno why, but theres something about robinho that i just love :D x

  15. Pau de Silva (aka Sa says:

    Corluka!!! he is sooo cute and hot!! at the same time!!!!! My vote goes to Vedran =D

  16. The Fourth Official says:

    Berbatov. The Manchester United Ladies are working on ridding Dimi of his

    bad hair and his shiny shirts. In the meantime, we are enjoying his

    occasional forays into Eastern bloc soft porn:

  17. Pau de Silva (aka Sambu) says:

    Corluka!!! he is sooo cute and hot!! at the same time!!!!! My vote goes to Vedran =D

  18. lose that girl says:


    No competition, really! He trains in super short shorts too if you hadn’t noticed. He’s pure sex and don’t we United gals know it!

    lose that girl blog

  19. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Xisco. I'm a big fan. But Berbatov's eyes are like woah.

  20. lose that girl says:

    I like Berba biting his lip…

  21. sina says:

    robhino is the hottes wink

  22. JenFica says:

    Vedran Corluka.  That is all.
    Oh.  And Albert Riera had a STUNNING debut.
    Big, strong Spanish guy = pure hotness.

  23. Deka a.k.a Mrs Torre says:

    its BERBA hands down and its a tie between ROBINHO/XISCO/CORLUKA theyre all hot in there own way but theres somethin about berba makes him stand out lol

  24. Kira says:


  25. Marl says:

    I’m with Nadia above – why no Pavlyuchenko? Hopefully you’re saving him for a post of his own!

  26. maga says:

    My vote for the Bulgarian. :D Can’t help it, but the second he left Tottenham he became 10 times better-looking. XD

  27. Nadia says:

    Where’s Pavyluchenko?!
    Albert Reira has a hawt debut imho.

  28. mila says:

    my vote’s tied between berba n robinho pics dont do robinho justice i saw an interview with him and he looked HOT HOT HOT I TELL YOU!!! pics tend to make him look cute but boy he’s got sex appeal trust me and of course berba
    those eyes, those thighs (didnt mean to rhyme there lol)
    not seen enough pics of xisco and corlukas hot too

  29. Claire says:

    Xisco..where have u been all my life???!!! Absolutely gorgeus!!!

  30. truth says:

    Berbatov and those eyes.  To swim in.

  31. meg says:

    Berbatov all the way! love his eyes! and his body of course smile

  32. jessie says:

    “Where do they find all of these good-looking men? It’s unreal. All we have (in American football) are Tom Brady and Tiki Barber.“

    —my hubby, actively resenting how the camera lingered seemed to linger on Dimi at the start of the Liverpool – Man U game

    Speaking of which, what do you all think of Albert Riera, Liverpool’s debutant?

  33. esliya says:

    Dimitar Berbatov eyes are to die for. yum.

  34. berba!!!!he is so hottt!!love his eyes yummyyy

  35. OneLoveOneUnited says:

    It Has To Be Berbatov. What Is There Not To Like? This Is Not Just Because He Is One Of Us Now, But I Honestly Do Think He Is Stunning. Those Eyes, The Hair, The Legs And THAT Tattoo. Just Everything About Him Is Attractive To Me. Robinho Is Cute But He Is Too Greedy For Me. Corluka Is Fine But I Don’t Think He Is That Special With A Mullet. And Xisco I Feel So Sorry For, But I Can’t Give Him The Sympathy Vote Just Because Of The Madness Going On At Newcastle. Berba It Is. <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  36. ^^K^^ says:

    It’s got to be Dimitar. Drooled over him even before he joined United, and now it’s all just gotten even better <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  37. Dreamgirl says:

    I sort of go on and off Berbatov on a weekly basis. Good that he plays for United now and I do like his eyes broody look included. As for Corluka and Xisco I have to have another look. Robinho def not. I cant be doing with all that manic laughter.

  38. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Neither is Corluka!

  39. aristeia says:

    I have to go with Xisco (what is IN the water in Spain???). I have a little soft spot for Newcastle and I feel so bad that they are suffering through so much crap right now. And hair aside, he is quite delish.

  40. P says:

    Xisco. Only Berbatov is sorta cute in that photo as well. Uhhhm. Wait. Xisco for sure!

  41. The Fourth Official says:

    LTG, I like *me* biting his lip better.

  42. MrsJamieRedknapp says:

    Ooh Corluka. This picture really doesn't do him justice. I saw him on Sky Sports News this morning being interviewed. Don't ask me what he was saying all I could hear was my heart singing and little bluebirds twittering around my head. He's lush. xx

  43. one_love=cesc_fabreg says:

    probably not F5 material but i can do with corluka… he's lush with those eyes & hair! oh and my kid will be getting his 1st name!! =P

  44. klyn312 says:

    can't I just have them all??? If I must choose, then it's… oh no I can't decide between Corluka and Xisco.

  45. AJ says:

    From those pictures, I would have to choose Berba. I'm not as keen on him as some of the other United girls (headband, meh) but he does have gorgeous eyes the above pic shows his supreme potential. Plus, I'm a HUGE fan of Eastern Bloc soft porn. ;P

  46. Venice says:

    Charlie's eyes are green actually. Light green, huge and sparkly. He has nicer eyes than Kranjcar and that's saying a lot. Of course it's got to be him. Green eyes, black hair and 6'4". And no, he's not a debutant, he was a regular starter at Man City last season. The mullet is only temporary, he looks great with a haircut. <img src="; alt="Vedran Corluka" border="0"><img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">, russianlook

  47. MissusLGarcia says:

    HMM. Tough one. Has to be between Chorluka and Robinho – Brazilian cuteness or Slavic SEXINESS? Dunno! I think Corluka wins by a point or two – he has a nice first name =D Xisco's not too bad either and Berbatov's eyes speak for themselves… Corluka's eyes beat all though.

  48. carly says:

    Lately I'm super-biased so I'll have to vote for Corluka. His got an eyebrow that lifts ;) And a sense of humour. But look at Berbatov's eyes. And that picture below Fourth posted :)

  49. Boston Red says:

    Does anyone else think that Berba looks a little bit like Daniel Radcliffe?

  50. carly says:

    Lately I'm super-biased so I'll have to vote for Corluka. His got an eyebrow that lifts ;) And a sense of humour. But look at Berbatov's eyes. And that picture below Fourth posted :)

  51. Pavi (Mrs Metzelder) says:

    If Berba hadn't put on that Utd shirt it would have been him. I'm going with Robinho though cause he's cute as a button!

  52. Sarah says:

    I feel so dirty for lusting over a Spurs player, but it's gotta be Charlie. Robinho's adorable too though!

  53. Moonie says:

    Got to be Robinho cos as well as looking totally cute in his back to front cap he introduced the new trend of half time shirt swapping at Eastlands – long may it continue!

  54. Sandy says:

    Of course Corluka!!! I love his eyes.

  55. FirstTeamCoach says:

    Has to be Berba because he is ours lol Having said that Corluka is one of those players that I see and think HOT and then I look again and think NOT. Robinho is cute but not hot. Xisco has potential, but none of them are close to being in the F5

  56. Baby Freya (Mrs Arbeloa) says:

    Robinho. Don’t actually know why, he is like Deco witht he hamsterish cuteness quality. But he wears base layers. BOO!

  57. Yasichelsea says:

    none of them! Just Lamps,Lamps,Lamps!

  58. Blair says:

    Xisco is definately the hottest. Robinho looks like he cuold be 12, Berbatov has been in the Premier League too long and has a bad rep for being mopey, and Corluka has a mullet…unacceptable.

  59. Pavi (Mrs Metzelder) says:

    If Berba hadn’t put on that Utd shirt it would have been him. I’m going with Robinho though cause he’s cute as a button!