January 24th, 2010

Winners: Kickette 2009 Readers Choice Awards

The cat coat lost. How is that even possible? It’s a CAT COAT.

Let’s all raise a glass to the players, WAGs and random situations that our beloved (and click happy) readers voted as their favourites in our first annual Readers Choice Awards for 2009.

We were seriously impressed by the number of votes that took place – so we want to say thanks, gang! And please get treatment for that repetitive strain injury.

Full list of winners below, some of which have left us feeling bittersweet: After all, is it truly fair to judge one six-pack over another? Thankfully, the universe is a forgiving one.


1. Most in Need of a Muzzle
Nereida Gallardo (57%)

2. Biggest Step in the Right Direction
Alex Gerrard (54%)

3. Ultimate WAG wedding
The Alonsos 39% (the Coles and Patos tied for second)

4. Biggest Fashion Crime
Nicola McLean (37%)


1. Just play in the nude already
Yoann Gourcuff 56%

2. Short Tent Supremo(s)
Manchester United 38%

3. Best John Terry Bulge
Sharing the limelight with a guest star – 38%

4. Mature Man Candy
Ryan Giggs 30%

5. Obliques we’d like 10 minutes alone with
Mario Gomez 49%


1. Dapper Dons
Manchester United 34%

2. Eye Bleeders and Brain Freezers
El Hadji Diouf 27%

3. Denim disasters
Frank Lampard 54%

4. Most controversial hair
Sergio Ramos 49%

5. Style Icon for the Visually Challenged
Sergio Ramos 39%


1. Best Boys Week Contribution
Dirty Tackle 35%

2. Biggest breaking news of the year
Fernando Torres undercover wedding 46%

3. Biggest LOL of the year
Ronaldo’s awakening 35% (with Arsenal players dressed as animals second with 34%)

4. KingBitcher 2009
Fernando Torres 39% (David Villa second with 38%)

5. Best Kickette “New” Discovery
Thomas Vermaelen 31%

6. Biggest WTF of the year
Draw – Nereida “I’m like Obama” quote / John Terry’s parents tied with 38%

7. Ovary Explosion of the year
Fernando Torres and baby Nora 34%

Hope you had fun, and we can’t wait to do it again next year! xox

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15 Responses to “Winners: Kickette 2009 Readers Choice Awards”

  1. Avenath says:

    Most. Brilliant. Awards. Ever.

  2. Sarah says:

    Woo Verma!

  3. FootballerChick43 - says:

    That was fun, lol! Was a bit disappointed to see a lack of Ballack in the Bulgemasters award, but… ah well. I would be the only one to vote for him anyway :P

  4. supernova says:

    Elen doesn’t win anything….. huhuhu…

  5. autumnmaple101 says:

    The RCA’s were so much fun, thanks Kickette!

  6. Gracia says:

    Wait… Nando over David for King Bitchface? WTF! That has to be wrong, nobody beats Bitchface other than Bitchface.

  7. eyes_on_nando says:

    yay nando!! was there ever any doubt that he was king of the bitchface? i know it was close with villa, but fer does cut-eye like no one else. and congrats to my former love xabi, for keeping things classy. can’t wait for next year!!

  8. Zo.acm says:

    Nando won in 3 categories….. wooo!!! I’m so thrilled, almost feel like I personally achieved something.

  9. sounderslove says:

    So we can officially crown Fernando as King of Bitchface now yes?

  10. HiL says:

    XD Overall great choices!

    Thanks for this Kickette it was a lot of fun!

  11. bubbly_cheryl says:

    lovely, esp mufc's short tents

  12. Priyanka says:

    Errr … I think Nando and Nora won the Ovary Explosion thingy. Care to verify?

    • sounderslove says:

      Fernando and Nora: 34%

      Steven &co: 14%

      So I would say Fernando and Nora win.

      • Kickette Mods says:

        My apologizes ladies, I closed the polls and obviously got distracted by all the cute.

        Thanks for bringing it to our attention and the mistake has been rectified.