June 11th, 2010

World Cup 2010: Four Years In The Making

It’s here Kickettes! We made it! To coin a phrase from our girl Lainey, it’s Jumpy Claps all round.

Are you freaking out? We. Totes. Are.

We started anticipation-eating last night, and we plan on gaining at least a stone in solid liquorice nibs by the time this is over.

We’ve got lots of fun stuff to get to today, including our own WC(!) predictions, but let’s start things off by getting straight down to business.

Here’s what we’re asking our legion of footy-mad, footy-clever and footy-fantastic readers:

1. Who do you think will win the World Cup this year?

2. Who do you want to win the World Cup this year?

3. Where will you be watching the games?

Here’s what we really want to know:

4. Which player? If you had to choose. Just one. And you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Talk to us, ladies.

Don’t forget to visit the community and join in some of our buzzing World Cup conversations and message boards:

-We’ve got the World Cup 2010 Predictions Game, where you can make your predictions for the group stages;

-The World Cup Fever Thread – all things World Cup related;

- And if you’re up for a spot of ‘Baller Bingo, here’s where to go.

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188 Responses to “World Cup 2010: Four Years In The Making”

  1. Laurie says:

    1. Argentina

    2. Spain

    3. At home, with my footie-mad family, on our new humongous HDTV, bought especially for the World Cup!

    4. Cristiano Ronaldo. It's not so much the amazing looks, it's the attitude. That, and that he's being bitchy about the vuvuzelas. Scourge of mankind.

  2. Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

    My Feilhaber shirt is STILL not here, plus I’d like to add Mesut Özil to number four. Not hot on Bremen, OH SO HOT on the GNT. A bit young for me, though.

  3. Nikki says:

    4)Fernando Torres / Steven Gerrard / Daniel Agger

  4. Nikki says:

    4)Fernando Torres / Daniel Agger …both ?

  5. Lexi Mendyk says:

    1. Spain or Germany 2. England. 3. My couch at home or my best friend's house. 4. There is only one man I adore and that is Frank Lampard.

  6. JaneSpotting says:

    Joining the majority, Spain

    Wish would win, Slovenia.

    The wee country that could. There is some fine eye candy there as well kickettes. Watch them while you can! They are atop their group for this brief moment at least.

    As for One man, there is one man only, Iker. Say no more.

  7. mllecognac says:

    1. Spain
    2. Spain!!!
    3. Probably from home – PST games… 4:30am is TOO early to be anywhere other than home lol
    4. Just one?! Damn! Cristiano is still my boy :)

  8. livealittle says:

    1) Spain
    2) Spain-i know, i know, i’m a bad American.
    3) my couch, my friends’ couches, and maybe a bar or 2.
    4)Nando…but i would definitely not turn down most of the Spanish NT. xabi, iker, nando, cesc…there’s a whole lotta hotness on that team.

  9. Lisa says:

    1 – Brazil or Spain – still to early to tell

    2 – USA

    3 – Home; otherwise for important matches – Red Bull Arena or an appropriate bar in NYC

    4 – Since Lippi is simply stupid, I have no appropriate answer for this 4th statement. Without Borriello, Bocanegra or Feilhaber.

  10. DJ says:

    1. Spain
    2. France. But Spain a close second.
    3. Work or the pub during lunch.
    4. Zambrotta ’06 or Cesc. Stubbly Cesc.

  11. iida says:

    1. SPAIN
    2. SPAIN
    3. At home with my friends.
    4. Nando, naturalmente. But I wouldn’t say no to Cesc or Iker either. Or to anyone of the Spanish NT, to be quite honest.

  12. anishka says:



    3.at home or cafe with friends

    4.one night stand:Fabregas long-term commitment:Gerrard

  13. Innocenza says:

    1. Spain

    2. Spain!

    3. Any bar that's playing it and my laptop in class. Shhh. It's only pathophysiology.

    4. Xavi/Dempsey/Gourcuff (my man/my heart/the beautiful one)

  14. ba says:

    1. Spain/Brazil
    2. PORTUGAL!
    3. At home with my family
    4. I can choose entire team of spain??! Well, my heart say Fernando Torres, yeah!

  15. Kat says:

    2. Netherlands or USA
    3. On my couch at home
    4. Laaaaandon Donovan. Ture stuff!

  16. C16 says:

    1.- Spain
    2.- Mexico. Sure. LOL
    3.- Anyplace with a TV.
    4.- Yoann. Oh Lord, thank you for Yoann!!!!

  17. Claire says:

    1- Germany

    2- France =)

    3- at home

    4- Holger Badstuber

  18. izzy says:

    1. Spain

    2. USA

    3. Home, Work, Bars

    4. Cristiano

  19. Claire says:

    1. England

    2. England

    3. My Room

    4. Vidic

  20. Shen_Tao says:

    1. Who do you think will win the World Cup this year? : Spain!

    2. Who do you want to win the World Cup this year? of course Spain u_u

    3. Where will you be watching the games? At home and at work, Skipping classes too xD!

    4. Which player? Andrés Iniesta ♥

  21. Gabriella says:

    1) Everybody say Spain, but a really think that its gonna be Brazil ;) , i just dont like spain…
    2) France or Brazil
    3) Friend’s home ;D
    4) OMG Gourcuff it just perefection! love him!

  22. aristeia says:

    1. I have no bloody idea. Really, I cannot even settle on one pick.

    2. Sempre Forza Azzurri.

    3. At home or at the pub.

    4. Are we talking one-off or a long term commitment? ;)

  23. bleachbum says:

    1. Spain!

    2. Spain! or England

    3. Home and sneaking some at work

    4. Oh gods, just 1? Fernando Torres! but seriously, I'm game for any Spain NT…

  24. Winnie says:

    1. i wanna say Spain, but i can already foresee a huge upset involving them…i have no idea, no team has struck me as spectacular even during the qualifiers…i’m gonna say Germany

    2. Portugal

    3. home/friends’ houses, pubs, and Boston pizza lol

    4. Sergio Fucking Ramos.

  25. Ragad says:

    1. Netherlands

    2. Italy<3

    3. Home

    4. of course Cristiano Ronaldo, but also, Fabio Cannavaro<3, Iker Casillas, and lastly: wesley sneijder

  26. Nikki says:

    Andre Pierre Gignac

  27. JoVon says:

    1. Spain
    2. Spain
    3. Work :(
    4. Fabregas!! :D

  28. Megaann says:

    1. Spain!

    2. The gorge Spanish boys, Spain =]

    3. Lanzarote and at home

    4. Nando Babyyy! ;]

    Wahahaaayyy! So Excited!!

  29. pandora says:

    1. I think Spain is the best, they have great players, team spirit and tradition of wins since EURO 2008. I think their wins will continue
    2. Well, I support England and I think they are favourites with Spain (imagine that final match :) ), there are many players I love in England team: Rooney, Rio Ferdinand, Michael Carrick (as you can see I´m big fan of Man. United :) ), David James, jamie Carragher, Joe Cole… England! :)
    3. Home or out in caffe with my friends :) (they don´t support England :/ )
    4. Iker :) and England players that I numerated before :)

  30. Karen says:

    1. SPAIN♥

    2. Mexico… since its almost impossible.. then SPAIN :)

    3. my home; friends' homes

    4. MESSI!!


  31. Lilly says:

    1. Spain

    2. England. or USA

    3. Home

    4. Cristiano Ronaldo. Or Nemanja Vidic

  32. kaya says:

    1. Brazil is most likely to win.

    2. I'd love the US to win, but not holding my breath.

    3. I'll be watching from San Francisco and then the Cote d'Azur.

    4. I'm married, so I'm going intellectual here: I'd actually really like to meet Landon Donovan. I've always had the feeling he was a bit too smart to be a "great" footballer. I watched a Studio 90 interview with him and he was asked which 2010 World Cup player he'd most like to have lunch with: he said one of the North Korean players.

  33. Ella says:

    1. Either Brazil/Spain/Netherlands probably will win.

    2. USA! USA! USA! (A girl can dream!)

    3. From home or bars/pubs nearby. Atlanta has World Cup fever!

    4. Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd choice: Cesc (A girl can dream!)

  34. NandosGirl says:

    1. Spain. End of.

    2. USA! I would happy dance all summer.

    3. Home.

    4. Bocanegra. That interiew you recently linked was what clinched it. He's luscious.

  35. dcubetcha says:

    1. brazil or spain
    2. USA!!!!! (but spain on the off chance that the US doesn’t go all the way…)
    3. home
    4. absolute tie between bocanegra and fabregas, i could never choose. (although i would also settle for pique. or edson buddle. or casillas. or post-haircut higuain. or roque santa cruz.)

  36. p4ng says:

    1. Spain! GO SPAIN!

    2. Spain :b

    3. Home and maybe the final with some of my friends!

    4. Fernando Torres.

  37. Roxy says:

    2.SPAIN(they are the best!)
    4.Cesc Fabregas

  38. MrsNesta says:

    1. Spain
    2. England (then Italia)
    3. Down my local for most, with lots of alcohol, but will better behaved than I was in 06 :)
    4. Iker, Fabio, Rob Green – but there would definitely be loads of others :)

  39. senora ramos says:

    1) espana
    2) usa or espana
    3) home, bar, work
    4) sergio ramos <33333

    • Thea says:

      1 – Sneeky feeling it will be France
      2 – Really want it to be Spain
      3 – When I get the chance at the Atlantis Resort in Dubai
      4 – DOHHH YOANN

      P.S Ramos and Nesta NOT loving the new layout here, how can I keep track of you both??!!!

      • senora ramos says:

        i know. not feeling the change. and thea, if france don’t shape up, they won’t get out of group!! however, allez les bleus (heritage and all)!! and yoann was looking mighty fine today (and everyday). missed you guys as i haven’t been on much. hope work isn’t getting you doesn’t. lol henry, you can’t call for a handball, love!!

      • MrsNesta says:

        Not sure France have turned up yet!, Yeh senora ramos Henry didn't protest too much about the handball LOL I'm stressed enough as it is and then I find Kickette changed, not coping with much lately!!!!!! Just counting down to the match tonight, good luck to all!!!!! BUT COME ON ENGLAND!!!!!!

        • senora ramos says:

          gameday my english friends. here's to a great match, no injuries, and an american win, of course :D COME ON YOU YANKS!

          • Thea says:

            Good to see your in good spirits Ramos – I am struggling, finding it really hard to be out in Dubai when all this is going around me! I know it's work – but it's hard having a beer in a hotel room and not with your friends at times like these!!

  40. Nando's ma says:

    1. Spain
    2. Spain or Argentina
    3. listening (on the sly) at work, watching at home
    4. Yoann probably but I’m keeping my eyes open for new contenders (monogomy is sooo over-rated)

  41. freddiegirl says:

    Who do you think will win the WC? Spain.
    Who do you want to win the WC? Argentina.
    Where will you watch the games? At a friend’s house and our local.
    Which player? I would say Mr. Casillas but there’s so much competition for him now so I’m going to go with my Arsenal fav Mr. Van Persie.. :)

  42. TristaJade says:

    1.) I really have a feeling about Spain this year. ;)
    2.) I would LOVE for the USA to be able to pull a Hail-Mary and win it. Maybe wishful thinking, maybe not…*shrugs* :D
    3.) GameCast on ESPN at work, on TV at home or on my computer. Might go out to a bar tomorrow to catch the USA-England game with some fellow World Cup fanatics.
    4.) There are too many!!!! a.) Cristiano – guilty pleasure b.) Carlos Bocanegra – our captain is hawt…just damn. c.) Benny Fabulous Hotness Feilhaber. Hmmm, and maybe add Yoann to that, because I’m selfish like that. :D

    P.S. – Love to see the Kickettes loving some US players!!!

  43. Alisha says:

    1) Spain or Argetina
    2) Spain
    3) At home or online
    4) The Spain squad? ;)

  44. Sophie says:

    1. Spain

    2. Netherlands

    3. The Netherlands games: work, home & home

    4. Tie between Llorente & Gourcuff


  45. Kudas says:

    1. England
    2. England
    3. Home
    4. Steven Gerrard

  46. Addie says:

    2.Germany (obviously :-D )
    3. At a beach club
    4. Per. Perperper. And if he´s busy, Fernando :-D

  47. MEER. says:

    1. The Netherlands
    2. The Netherlands
    3. Home, Work, Friends&Family
    4. Cristiano Ronaldo ofcourse and I will be having an eye out for every past & present PSV Eindhoven player

    • anna says:

      wauw, so nice to finally find another psv fan on this website!! yesterday I was rooting for mexico's maza rodriguez and salcido, Monday it's afellay & ooijer's turn!

  48. Lexi says:

    1. Spain
    2. ENGLAND! :D
    3. Home/Friends House
    4. Ronaldo – don’t hate ;)

  49. Vicky says:

    1. England
    2. England
    3. At home

  50. Ana says:

    1. Spain!
    2. Spain!
    3. Home and some public viewing places in germany!!! FRANKFURT!
    4. The whole spanish NT… xDD okay just one…. CESC FABREGAS!!! ^^

  51. MUfcYanksGirl says:

    1. I think Brazil will win.
    2. I would love to see USA win!
    3. Combination of work/home/bars.
    4. Only one? Stu Holden!

  52. bubbly_cheryl says:

    1) don't really mind0 but i think spain will

    2) spain

    3) in the pub

    4) carrick- just to see if he ups his game- to benefit united

  53. Graciela says:

    1. Brasil
    2. Mexico
    3. stadium near my house-viewing parties on la cancha
    4. Carlos Vela

  54. KRISTINA says:

    1- Spain

    2- La furia :-) Spain of course !!!

    3- living room

    4- R u kidding? FERNANDO TORRES of course !!! :)

  55. barcagooner says:

    1. España!
    2. España!!
    3. South Africa (I wish). Home.
    4. Since Borri is not playing, Monsieur Gourcuff it is.

  56. LuvinBale says:

    #1- Italy

    #2- Argentina but would love it if USA won. I know its wishful thinking but I have a good feeling this year about our team.

    #3- Home, work and any local bar in Philly that has giant screen. Lots and lots of beer!

    #4- I cant choose one- that's just not fair. Yoann, Michael Dawson, Marco Borrielo and Vidic. I know that is a mix bag boys but sometimes you feel like French food and sometimes you want Italian then wash it down with a good Englishman *er- I mean an English beer* wink wink.

  57. linda says:

    1 Spain
    2 Netherlands
    3At home

  58. Larissa says:

    1. Spain, I hope
    2. Spain or the Netherlands!
    3. In South Africa :) Leaving on Monday!
    4. Iker.

  59. yomama says:

    1. Spain or Brazil

    2. I'd love to see the good 'ol USofA win. *wishful thinking*

    3. Home or Work. Sadly I have no close friends who even remotely care about the World Cup. All of my buddies are out of state or on Twitter.

    4. This list is endless. I'd like to start off with breakfast in bed with Torres…take a short nap…then hit up Gooch and if he's busy I'll take Clint Dempsey so we can rap together in bed ;) then eventually an afternoon delight with Cesc-y baby and then end the evening with Feilhaber.

  60. Linda (Gooner till I says:


    France !!! (Netherlands)

    at the pub with my friends

    Yoann Gourcuff

  61. Yani says:

    1. Spain

    2. Viva Espana!!! :)

    3. Home

    4. Gerard Pique ;)

    "Ilusion es mi camino, Victoria mi destino!"

    Vamos Espana!

  62. elnino says:

    Spain is gonna Take It All..

    Mexique, but I'm afraid that won't be possible.

    Home, my couch to be specific.

    Fernando Torres.

    Also, when did the site change..I was so schocked when I came upon it..it's nice but a tad confusing right now since things kinda got moved around. An hour of exploring will get get me back on track : )

  63. Interista says:

    1. Brasil
    2. Holland
    3. At home/bars/wherever they serve alcohol
    4. Onyewu (might not be much of a footballer but DAMN what a body..)

  64. Cheryl says:

    1.ENGLAND (please?!?!)
    3.at home
    4.Joe Hart or Lampard or Casillas….

  65. BarcelonaFan says:

    1) Spain will win it. It's a solid team… until they get intimidated by the Americans. (God, I hope that win was just a fluke)

    2) Argentina. Even if I know Maradona will sabotage Messi. That insecure old bastard.

    3) At home!

    4) LIONEL MESSI!!! :P

  66. Erin says:

    1. Spain

    2. England or Spain (while also happily cheering on USA and Netherlands, Slovakia, Argentina, Denmark…basically any team with a LFC player)

    3. Work, pub, home…in New York, Seattle, Sonoma, San Francisco & Carmel (lots of travel this coming month)

    4. Xabi Alonso (I can love him again in the Spain kit, not that icky white one)

  67. Dutch-Somali89 says:

    For one month every 4 years the world is united. love football!

    1) Nederland,
    2) Nederland
    3) My house, Friends house
    4) Cant choose between Gourcuff/Torres.Van Persie :)

    Hup Holland Hup :)

  68. Cymraeg_Ddraig says:

    1. Spain

    2. Spain! Or Argentina

    3. At home or at the pub in Wales!

    4. Yoann, Cesc, Iker…please don't make me choose!

  69. Lila says:

    1. It better not be Brazil or Germany.
    2. Spain & Argentina. But i kinda support Holland too.
    3. Casillas, of course.

  70. 1. England
    2. England
    3. From inside Roy Keane’s pants
    4. See #3. Despite my rejection of most Judeo-Christian ethics, I am, within the framework of the World Cup season, monogamous.

  71. Ofeily9 says:


    2.Spain or England

    3.School or at home :/

    4. Stevie G Nando Cesc Navas

  72. Ms. Emma Krkic Perez says:

    1. SPAIN
    2. SPAIN
    3. At home…unfortunately…:(
    4. Torres!!!!

  73. CR_9_Lady says:

    1. Spain
    2. Germany or Portugal
    3. Most of the games I will watch at home with my family
    4. Cristiano of course ♥

  74. Goosie says:

    1. Spain

    2. Cameroon

    3. Bars/online

    4. After watching the Studio 90 video with him, Carlos Bocanegra

  75. apple says:

    I THINK Spain will win..

    I HOPE England will win..

    I'll watch em et work (thats life when working as a bartender)…

    And player – Steven Gerrard <3 Hope he brings football back home <3

  76. KT says:

    1. Brazil

    2. USA

    3. home and bars

    4. hmmm…I was going to choose Carlos Bocanegra, but I think I have to go with Gourcuff.

  77. jess says:

    1. spain:)

    2. spain:)

    3. scotland/america/france. (yes, im in all these countries throughout the world cup)

    4. fernando/cesc… dont make me pick just one! <3

  78. Zatti says:


    2-spain or portugal or any of the underdogs

    3-at home or at a pub

    4-cristiano, as always

  79. kott says:

    1. Spain

    2. Spain

    3. Home or bars

    4. Well, my MEN aren't there, soooo NEMANJA VIDIC :D

  80. liesjuhh says:

    1. Spain

    2. España or Nederland.

    3. at home

    4. señor Casillas (second= mister Van Persie)

  81. Aisha says:

    1) England

    2) Spain/Brazil/Germany

    3) Home (with the thoughts in my mind ;) )

    4) Ronaldo. FTW.

  82. Ashley says:

    Cristiano all the way baby…yeah

  83. moja31 says:

    1. I'm going to go out on a real limb here and say…Brazil

    2. Bafana Bafana!! Germany, France

    3. Heading to SA on Monday!

    4. My longtime loves Kaka & Henry, perhaps with a little Gourcuff thrown in.

  84. juventina says:

    1. Spain

    2. Italia

    3. at home/bar

    4. Marchisio, Pazzini, Canna, Cesc, David Villa….wishing the Borriello was there *curses Lippi*

  85. tgb says:

    1. spain

    2. usa

    3. home or local san francisco bar mad dog in the fog

    4. CARLOS BOCANEGRA!!!!!!!!!

  86. Lisa says:


    2.This is very, very hard it's between SpainFrance


    4.Cedric Carrasso…best lips (next to Migi Torres)

  87. Yasmin says:

    1. Spain or Brazil

    2. Netherlands or Argentina (or Italy, but I don't think they will :( )

    4. It's really hard to pick just one, but I guess it would have to be Yoann Gourcuff

  88. jbear says:

    1. Spain

    2. Spain

    3. Work on a tiny screen hiding behind my mailbox or a word doc or something.

    4. Iker Casillas, anywhere, anything. There is no dealbreaker.

  89. Kiran says:

    1. Who do you think will win the World Cup this year? England.

    2. Who do you want to win the World Cup this year? England.

    3. Where will you be watching the games? England. (:

  90. mel says:

    1 Spain

    2 Spain

    3 at home

    4 Sergio Ramos

    Thinking about placing a bet on Spain winning

  91. Beth says:

    1. Spain

    2. England (though def wouldn't be against spain winning)

    3. At Home/Pub

    4. Xabi (close second = Iker)

  92. Karla says:

    1) Spain

    2) Spain

    3) at home

    4) Fabregas, Gourcuff, Casillas :)

  93. Lilipop says:

    1- Argentina (there are not the favorite but a good outsider, a great way to play, plus they have the most beautiful jersey

    2- France (I'm French, and I do not believe we will win, but good supporters cheer up their team even if their worst moments, don't they?)

    3- at home, at a friend's or in a pub (any place where the beer is cheap and the atmosphere is fun, indeed!)

    4- ….

    err, how can you pick only one… I think I will watch some games before I can choose so that I don't miss any player who does not usually get media exposure.

    Or Gourcuff, as he seems not to be liked by the other French NT players, if he needs some comfort, I am here anytime!

  94. Milena says:

    1. ESPAÑA !!!!
    2. ESPAÑA !!!!
    3. Home, public places…
    4. Fernando Torres !!!!

    I also love YOANN but I just don’t like the french team…

  95. Barcelista says:

    1. Argentina!
    2. Argentina (or perhaps Spain but dunno now because of all the fuss about the ball)
    3. Home, work, uni, bar, cafe – depends on where I am at that particular moment.. I’m not gonna miss a single important match I’ll tell you that much!!
    4. Lashes + all of the Barca players + all of the Spanish NT players + all of the argentinian NT players + …
    Hey you know what.. I’m not that picky I’ll just take them all!! ;)

    • Gigi Neville-Brown says:

      1. Argentina or Spain

      2. Argentina

      3. At home or friend's house

      4. Gaby Heinze

  96. Libby says:

    1. Spain or Holland or Brazil
    2. Spain, Holland
    3. Home

  97. lilygold says:

    England [of course]
    At home
    Cesc [yum yum]

  98. ^^K^^ says:

    1. Spain or Germany
    2. Denmark :)
    3. At home/at a friend’s house
    4. Iker. Hell yes.

  99. Moi says:

    1. Netherlands (or Spain)
    2. Netherlands
    3. Home
    4. Mr lashes!

  100. caitanya says:

    First of all, i must say i loved reading all the "Spain" responses! woo hoo!

    1. Who do you think will win the World Cup this year?

    Spain or

    2. Who do you want to win the World Cup this year?

    Portugal, Spain, Argentina (in that order)

    3. Where will you be watching the games?

    Mostly likely my home, but if possible, a pub with the footy lads (none of my girlfriends like footy!)

    4. Which player?

    No question: Casillas and Higuain: together, separate, one first, the next, trading, one in the day, one at night …

  101. lpsc says:

    cristiano ronaldo <3

  102. nia says:

    1. Argentina

    2. Italy again (please, please, please…..we want to be level with Brazil before next tourney)

    3. Home

    4. Monsieur Gourcuff of course

  103. Angharad says:

    1. Spain

    2. My national loyalties say Denmark, but my love of beautiful football says Spain.

    3. Work/home

    4. Well, there's no Paolo Maldini, Rui Costa, or Henrik Larsson, so… Ricardo Montolivo (Italy).

  104. mamaly says:

    1* Spain
    2* Nederland
    3* Home
    4* Iker Casillas/GiGi Buffon

  105. HRH ROAR says:

    1. SPAIN
    2. SPAIN
    3. Home, Macs, Pubs, Friend’s place, the nearby tentage
    4. Iker. Maybe Yoann too. If not there’s always Xabi and Cesc and yummy Cesc. And a lot more. But since I can only choose one, and even though I
    swore off pasta and prego sauce because of his bad taste: Iker. I am eternally doomed and damned to hell for being unable to pull myself away from this man.

  106. Lila says:

    and i'll watch it at home.

  107. smurfette says:

    1. Argentina
    2. France
    3. in a pub
    4. THIERRY HENRY…all the way. LOVE the man

    I’m German, and while I of course keep an eye on my own team I somehow know that Germany is not going to win. I can live with that. With what I cannot live is that Mr. Hotness Thierry Henry will be sitting on the bench and not the in the first squad. Life is unfair!

  108. Desi says:

    1. Spain! :)

    2. Germany

    3. Public Viewing; at home or with some friends and family

    4. Fernando Torres *.*

    He ist so damn hot ♥

  109. Katie says:

    1. Spain!!

    2. USA (gotta root for the home team) or Spain

    3. Home or with friends


  110. anggit says:

    1.) Spain!! 2.) Spain, England and Netherlands. 3.) Home. Well i hope i can watch WC at South Africa, live. 4.) Nando :*

  111. Victoria says:

    1. England

    2. England

    3. Home


  112. Nandia says:

    Thanks Kickette!
    Hope all you girls join us in the World Cp Fever Thread for a fantastic game we put together.

  113. izzy says:

    1) Spain
    2) England
    3) At home
    4) Stevie G… Or Nando! Or Stevie G… Or both?

  114. kat says:

    1. Spain
    2. as i’m engligh…england…. (SPAIN)
    3. at home
    4. pique/xavi

  115. Amy says:

    1. Who do you think will win the World Cup this year?

    Spain or England

    2. Who do you want to win the World Cup this year?


    3. Where will you be watching the games?

    At home

    4. Which player?

    Cesc Fabregas. Now, please? (: I want him in my beddd.

  116. anna says:

    1. Spain

    2. Holland

    3. Anywhere… home/work/pub/outdoors doesn't matter, as long as there's a tv i'm there!

    4. tricky, normally I would say yoann or cesc but because I'm supporting Holland I say: Ibrahim Afellay!! (check him out girls, he's lovely)

  117. Jamie says:

    1. Who do you think will win the World Cup this year?

    - Spain.

    2. Who do you want to win the World Cup this year?

    - England? Spain? Australia? Denmark?

    3. Where will you be watching the games?

    - Hahahaha. Funny! I'll miss most games due to work.

    4. Which player? If you had to choose. Just one. And you know exactly what we’re talking about.

    - Tim Cahill, do me now.

  118. ElNino9 says:

    1. Spain

    2. England/Spain/Holland/Denmark :)

    3. At home with my dad and brothers

    4. Fernando Torres. Of course.

  119. Maria says:

    1. Spain or Germany
    2. España!!!
    3. At home.
    4. Fernando Torres!

  120. Mariana says:

    1 – Brazil

    2 – Spain

    3 – Home some days, at the work others

    4 – Cesc Fabregas

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  122. eatmyboost says:

    1. Spain

    2. Spain

    3. At home.

    4. Iker, even if he only plays one game (many "experts" in Britain, including the BBC, think Pepe Reina will be Spain's first-choice – mind you, they were saying that before and during Euro 2008 as well).

  123. Hamsy says:

    1. Spain

    2. England and Holland

    3. Home…

    4. Gourcuff

  124. S. says:

    1. Spain.

    2. Spain/Brazil/Italy.

    3. Home.

    4. Llorente.

  125. anja says:

    1. Spain or Germany

    2. England (or of course my homecountry Switzerland :)

    3. Zürich, at home (bought a new tv!) or in public places

    4. Nemanja Vidic

  126. Rusty (Mrs Clemens Fritz) says:

    1) Spain or Brazil *vomit*
    2) USA
    3) bars
    4) of this crop, probably Feilhaber.

    • LizB (Mrs. Vucinic) says:


      • Rusty (Mrs Clemens F says:

        I'm pretty sure my Benny shirt arrived today, but it arrived in Boston and I'm currently in a suburb of Hartford, as I had to participate in a fundraiser this morning.

  127. lonelySTARSHINE says:

    1. I really don't know

    2. SERBIA

    3. at home, than in Tunisia, coz I'm going there for vacation, and it will be durin the world championship :)


  128. Briel24 says:

    1. Spain!

    2. USA, Greece, Spain

    3. Home :(

    4. Nando!!! (I don't know why, but the freckles get me every time)

  129. kate says:

    1. Spain

    2. Germany

    3. Work/Home

    4. Gourcuff and Bocanegra, but if it must be only one then come to me Carlos!

  130. julia says:

    1. Brazil

    2. Spain or England

    3. Home/pubs in weekends

    4. NANDO!!!

  131. Nandia says:

    1) Spain

    2) Spain (or Greece but I dont really see that happening)

    3) Home

    4) Serhio Ramo

  132. 1. Brazil

    2. Being African, any African country! (in my dreams, i know)

    3. Home most of the time, with lots of snacks, drinks…CANNOT WAIT!

    4. Hardest question…but I have to go with the German coach…i know…but I LOVE older men!

    • Goosie says:

      Speaking of older men and German coaches, have you seen their coach from the 2006 World Cup? Juergen Klinsmann. He is one attractive man.

  133. embee says:

    1. Spain

    2. Spain/USA

    3. home & ESPN Zone

    4. if I must choose only one…. Iker.

  134. batso says:


    2.England (I'm greek but i am also realistic!!!!)


    4.Fernando Torres

    and…. Greece make the best of it.. ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ ΡΕ ΓΑΜΩΤΟ!!!

  135. emma says:

    1. Spain!

    2. Spain, USA, or South Africa.

    3. With friend at someone's house.

    3. mmm, tie between van Persie or Pique :) <3

  136. lorena_chanel says:

    1.La Roooojaaa!!! Spain

    2.Serbia- Spain, I would say France in some other conditions but after "the HAND" situation….no,thank you ( SORRY YOANN :-( )

    • lorena_chanel says:

      Oopps forgot about 3 and 4

      3.I will probably watch games at some bar or at home, and Serbia games-we will have huge TV in our downtown,so everyone can watch it togheter :-D

      4. # 1YOANN GOURUFF

      #2 Cristiano Ronaldo

      #3 Benny Fel…something…he is from USA- i just find about him,few days ago! But hey better ever then never! :-D

  137. superemang says:

    1. I think Spain has a good roster this year. Them, or Brazil.

    2. Brazil!

    3. Home, most likely, as the games will be shown at 0230h here in Asia.

    3. Kaka, but i'm really really really liking Carlos Bocanegra right now.:D

  138. Ess-Jay says:

    1. Spain, or Holland.

    2. England, Spain, (or New Zealand! Ha!) Or Holland…

    3. Most likely home or maybe the local.

    4. It's gotta be… Iker!!!!!! Mmmmmmm!…. Or Alonso… Yuuuummm! :)

  139. hoda says:

    i hope england win it,as we know maybe its last chance for some of them like frank,and i really want it gonna have satisfied result for old ones,i never forget batistuta,hiero or david.b crying,and i dont want it happen again.

  140. Stephanie says:

    1. Germany

    2. Italia, or, gulp, Australia! They looked hot in SATC2!

    3. At the cinema (!) the pub, or on the couch with bloody marys on the go

    4. Fabio C… mamma. Or Timmy C cause the man is all about serious soccer and lovely to his family.

  141. Aqilah says:

    1. Spain

    2. Spain

    3. McDonald's in my country are showing the game on their big plasma, so probably there :)

    4. Hmm, tough choice. Gerard Pique :)

  142. Yao says:

    1. Spain

    2. Spain

    3. Online/in bars on weekends

    4. Cesc. Especially since he might be leaving us soon for Barça after the WC. :/

  143. natalie says:

    1) spain

    2) spain

    3) home

    4) FERNANDO TORRES, come to me baby

  144. Blair says:




    4. Fernando Torres <3333 (sex god..)

  145. Bronwyn says:

    1. Spain

    2. Spain

    3. My couch, curled up with coffee

    4. Fernando Torres. Without a doubt ;)

  146. Karin C. says:


  147. Tashinka says:

    1. Spain (or Netherlands)

    2. USA (or Germany)

    3. Because my mid-size city in the midwest USA has finally caught on, I have options! So either a local bar or the outdoor area of our downtown entertainment district for weekend games, and either the local pizza joint over lunch or at my best gal's house over dinner (recorded).

    4. Poldi (or an Ibra-Pique sandwich)

    I'm so excited I can't sleep!

  148. Anonymous to You says:

    1. Spain

    2. Portugal

    3. South Africa

    4. N/A

  149. Ms.Podolski says:

    Spain Probably will

    Spain or Germany :D

    At home..

    Bojan Krkic or Pique can not decide

  150. Depa says:

    1) Spain

    2) USA (hahahahaha, in my wildest dreams)

    3) College common room or alone in my room.

    4) Bocanegra. C'mon, is there REALLY any other option?

  151. Ashling says:

    1. Spain

    2. England (but slim chances)

    3. Home- on my couch :D

    4. Can't decide between Gerrard/Torres/Fabregas *sheepish grin

  152. Liz says:

    1. Spain or England.

    2. Italy or England.

    3. Home or in Sydney's little Italy, Norton Street Leichhardt. FORZA!

    4. Since Marco Borriello isn't there GONZALO HIGUAIN, JOEY COLE and SERGIO RAMOS!


  153. roxanne says:

    1. Spain

    2. England! (or Spain or the Dutch)

    3. Home some days, at the bar others

    4. Cesc!

  154. ash says:




    4)Casillas-what was the question again? :P

  155. hannah says:

    1. Spain

    2. USA

    3. home

    4. Bocanegra

  156. NiiCOLE says:


    2.)ITALY!!! Forza Azzuri*

    3.)Home Sweet Home

    4.)Martin Caceres-Uruguay

  157. neda says:




    4. gourcuff

  158. Louise says:

    1. Brazil

    2. USA

    3. Work

    4. Iker