December 9th, 2010

Winter Warmer: Freddie Ljungberg At Nobu

Freddie Ljungberg took his fur-trim out for dinner at ‘baller staple restaurant, Nobu in Mayfair last night. S’up, FL?

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16 Responses to “Winter Warmer: Freddie Ljungberg At Nobu”

  1. Annastefka says:

    Wow…in the words of Richard Nixon…that's the gayest darn thing I've ever seen. (sorry…I just had to say it)

  2. kitty1979 says:

    Oh Freddie always had fairly dodgy taste in clothes but I still would!!

  3. Jane says:

    How did he ever go out with Anara Atanes I mean he is so gorgeous and she is well…….. so groupie ish!?

  4. Jackie says:

    That hat and that fur don't do him justice. He should just strip it off. I'd like that a lot ;) Oh and if he came back to thr Prem, especially Arsenal (unlikely I know), I'd like that too.

  5. freddiegirl says:

    Ahh Freddie! The reason I started watching Arsenal back in 2002! He's an Arsenal legend…:) I'd miss seeing him play here in the States (would always head out to the Home Depot stadium when either the Sounders or Fire faced off against the Galaxy..) but it would be nice to see him in the Prem again. Don't like the fur either though.

  6. nodnarb says:

    I hate to have to tell you ladies this, but I'm pretty sure he plays for my team. (Or maybe that's just wishful thinking)

    That outfit looks like he raided Johnny Weir's closet.

  7. TwinkleToeNasri <3 U says:

    I love Freddie what a Arsenal Legend!!! You can wear a bin bag and i still would *wink wink* hes sooo hawt :)

  8. 201Özil says:

    Ohh, I have forget about him, no one seems to care about him here in Sweden any more. I have never fancy him, but his little brother OMG!

  9. I heard on Sky Sports News this morning that he might be coming back to England to play. Won't hear me complaining about that!

  10. BarceLisa says:

    the fur ruins this look for me. Without it he'd look like Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

  11. Alex Samuel says:

    Ljunberg is a BABE! Not a fan of what he's wearing but he's hot, so it doesn't really matter.

  12. jellenp says:

    That fur-trim is sooo much worse than the Uggs.

  13. Macc Lad says:

    Alright Gran

  14. Sergo says:

    Don't like the jacket… But Fredrik will always have this so it doesn't matter.…