August 19th, 2010

Wish List: The Van der Vaarts In The EPL

Our girl crush on Sylvie van der Vaart is well documented here at Kickette.

(And her current Real Madrid midfielder and hot husband Rafael is just an added bonus.)

Of course, with the recent purchase of Mesut Ozil, Real Madrid now have more midfielders than Fabio Cannavaro has restraining orders against us. Will Rafa soon be off to greener pastures?

Rumour has it that he’s headed to a Premier League team and as much as we try to stay away from such chit chat, we are all aflutter.

Sylvie as a Premier League WAG? That = all of our dreams come true. (Quite a feat, considering this.)


Well, not only would Sylvie add instant class to whatever city the VDVs choose to call home, but it would be only natural for her to take some budget WAGs in need of style tips and nicer management staff under her always well-dressed wing.

To show our seriousness, here’s an example of things we’re willing to give up to have our dear Sylvie in old Blighty: facials, mint Aero bars, Creme de la Mer, Just kidding about that last one.

Actually. Stop. We can’t give any of those up. But we still really want her to come. Honest.

Do tell, which English city do you think would benefit most from having Sylvie as a citizen, Kickettes?

Image via RTL / Stephan Pick

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45 Responses to “Wish List: The Van der Vaarts In The EPL”

  1. aps says:

    I don’t care where she goes but I know wherever it is she’s be the best WAG there hands down.

  2. shan says:

    if rafa has to leave madrid, send him to liverpool. i’d be crushed if he goes to man u.

  3. Leya says:

    In all fairness, there is a hilarious article on Dirty Tackle on how Jose Morinho is gloating that Perez got Ozil for a STEAL so they couldn’t resist it.

    He did play well in the World Cup, but I agree that now there are just too many mids at Real. There are 26 players listed and exactly 13 (THIRTEEN!!!) are mids! That’s 50%!! And out of the 5 transfers in they had this summer, 4 of them are mid….I mean, seriously!

    That aside, Sylvie VDV is just fabulous. I love her. I hope she decides to be a rebel and keep the short hair, I think it suits her.

    As a girl trapped in the US, I can’t necessarily say where in Britain Rafa and Sylvie should go if they needed to. I would say come to MLS (Red Bulls!), but its WAY too early in his career for Rafa to do that.

  4. Jessi says:…

    it's just a rumour, but it sounds like if he's coming to the epl it would be manchester united (yay!)

  5. a madridista says:

    I think Ozil is good for the team, not least in the sense that it will show people (ahem, Perez) that you don't need to spend a lot of money to get style and good playing. He spent a lot of money on Ronaldo & Kaka last year, but they failed to live up to their promise. I'm not saying this because they didn't win the league I'm saying it more in terms of performance.

    I think we have too many midfielders and if Rafa VdV wants to play in the first team, and shine, he will probably have to go. I love him and his playing style and I wish he could stay but mgmt has made it pretty clear that he's to play second fiddle. He deserves better than that. I hope that Ozil actually gets to play. He made a very good impression on me during the cup, he's a good player.

  6. GraceGibson says:

    God I would so love her in Germany, specially if Rafa would come to Bayern!

  7. tash says:

    Perez and Valdano are really starting to irritate me!

    Hope Rafa (and Sylvie) stay at Madrid :)

  8. he said the only team he would leave madrid for is man united.

    i would love it if the signed him! x

  9. christinaLFP says:

    sylvie is gorgeous

  10. M says:

    Can’t say how glad I am everyone here so far is suggesting Liverpool.

  11. juliefromparis says:

    Too much midfielders and our defenders are tired already… :-( ( and its just preseason.

  12. Yingfa says:

    Özil was much better off staying at Werder Bremen for another year so to let Rafa have another great season and then stick two middle fingers up and say to Perez I'm off to Blighty. Sylvie would make a good cheshire wife so maybe rafa will go to a club in manchester (better off with the reds than shitty.) Or possibly a Liverpool based club (prefer everton)

  13. lulu says:

    Oh, the guys at are gonna be happy if she moves to England :)

    who knows? maybe Rafa will stay…

    (yeah, I still believe in Santa. Shut up!)

  14. senora ramos says:

    :’( part of the sadness of stupid perez overbuying a position we weren’t in need of.

    sylvie, i <3 u! don't leave me :'( (you either rafa!!)

    can you guys go to arsenal at least? pretty please :)

    • Mel says:

      Exactly. Why did Real need Özil? I don’t understand that. I didn’t know who he was before the worldcup, and I must say some Spanish midfielders impressed med more than he did, during the worldcup. And Spain won the damn thing, so why go buy some lame German not-hot player.

      Last season they signed Ronaldo, and Kaka. I was looking forward to this seasons big signings. What a disapointment!!!!!

      I predict he will be gone next season, very quietly like Fraubert. What a flop!!!! Hopefully he takes Benzema with him!

      Astonishing how the same people who signed Ronaldo and Kaka can come up with Benzema and Özil as players of the same star quality as Ronaldo and Kaka….

      • gin_in_teacups says:

        I enjoyed Ozil during the World Cup, and I'm hoping he lives up to that.

        That said, we certainly didn't need to buy yet another midfielder. I don't like that having Ozil means losing Rafa. Plus there are positions, like say, defenders, that we actually need filled, especially with all these WTF injuries.

        • senora ramos says:

          left back!! left back!!! leeeeeeeft baaaaaack!!!!!!

          • gin_in_teacups says:

            Haha – maybe they'll hear you? I know Perez said Ozil was the last new signing but I'm still hoping someone will come to their senses and realize that if things keep on going the way they've been, RM's defense really is gonna be just a bunch of people praying to San Iker.

          • DebS says:

            A center back for Madrid would be nice. Ramos needs to be the right back! Sorry to Arbeloa but he's not better than Ramos at that position. :

        • Mel says:

          I’m not denying he might have a great talent, I just wonder why Real bosses felt they needed yet another midfielder.

          And the only reason I can think of, I mentioned above. To be better than Man United. They signed Beckham, they signed Ronaldo, and now the snatched Özil right in front of Man United.

          That might be smart management, but then again, the also just sold Guti and Raul. Some of the transfers going on in Real puzzles me!

      • marleynne says:

        awww but Özil did give quite an impression. Germany made it very far into the wc being a young team. I wish him the best at Madrid even though I don't follow Madrid. But there are a lot of young players that are going to be big names soon. He's just going to have to show us what he's got now that he's part of la liga.

        • Mel says:

          I'm not trying to deny his talent, I'm just trying to figure out, wtf Real needed him for. They have midfielders. They could trip over them because it is a very well covered position.

          If he does well, I will give him credit, but now is the time for him to bring it. If there's anything to bring….

      • senora ramos says:

        well, ozil did impress me during the wc, but we have sooooooo many midfielders already!!

        and i’m happy we don’t have a big name this transfer window. to each her own though!

        • Mel says:

          Looking at players that have played in Real Madrid in the past, I have perhaps become accustomed to the club signing playrs who are already at the top of their carrier, and not so much upcoming talents.

          Perhaps Özil will be the best thing that ever happened to the club, I just simply cannot understand why he neded to be signed.

          His talent aside, why buy a new midfielder when that position is well representet within the current player signings. Why not as you point out buy more players for a less covered position.

          I think I know why. Perez want Real to be the best club in the world. Buy signing Özil, and thereby preventing Man united from doing so, perhaps that makes Real the best club in the world.

          Sadly the best club in the world, is, in my mind, defined by trophies, and Real does not have many recent ones of those…..

      • pammy says:

        are you kidding?! Özil was one of the most impressive mid fielders of the world cup. and he's only 21! at this rate he could be a well known legend by the time he is 30. kaka and ronaldo could barely carry their team out of the group rounds. im not saying they are bad, but they failed to deliver for their countries where as Özil managed to help his club AND country. just because spain won doesn't mean they have the best players in the 2010 world cup. it just means they work well together or they are good at taking opportunities. Holland had to beat BRASIL after conceding a goal and spain lost its opening game. it irritates me when you say things like 'lame German not-hot player'. NO ONE CARES IF YOU DON'T THINK HE'S HOT. HE'S A GREAT PLAYER AND THAT'S THE ONLY REASON A CLUB SHOULD EVER BUY A PLAYER. ronaldo should take a lesson from him about good sportsmanship because unlike ronaldo, when he's losing he plays harder instead of falling on the ground and pretending to be hurt. because of people like you players like Özil have to struggle to reach their full potential in football because fans like you only care about how hot they are.

        • Mel says:

          Oh, what a struggle Özil faces because I don't think he's hot. Maybe he would fit perfectly in with Man United, since Fergusson doesn't want any hot players after Ronaldo has left. At least Özil won't be 'struggeling' in Man United because he is not hot in my eyes. What a load of bullsh*t!

          • pammy says:

            i NEVER said ronaldo was hot. i assumed you thought he was because you were saying he was a such a great player… and thats they way you judge all your players. i know this is a site dedicated to hot players but you implied he wasn’t good enough to sign with a club that signed ronaldo and kaka. you only care about big names. thats why you talk about him not having as much star quality. and some poeple do think he is hot. there are MUCH uglier players on other teams. you sound so dumb when you say Manchester United is full of ugly people because most of the people on this site actually like teams, not caring about hot players. it even says “for those who like the players as much as the GAME.” we love the players but if it wasn’t for actual football you would get to see them. do not call it BS.

            • Mel says:

              I know you didn't say Ronaldo is hot, I just pointed out to you, that I absolutely hate him, because you assumed I thought he is God's gift to women…..

              Sweety, when you qoute something, get it right! It is "For those who love the players, as much AS THEY LOVE the game" There is big difference. And I see that quote as if it is okay to care more about the players looks than talent. Why is Miguel Torres feautered much on this site? Not because he playes much, but because he looks good. I think you've got the message of this site completely wrong! Therefore don't judge me for loving the players more than the game. I'm just following this site's mantra. I'm loving the players on the same level as they love the game!

              It is a fact, that Fergusson is done with womanizers such as Ronaldo, and he doesn't want another player like that on his team again, because it causes to much drama off the field. Publicity the club doesn't need to deal with. He won't publicity about Man united to be solely aqbout their performance ON the field. Not everything going on OFF it.

              I know other people find Özil hot, and thank God for that. Diversity is what makes societies go round. However, I can voice my opinion about him, just as you.

              I'm not gonna defend expecting Real Madrid signing big names, because that is what Real Madrid does, since it is the mejor club del mundo! And looking at the past and history of Real Madrid the club has always signed great names.

              It's curious how you label me, when you are very prejudice yourself towards me. I meant Ronaldo is a great name in football. No one can deny the amazing talent he has. If he would leave the diving and cry baby act behind, I would have enormous amounts of respect for him. But no on can take his talent away from him. And he must be talented since he has been named the best football player in the world.

              To me it is bs, because you are absolutely ridiculess. I'm over this!

              You've got the point of this website completely wrong! It glorifies hot football players, and THEN looks at talent. Beauty over talent.

              • pammy says:

                ur right. im over this too. i just got angry cause he deserves credit EVERYWHERE. he is such a great player.

        • Mel says:

          Yes, key words being ONE of the most impressive. There were more impressive midfielders than just him.

          I believe Fraubert from France, who was signed for Madrid 2 seasons ago, was also labelled an upcoming talent. So Özil will have to play very well before I’m impressed and convinced he is Real material.
          Some of the previous Real signings have been ridiculous, that’s why I’m a bit unimpressed if you will.

          There is a big differenmce between Spain and Germany and the way those two teams play, and how Brazil and Portugal play. Spain and Germany perform like a team, it is always a team effort. Whereas Portugal expect Ronaldo to single-handedly carry them to glory. I can’t figure out, what failed for Brazil, because they used to be the essense of team effort.

          Funny you mention Ronaldo, as a hot player. I wanna throw up on him, he is the definition of unattractive to me. In my dictonary under unattractive, there’s a picture of him on the ground, crying because he is frustrated with the ref from not awarding him a penalty kick, because he dived into the box himself. He is so ridiculous, and I absolutely hate his attitude. It does not belong on a team like Real Madrid. They fight their way out of defeat. Ronaldo believes he should get atleast a free kick everytime he falls. I laugh my ass off everytime he gets a yellow or better a red card. I absolutely hate him.
          Nontheless, when Real does well he is a brilliant technical player. Few players can kick like him and Beckham.

          I know it doesn’t matter if a players is hot or not, but if I’m going to watch a full football game, someone better be hot when it gets boring.
          And excuse me, but isn’t this site a tribute to hot football players??????? Take you critisism elsewhere.
          Oh, and if you know poor Özil was offended, I don’t find him hot, give him my apologies…………..

          We have different motives for watching football, but don’t give me that ‘fans like you’ shit on a website that is practically a tribute to hot players.

  15. M says:

    Ahh, as a dutchie I hope that vdV will play in prem league.

    But now I def need some yoann updates please. Where is this man?!

  16. gin_in_teacups says:

    The thought of the VdVs leaving Madrid is verging on traumatic. I can't bear the thought of losing Rafa and Sylvie! But if it has to happen (sob!) then I'd be crossing my fingers for Liverpool.

  17. Mel says:

    No no no no! Sssssshhhhhh! They have to stay in Madrid! Rafa is better than that …? German with the wierd name!

    He could have left last season also, but he stayed. He waited out "the crisis", and it came out to his advantage! He will stay another season.

    I will cry if he leaves Real Madrid! I am willing to give up junk food if he stays in Madrid. (I work at a McDonald's restaurant part time)

    I will not name an ELP club I want him going to, because he can not leave Real. You'll never walk alone, Rafa! ;)

  18. Lisa says:

    yuck Sylvie has to leave Madrid and her WAG status has been filled by Ozil's Michael Jackson-lookalike wife? Since United missed out on Ozil I hope Rafa VDV goes the other way and sticks it to Florentino Perez by having a great season.

    • senora ramos says:

      oh god lisa, i didn’t think it could get any worse until you reminded me of that! yuck! thanks a lot :’(

  19. DC says:

    i don't want them her to go!

    but if they do they are most welcome in Liverpool. for Liverpool.

  20. Fadwa says:

    though i'd love to see her adding some movement to London ,,but i think she'd be perfect for Livepool >_<

    maybe Rafa should join Everton

  21. Melissa says:


  22. Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

    i'm not familiar with english towns, but i know for a fact that portsmouth fc is in deep waters now… perhaps they could use rafa's talents? sylvie's classiness would be an added bonus to the place, too.

    • Alessandra says:

      hi hi, just had to say that i LOVE your name (MRS.diegoFORLAN <3 hee hee!) AND that hell yeah, sylvie's classiness would not only be a bous to that town, but the entire country/wagville, imho. love her.

    • Jo says:

      Pompey are faced with a transfer embargo. They can't bring in new players. Right now, I don't think they have enough players to fill the bench.

  23. Jo says:

    While I adore Sylvie, I haven't seen Rafael play for RM. What's his role in the midfield?

  24. Jo says:

    That’s rather harsh. Isn’t the Kickette team allowed a girl crush? If it’s bothering you that much, please feel free to move along in search of fare that’s more to your taste.