December 13th, 2010

Why We Love: Carla Dona Garcia

Cesc Fabregas and Carla Dona Garcia. He really is that tall, y’know.

We’re fully embracing our new positive attitude to the women in our lives. No, we’ve not had too much holiday punch (yes we have).

So brace yourselves while we explore why we should all love Cesc Fabregas’ lady Carla Dona Garcia. Because, seriously, she’s kind of brill.

1. She’s stacked. As regular readers of Kickette will know, we are not constrained by gender restrictions and are huge advocates of da boobies (we like them so much we got our own).Be honest. Carla is sporting one of the finest sets in the game, no?

And while we’re on an objectification of women tip, check out Carla in her Loobs (on the right). Yes, Alex Gerrard currently holds the ‘Best WAG Legs’ title – but roll on the 2011 ‘Best WAG Pins’ competition, we say. (Images via ontd_football)

2. She said this‘Cesc deserves to be known for his sport but I haven’t done anything in my life to deserve fame, so why should I try to seek it?’ Um… Carla? Any chance of a Wagabee instructional DVD in time for Christmas? The world we be a much finer place.

3. She don’t care nuthin’ for standards. Trainers to Nobu (left)? We can only dream of such pain free feet as we fend off the tantalising aroma of unlicensed mini cab kebab/onion/pine air freshener  whilst surreptitiously rubbing our collapsed arches and trying to prevent our killer (literally) heels touching the gross arse cab floor at the same time. Sigh. (Image via

You think we stand a chance of retaining this positive outlook? No. Neither do we.

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117 Responses to “Why We Love: Carla Dona Garcia”

  1. brendach says:

    carla is so beautiful, shame cesc broke up with her shes seems to awesome to let go

  2. Lumi says:

    I really adore her! She looks great (very down to earth, natural, very healthy body). I like the fact that she wear no heels at some events, … (I'm sure that her feets are healthier that the feets of other WAGs. ;) )
    And I really love her for this: "Cesc deserves to be known for his sport but I haven’t done anything in my life to deserve fame, so why should I try to seek it?" and the fact that she's Cesc's biggest fan. ;) (I've seen her sometimes at a match (I mean live, not on pictures or so.) and her behaviour at the grandstand is so lovely.)

    I don't like WAGs who dated a football player only for his fame/money/… It's so rude and nasty. And most of them are too skinny and are such a fake (boobs, lips, tan, whatever). I don't like it and don't prefer it.

  3. CeCiii says:

    at first, i didnt like her , coz she is the WAG of Cesc :P ( bla bla bla …jealouse..) ..but now i´m starting liking her :)

  4. AmyFabregas says:

    I adore Carla, shes seems so lovely and down to earth. She's beautiful too! Im glad Cesc has her :) #TEAMCARLA! <3

  5. tiggy says:

    she's way better than sara carbonero who just wants the fame! carla has been with her man since she was a kid and for it to last that long i admire her for. i also love the fact that she's a true arsenal fan and i've read that she doesn't want to leave london. she comes across as normal and grounded and it clearly keeps cesc from being a toss pot! I hope they get married, i really thought he'd propose to her after the world cup but after studying her fingers there is no ring! :-(

  6. Lily says:

    Normal, simple, sweet, independent…yeah sure but she looks very boring and awkward in pictures. She seems incredibly uninteresting to me.

  7. Kaz says:

    i think she is so cute…. so down to earth… i love it when these footballers choose wisely… cesc seems the smartest so far :) #teamcarla

  8. michael says:

    what kinda hoodie is that? hollister?

  9. ashmenon says:

    That. Gorgeous. Mess. Of. Silky. Raven. Curls. Oh. My. God. My. Hands. Want. To. AHEM where were we?

    I find it amazing, though, that the top-down angle photography that makes most people look short, can actually make Cesc look taller. Perhaps he's just too short for the laws of physics and lighting to work properly. Somewhere, the camwhore fairy is pitying him.

  10. 201Özil says:

    I like her, but only because she does not look good at all. Cesc is one of my fav and I would be so jealous if he had a good looking girlfriend. Cesc marry her! I do not care. Hehe.

  11. anca says:

    i still don't loke her. i'm so evil…

  12. Chicharita Del Riaz says:

    Boring. So boring. Not hot AT ALL.
    If he is Barcelona, she is Espanyol.

  13. C16 says:

    Girl's got a banging body!!!
    They're such a nice couple.
    And I don't agree with people that say she's not pretty… All women have something beautiful that makes them special… Oh so cheesy! lol

  14. MrsVilla-to-be says:

    Sorry,I DON`T love her…(except for her university degree,which I applaud to)

  15. Lynz says:

    I definitely approve! She's so pretty, and she seems nice enough :]

  16. Naomi says:

    Hey People I read in The Sun she is working in a marketing company!!!!!!!!OMG this girls is just amazing.
    Well done Cesc, you are my hero!

  17. Zahara says:

    i love cesc even more now( if thats even possible ) because it shows his amazing taste in the women he loves ( i agree he really loves carla).shes very pretty but not overly pretty which i like. shes down to earth and normal and i like that too.

    good job cescy! get married! make some beautiful babies! ( cesc, but only do that iyou havent met me yet, coz then you can marry

  18. Ellie says:

    I love her because she isnt a fame whore, she hasnt taken advantage of the fact that her hubby has LOADSA MONEY! and her and Cesc look absolutely adorable together. Plus, any WAG who is willing to yell and scream for their boy at a football match is just amazing to me. I hope they stay together forever and ever and ever.

  19. meh says:

    I love this post, hopefully it will silence the IGNORANCE and JEALOUSY of the people who said nasty things about her on the arsenal charity ball post…

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      Some people and I'm really sorry to say this but pathetic… to really hate a woman you don't know much about simply because she's dating a guy you'll never meet? I mean I get it we often say "I'm so jealous of so and so" but to find anything to hate about someone because she's with a guy you say you love is weird to me. Someone mention they don't judge us for disliking CRs gal, but when I commented on her was because of what she said not the way she looks or because she's dating him. Beside CESC CHOSE HER she didn't sneek her way to him. I love that couple….

      • meh says:

        lol agreed, I think we can safely say Irina says and does things which are ASKING for us to dislike her e.g. claiming she was photshopped naked…okay then.
        It's pathetic that some girls will pick out things to hate her with (mention of cellulite on last post was a LOW blow).
        And its refreshing to see and educated and wholesome girl with a baller for once, this is why i love arsenal boys.

  20. JMM says:

    Damn, I find her boring. But good luck to her.

  21. cherryboomboom says:

    You know , I actually tried these louboutins on !!!!!
    I went to this evening gowns shop and to try the dress, you have to try it with shoes and they told me to try it with the black louboutins , I felt so .. WAGish :P

  22. Amandinha says:

    i think i'm too obsessed by Cesc to fully love anyone who's forking him… But yeah, she's pretty cool… a lot better than many others!

  23. Pique_Xavi says:

    I've always liked this girl. Even defended her when some here said he deserved someone better and then turned around in other posts saying they would love ballers to date normal girls. She's as normal as can be. She knows he is famous and will attention where he goes. She seems to know she has her place without been clingy or showing up in mags showing off some product. Also, she dresses to fit the ocassion or place she's at. Ever noticed other WAGS wearing uncomfortable footware in events they should perhaps have dressed more casual? And you can tell he's in love with her. In almost every interview that doesn't talk about football he mentions her. The best part is that she gets along with his sister who he adores and are like best friends. These two will marry some day, couple of years tops! Just like our little Messi by this end of this month!. Who knows, I'm sure Cesc and Carla will not miss the wedding and some couples Pique/Nuria, Puyi… no, its too soon for him to think about wedding, LOL.

    • Crackers says:

      whatwhatWHAT Messi's MARRYING Antonella? Awwwwwwww!!! (not a Barca girl but one has to admit Leo's skill, and Antonella is cuuuuuute)

      Carla and Cesc have been together since they were teenagers, so obviously something about their relationship is working well. And she seems nice and down-to-earth (how many WAGs would bother to go to uni, let alone finish?), I don't get why people have to be so horrible about her. They're a nice couple, end of.

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Seriously, people didn't know this? Wow! I've known about this since before the WC started. I think it was a family member who said that by the end of the year (2010) they were going to get married. It was comfirmed last month in some article but I don't know which one.

    • Pearl says:

      yes, i agree with you….you could totally tell that Cesc is in love with her. He always manage to slip her name in interviews. The last one i read was when he spoke to some Spanish website about El Clasico :)

      i love this couple ^^

      oh, btw, Cesc looks extra cescy in that picture *just sayin'

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Agreed on everything. Don't you just love a guy who is loved by so many girls, many his age beautiful and popular but his eyes and heart only belong to her… I bet he's the one leaving her little love notes in her things… that's how I picture those two :)

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      wait wait wait wait …..Messi is getting married by the end of this month? O_O
      or…you're joking? I don't get it….

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        no joke… its real. It was something said back before WC and confirmed last month.

        • @AgnesWonka says:

          oohhh ok, but their so young! don't you think so?

          • Pique_Xavi says:

            well, people older than them get married and divorce within 5 yrs at least here in the States but these two are real close and she's really close to his family which makes it easier. She doesn't have to get adjusted to them because they already love her. And I know he's said that when he retires he will move back to Rosario Argentina to live, and that's something I think she wants to do too. So they at least as having things in common and having the same dreams going for them… I wish them luck seems to me they will last…

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      I forgot to say that what I love most around this girl is that she doesn't pretend to be the "real nice girl next door" or "the one who think is above anybody" simply because she happens to date a good looking/famous football player.

    • Leya_S says:

      Actually, TotalBarca says otherwise on the Puyol front:…

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Yes girl, I saw that today… boy was I off… lol…. I'm so happy though, I love when football players are happy because I see them enjoy the game even more. Maybe its true maybe its me loving that others are happy.

  24. Crackers says:

    And much respect to Carla for the whole-hearted support from the stands- I love that she's unafraid to act like a normal fan, haha, and love her even more for not falling into the usual WAG trap of believing she's "all that"- she and Lisa Müller seem so down-to-earth, and such darlings.

  25. Crackers says:

    Kickette, you girls forgot #5: She has a university degree! (think about it, WAGs who went to and completed uni- how many are there, really?)

    Also, what's the big deal about wearing trainers to Nobu- if Cesc can wear them (and I would bet money he is), why can't Carla? Besides, her trainers seem the fancy kind, suede or something- and from this angle they look like heeled trainers to me.

    PS: Sorry to Arsenal about yesterday, but congrats to all the Man U Kickettes.

  26. Average looking wag. Gotta love her. :)

  27. Izzy says:

    wow she seems like shes really sweet and the whole ‘Cesc deserves to be known for his sport but I haven’t done anything in my life to deserve fame, so why should I try to seek it?’ i gained a lot of respect for her because quite frankly i hate some of those wags who have to be desingers because thier husbands are footballers!
    Good job Cesc on choosing your girl, she even goes crazy and roots for you while your on the pitch!

  28. Emme says:

    I like Carla a lot b/c I like WAGs that have their own aspirations rather than hoping to capitalize on their man's name & bank account! And just because she is not always out and about it the latest label does not mean she is not sexy – casual can be sexy, too! A lot of WAGs & mostly EPL ones look like they are trying too hard. Sometimes a sweater & some skinny jeans is all you need.

  29. GigiSantaCruz says:

    Wouldn't Carla and Olalla make this WAG world a better place if only they lived in the same city and were best friends? Cesc, move your sexy self to Liverpool noooooooooooooooow!!!!

    • Leya_S says:

      Actually, Olalla and Yolanda (Pepe's wife) hang out a bit apparently.

      • GigiSantaCruz says:

        Yeah, I've seen some pictures… They're lovely! But the point was not only about the wags, you know… Having Sex Fabregas playing at Anfield side by side with Gerrard, Nando, Pepe etc etc, would make me uber-happy!!!

  30. Mrs.Navas says:

    yes. yes i approve.

  31. EM. says:

    I don't really have a girlcrush on Carla like I do on Ana Vidic (perfection redefined right there) but I like what she said about not seeking fame because she hasn't done much to deserve it. It reminds me a lot of Lisa Mueller who also wanted the focus to be on Thomas because he's the one who played very well.

  32. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    this woman has a realli NICEEE body (no homo). Nevertheless, she seems realli chill and not like the rest of the superficial WAGs *cough* irina *cough* im glad cesc went for someone who is realli down to earth and not a gold digging model

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      Irina can be superficial and a gold digger but she has by far a better body than Carla! please….

      • Vivi says:

        Personally, I find Irina's body "model-like". I see her photos and my head thinks: Photoshop, lettuce and water. She may have what the media calls a "beautiful" body, but there is no way that represents a real woman. And Carla is REALly beautiful. (Yes, that was my awful pun).

      • SoccerLoverrrr says:

        no irina is too skinny and i agree with the comment below, it's the media's definition of a beautiful body..carla has curves and an hour glass figuree which is what makes her real and beautiful

    • xoWinnie says:

      LOL @ "no homo" hahaha! and i agree completely! :)

  33. Dammit! I'm soooo jealous of her but she is great…she's never out-do Olalla for me but Carla you're certainly something :)

  34. gin_in_teacups says:

    Even though Cesc is totally on my "want to marry" list, I kinda dig Carla. She's a cutie pie – pretty, but in a normal girl way, you know? And I don't know much about her/almost never see photos of her, which makes me like her a lot. She's not out for fame, she just happens to be in love with someone who happens to be famous.

    • Leya_S says:

      I liked her before, but (as previously mentioned by many) bc I never hear much about her (a plus), I kind of forget she's a WAG, but now she's def. my fave….I think she just trumped Sylvie Van Der Vaart, too, on my WAG girl crushes! I want her to be my friend!
      Her quote totally made me smile! Cesc is on my future husbands list, too, but I do hope he and she get married!

  35. BabyGoonerette says:

    Arsenal WAGs are just class. Like the team.

  36. @AgnesWonka says:

    I'm sorry, I hate her!…and there's no way you're gonna make me love her!
    imo, she's dull and……..Sara Carbonero has by far better boobs!

    I'd love you to respect my dislike by not replying my comment on her favour, please. I don't say anything against your dislike to wags like Irina Shayk or Sara Carbonero!
    If you don't like Carla like me, feel free to post!

  37. kel says:

    I think she seems realy nice and down to earth and all, but I gotta admit that even as one of the better wags, her body isn't all that. She's very hippy in most photos I've seen, although she can dress it up alright sometimes and make it work.

    • xoWinnie says:

      women are supposed to be " hippy"
      men love women with small waists and wider hips
      it's basic human sexuality.

      • kel says:

        Generally speaking, the most attractive body shape for women has been surveyed as being more of an hourglass -out,in,out. Big hips are generally fine when more balanced out by a broader chest/shoulder area with a proportionally narrow waist. In most pics I've seen of her she is very pear shaped, with very large hips and then going straight up with very little definition to her waist going int chest.
        That's what I meant by hippy.

  38. ANON04 says:

    I love Carla!! She's one of my favorites!! :D They make such a beautiful couple, I hope they get married soon!!!

  39. Alex Samuel says:

    Awww she seems sweet! She's also good friends with his sister. Cesc made a fantastic choice, and I know he's not stupied enough to throw it all away for one night with a prostitute. I' m tired of all these WAGS releasing their own perfumes or clothing brands because they think it comes with the territory. It doesn't-get a job.

  40. wow says:

    Bravo, Bravo to Cesc for having such a beautiful, intelligent, thoughtful young women as a girlfriend. Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!!!!

  41. Catie says:

    I love her because I never see her, if that makes sense. She's normal (as normal as one can be dating a footballer), hasn't done anything crazy and doesn't pop up in a tabloid because she buys a cup of coffee. Carla is my new fave.

  42. BarceLisa says:

    in addition to a DVD, one of these Spanish WAGs should write a "French Women Don't Get Fat"-type book but with advice for the Wagabees. They would make killing. The title would be "Spanish Women Don't Get Fat and They Marry Hot Footballers".

  43. Violets says:

    I love her!! She's one of the few WAGs who seems to actually have a good brain and no attitude. I feel like most of the people who don't like her just want Cesc for themselves =]

  44. Bri says:

    What a coincidence! My friend and I were just talking about how we liked her during the last few minutes of the arsenal game! We both agreed that Cesc has good taste especially given some of the wags ballers tend pick out…I think she would be fun to have a few drinks with.

  45. Winnie Mata says:

    i love her attitude and personality, she seems really down to earth. her face is relatively pretty, you can tell pictures don't really do her justice (i suffer from the same problem, so i would know). her body is like WHOA! though. she's naturally curvy in all the right places.

    i hope these two get married to be honest. Cesc did real good with his WAG selection.

    • Taskeen says:

      i totally agree! when i saw this post i was afraid she'd get the same backlash as last week . she seems like a normal girl getting on with life and looking to find her own role rather than depend on his fame, i really doubt we're going to see a carla clothing line or endorsement any time soon. she's quite pretty and really didn't deserve all the meanness last time (in the charity ball post).

    • Cesc getting married is kinda ruining my mood. it was bad enough to hear rumours about Puyi getting hitched. Nevetheless, here's vodka-therapy!
      Cheers! :D

  46. alia says:

    OMG i love her!! shes so pretty and she just looks REAL. congrats to her and cesc for being so cool lol

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      noooooooooooo not cool! don't use that word for her!
      Melanie Slade, she's cool imo!

      • alia says:

        ok well in my opinion she is really cool. i like the way she dresses, theres no need for everyone to be dressed as if theyre going to the club every minute of the day. the reason i find her cool is that even though she is beautiful and dating this amazing player she stays 'down to earth' and she has no need to spend money on everything and be super materialistic. which is kind of how melanie is…. so idk why carla isnt cool for you

        • @AgnesWonka says:

          because Carla is TOO dull imo….she's seems very serious! that for me isn't cool…idk

          • alia says:

            haha well i mean i guess it doesn't really matter what we think bc its not us that's dating her lol as long as cesc is happy with her i am happy lol

            • @AgnesWonka says:

              well if you ask me, he deserves sb better, idk…..just saying

              • xoWinnie says:

                better what? better-looking? she may not look like a model, but as far as "normal" people go, she's very attractive.

                you'd think as a fan, the fact that he's obviously happy would be enough to satisfy you.

  47. vmj says:

    I thought he was only 5'9"? Either he grew a few inches or his lady is really tiny.

    • Ange says:

      i think she might be between 5'3" and 5'6" …. cause i'm 5'3" and i dated some1 who was 5'9" and my dad is also 5'9" … but that is my guess.. but it also depends on shoes… & how high her shoes are….

  48. rubyqueen says:

    i like her she seem's classy, natural, and down to earth..:) but saying that if cesc leaves in the summer i proberbly will hate her too..

  49. Ange says:

    Carla is one of my favorite WAGS… I think my favorite WAGS are the ones that are with the Spanish players… & Victoria Beckham… but I'm kinda new soo idk that much about the other WAGS…& I love and agree with her 100% … "Cesc deserves to be known for his sport but I haven’t done anything in my life to deserve fame, so why should I try to seek it?" … & if I was a WAG of one of this players I would want to hang out with her… Cause I too would be yelling & screaming at the games… heck I'll go all out… paint my face & nails the team colors…wear the jersey & the socks…

    • @AgnesWonka says:

      Victoria B is not a Wag….she's THE WAG! isn't she?

    • Leya_S says:

      Seriously, all the Spaniards know how to pick 'em. Olalla (Fern), Nagore (Xabi), Carla (Cesc), Yolanda (Pepe)…they all seem so sweet and normal, I envision them hanging out together whenever they're all in town for the national team, chatting over coffee, gushing about their men and their families, Yolanda, Olalla and Nagore's kids playing, them giving Carla advice on what married life is like…YES, I watch a lot of movies/TV, haha!

      • Alessandra says:

        just another reason why i love and admire the Spanish NT players and the women in their lives.;)

      • Ange says:

        Don't forget … David Villa wife Patricia … she named they're 2nd daughter after Olalla (Fern) …. & I agree with you they probably do talk alot… I know Pepe's & David's family where on vacation together…

    • Alessandra says:

      first of all, welcome!XD secondly, although you're new, i like you and your classy taste in WAGS already because those are my favorite WAGS too.;]

    • Lenora says:

      I love that Carla yells and screams at Cesc's games.
      For me, it shows that she really cares about him because she's willing to look crazy to support him.
      There are a lot of WAGs that don't show their men that same support.
      I'm a bit hesitant to include this next bit, since everyone seems to hate her and I don't want to add any fuel to the fire, but it's the only example I can think of at the moment.
      Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, Irina, attended one of his games with his mother and was talking on the phone instead of watching the match.
      I would rather see someone like Carla who is uninhibited in her support for her man than the WAGs that seem like they just don't care!

  50. laligaforladies says:

    Yes, I approve. Pastasauce has yet to win me over, though.

  51. Rory88 says:

    No way.. I'll always "hate" her.. I don't like teh way she dresses at all.. She has a fight with matching colors, purses and so on..

  52. blake2108 says:

    She looks like Samir Nasri in the first pic