December 2nd, 2010

World Cup 2018: A Kickette Bid Analysis

Prince William (centre) and English Prime Minister David Cameron(right)  ponder the horror that is David Beckham’s hair. (Getty Images/Daylife)

UPDATE: Just as we predicted (ahem) Russia will host the 2018 World Cup. Australia, the USA , Japan and South Korea lost out to that great footballing nation, Qatar, for 2022. Congratulations to them!

Your views on this, Kickettes?


The announcement of where the World Cup is going to be held in 2018 is one that has been gathering a fair amount of attention in recent weeks. (Obviously not in the Kickette office, where such matters are spurned in favour of speculation about short tents and hairdos, but in other football related media. It’s always important to remember they exist, people, even if their priorities are slightly skewed.)

Since we had a few moments spare before Selfridges opens, we decided to take a quick look at the contenders and assess their bids. Properly and everything. Without talking about abs. Can you imagine?!


Um… the fact that Spain are the current European Champions, current World Cup holders and their league has just thrown up one of the most awesome fixtures in football might carry some weight.

But with their bid being led by Spanish FA president Angel Maria Villar and Portuguese Football Federation president Gilberto Madail, we feel that the Iberian bid has slightly missed a trick here. With all the pretty in Spain and Portugal, why not persuade a few players to turn up and press the flesh? Because you’re not seriously telling us that the delegates’ wives wouldn’t have loved the opportunity to have their picture taken with Cristiano, Iker Casillas et al and then wittered at their hubbies until they broke and voted for the boys?

Should’ve asked us, hombres. Lets hope you don’t live to regret your foolishness. (AP Photo)


England really want this. Seriously. The big guns are out in force for the final pleading, with David Beckham (football royalty), Prince William (proper royalty) and David Cameron (British Prime Minister, odd one out) all schmoozing the hell out of FIFA officials. But let’s be honest, after the ‘Panorama’ controversy in which the BBC essentially accused a bunch of FIFA officials of being corrupt on the eve of the vote, they probably need to.

This isn’t the only slight hiccup the boys need to overcome. After a superb game at St Andrews which saw Birmingham City qualify for the semi finals of the Carling Cup last night, violence broke out between City and Aston Villa fans. Flares were thrown, the pitch was invaded and the whole embarrassing scene was broadcast to the world.

Awesome work, boys n’ girls. Just fabulous.  


Stability is the byword for this joint bid. Offering the most environmentally friendly tournament, Holland and Belgium also recognise the importance of wheeling out the famous names, with both Joann Cruyff and Ruud Gullit present at FIFA HQ. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Ruud has even offered bikes to fans to enable fans to cycle to games. The idea of completely sloshed fans weaving their way through the cobbled streets of Amsterdam on bikes provided by the Dutch Football Association is a winner in our eyes. Whether the FIFA officials will feel the same is another story.

The drama is at a minimum, the bid is about pure football. Possible dark horses? You betcha.


With ex Chelsea, Bordeaux and Fulham midfielder Alexey Smertin (left) leading the charge and the vast distances between stadia offered by the Russian bid, these guys are certainly outsiders. There’s also the issue of serious and organised football violence, on the rise in Eastern European countries and a big problem for the Russian Football Union. (Getty Images/Daylife)

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin didn’t bother to show in Switzerland, citing ‘unscrupulous competition’ as a factor. His lack of attendance will damage the Russian bid irreparably, apparently.

We shall see, but for what is probably the first time in history, we find ourselves in agreement with Putin. We’re not optimistic.

The winners will be announced at 3pm (GMT)/10am (EST) and you can follow progress here. In other news, the USA are bidding at the same time to host the 2022 tourney. This is why we think they should win.

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141 Responses to “World Cup 2018: A Kickette Bid Analysis”

  1. Alcoholism says:

    28 Oct 2010 … Diagnosis of alcohol abuse and dependence are defined by the American Psychological Association.

  2. Thea says:

    William needs hair transplantation and then he should consult Sergio Ramos for his wedding hairstyle!

  3. jelly says:

    Rigged. Completely rigged. SOOOOOOO rigged.

    There is no other reason for choosing Russia and Qatar who had more risks in the FIFA evaluation report than most of the other countries.

    I was naive and thought that FIFA wouldn't be that corrupt but I was just proved wrong.

    At least there's still 2014 Brazil to look forward to

  4. @LillaBognar says:

    I'm happy for Russia. They are good at football, even in other sports are very good, politically one of the biggest super power, and they never hosted a Football World Cup before. They deserve to do it. Of course Spain-Portugal could have been also great but we have to think to others a chance too.
    BUT I don't agree with Qatar. They have no idea about football, they country is very small, and theres only desert…sorry, but it's just about money there.

  5. Capu says:

    I was completely speechless. I had no doubt in my mind that the US would get the 2022 bid. I was bummed for England, and also Spain/Portugal (my homeland!). Im okay with Russia, but Qatar has me turned inside out. Ill admit, the plans they have for their stadiums are fantastic – if not otherworldly, geez! I was looking forward to taking my kids to some games, and possibly seeing some qualifying matches played in our stadium here in Utah. Oh well. c'est la vie. The good thing is, should Qatar be unable for any reason to go thru with it, the US could be ready to host the WC within a few months time. ;)

  6. Lilia says:

    Im RUSSIAN, we won!!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! Why did we win??? Because we have money :P And we can spend more than Spain, Portugal or England. Special thanks to Abramovich and Putin)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  7. cherryboomboom says:

    Yaay ! Russia and Qatar !
    I can't be happier ! Why ? Not cause I'm from Russia , nor Qatar , but just so that you guy will see the differance when we will actually get there .
    It's crazy how unfair people are , you don't want to go to Qatar cause of the heat ( it will be cooled ) , cause no alcohol ( if you have a liscense , you can drink whatever you like , if you don't , why do you drink anyway ? ) , and war ?!? ( seriously , just google Qatar , it is soo not what you people think , and it is a shopping paradise !! Plus , let me just say the Irak war is over , if that's what you are scared of , and saudi arabia , there is no war there … –' So don't be scared of it cause it's called arabia )

    • cherryboomboom says:

      And , what about Russia ? Cold weather ?!
      I thought the World Cup was always played during summer …
      Check Russia's summer temperatures , it is so not cold
      You guys want alcohol … and you don't want to go russia ?! Alcohol in Russia is like water !
      The only reason people bring up political issues is just cause they are scared and politics helps finding arguments .
      If we want to talk politics , we can defo talk about the USA or even Britain for that matter ( or just go on Wikileaks , it's quicker )
      So I know , I'm going to get like -32 on this comment , but I dont care :)

  8. Nada James says:

    if we watched all the presentations I don't see anyone can compete with Russia not even England they could do much better

    but with Qatar the competition was tough, lets be reasonable Qatar provide very powerful bid
    the only issue is the weather and I think they come up with some good solution, unlike what happened in Portugal 2004 it was very hard on players

  9. sara says:

    well if the 2018 was held in Europe (Russia) ,,then it had to go somewhere else in 2022
    & Qatar wasn't even competeing against the european countries ?

  10. N says:

    Congratulations to all our Russian (and Russia-supporting) Kickettes!

    Now, specially for you, this rather fantastic video of a rather, shall we say, unique version of the Russian national anthem + pictures of some of Russia's most beautiful sights (note: I don't include Vladimir Putin in the latter category)

  11. N says:

    Maybe we should have faith? I think there was bribery involved too, but South Africa just hosted a fantastic World Cup, even though loads of people like us bitched and doubted it. Maybe Russia and Qatar can do as well.

  12. nhhanh says:

    I still don't understand why people are so against Russia and Quatar. Please give both countries a chance, they have 8-12 years to prove us that they can be excellent hosts. And back to South Africa, they've just hosted a wonderfull World Cup right ?

  13. SoFun471 says:

    Totally, I don't really know much about Qater but This morning I was watching the news following the announcements (sp?) and an African guy from England was talking about how he didn't mind that England wasn't chosen, but that Russia was, and how he is worried not only about the corruption, crime etc… But mostly about the ''overwellming amount of racism in Russia'' and ''how he and other journilists of colour are worried'' as well as ''if they (Russians) even want to watch or will even buy tickets to watch black people play soccer''…

    • Leya_S says:

      One of my friends is from Russia, so I've heard stories about racism there, which is worrying to me. However, I feel like things could be different in 8 years. Plus my motto is that if everyone was afraid to go to places where racism existed, how could you ever hope change those ppl's minds?

      • SoFun471 says:

        No, totally. I agree with you, I was only sharing what I knew of the two countries so far, hopefully things will change in the years to come :)

  14. Mrs.Navas says:

    I don't understand why some of you are saying FIFA is a joke and Russia and Qatar are horrible choices. The thing about hosting the World Cup is that it gives undeveloped countries an opportunity to develop itself by hosting such a major event. The World cup is not just about football. It's about the country taking responsibility to upgrade their land and in turn they will gain something from it. I am ashamed by the comments made here. No. This is such a pity. It is Disgusting. FIFA is just trying to give everyone a chance at hosting the tournament because in the end the country gains more than it spent. Russia has never hosted the Cup and this gives them the opportunity to showcase to the world that they can host anything. The tournament is going to be in the summer in 2018. Obviously like any other country the atmosphere gets warmer. Just like in ENGLAND and USA. So no one is going to get frost bite. Much less Qatar. The team that went and presented their presentation on why Qatar should host the 2022 world cup clearly stated that they would put some sort of cooling mechanism in the stadiums so that the players could actually play for the entire 90 minutes. England is over excited about football (that is a good thing) and i believe their bid to host the world cup was very convincing. But I believe the 22 men who voted took into consideration that Russia was very determined and had potential and if they fail they would just give the world cup to the runner up. whoever that may be. Honestly i do not know a think about Qatar. But i do know that if it is a Arabic population they take security very seriously. They are goinig to bend the rules a bit in favor of the tourists. And I could assure you they both are going to blow us away. So basically just give Russia and Qatar a chance. let them prove themselves and we shall see in the next 8 and and 12 years respectively. and ladies don't hate on them just because England, USA, IBERIA lost to them. Just think of this as an opportunity for the people of Qatar and Russia. So give them a chance and we would be blown away.

    • Izzie says:

      you are so right! I've been to Qatar (and I'm from Europe) and it really is a beautiful country! Yes, it's true that the summers are extremely hot, and yes, it's true that there are some laws people in Europe/America/Australia don't have, but for foreigners and non-Muslims they're not that strict. Look at it this way, every country has it's own rules. Doha is incredible city, and believe me, when they host an event they make a spectacular show out of it! So I am convinced that the World Cup in Qatar is going to be phenomenal! Also, Qatar is maybe the first richest country in the world, they'll make it all the way it is supposed to be.

    • Leya_S says:

      I totally agree with you!
      To be fair, though, I would like to point out that Summer doesn't mean "hot" or even "warm" everywhere…I think basically south of the Equator is experiencing winter during what we traditionally call summer. South Africa this year, there was snow at some point.

      Anywayz, I'm an American and if I'm honest, I thought it was a little greedy for Americans to be like "how could we lose the bid?!" Let's be fair guys: we had it in 1994!!!! That wasn't that long ago! I (sort of, kind of) remember the '94 World Cup (I was only 6, but I vaguely remember it happening, haha). We need to give other countries a chance to host it, too.

      I don't know anything about this "corruption" business, but that aside, I feel like ppl are not giving this decision a chance.

  15. Simone says:

    i get Russia estern europe has never hosted a world cuop compared to the 10 times of northern Europe but Qatar hell no All the stadiums better be airconditioned. Russia better stop being racist to darker football players.

  16. Mrs Torres says:

    Qatar is a Muslim country they wont be able to handle indecent, drunk, homosexual football fanatics. You will find they are decent unlike some countries… I'm saying this as an English lassie!! I'm shocked, do they even have a football team? something smells fishy, Arabs are as rich as anything?

  17. Jen says:

    Did FIFA take into consideration the timezone NIGHTMARE that is Russia—good luck with scheduling and broadcasting—-it's going to be brutal!!!

    Qatar????? Really???

  18. Mrs. Bale says:

    I think we should release the Ramos to give FIFA a smackdown! Russia? not so bad. But Qatar? seriously people! They don't even have stadiums!

  19. sheila says:

    This is an absolute travesty. Who on this green earth wants to go to Qatar for any reason whatsoever?! The Qatar bid, from the start, sounded like a huge waste of energy, when, as a planet, we should all be thinking about cutting our consumption of resources. The building and cooling of those stadia will cost unthinkable amounts of money and resources. But, as usual, money talks… The US deserved that bid. Infrastructure, fans, weather, etc. What a crock of *bleep*. Thanks FIFA. I better not say anything more, lest they send their wolves after me.

    • Tocadisco says:

      Why on earth would the US deserve it ?!?!
      Maybe they wont send their wolves after you if the US would stop sending their dogs after their oil .

  20. ashmenon says:

    I don't see why everyone is so outraged at FIFA's choices. Yes, the sheikh's son being on the voting board (if I remember my facts right) DOES muddle things a bit, but the idea of a united Middle-Eastern bid behind Qatar is something I can appreciate. If football can bridge the anti-Arab and anti-Islam sentiments that are prevalent globally, I don't see why not.

    And South Africa wasn't exactly land of verdant green pastures in terms of environment or even security, but they did a fantastic job! Let's have a bit of faith here. The middle eastern zone has never had a chance to host the WC, and they've done a fabulous job with other sporting events so far.

    As for Russia, well, I really don't see why we shouldn't give them a chance. Ballers + vodka. Really kickette, you're not seeing the possibilities here.

    • Mrs.Navas says:

      thank you. thank you. finally

      • Leya_S says:

        I can't say that I necessarily saw Russia/Qatar coming, but I feel like ppl are being a little prejudice here! I think that maybe there was something a little shady going on with the choices. HOWEVER I just think that people need to be a little more optimistic.

        For one thing, not all of the Middle East is extremist.
        For another thing, I think ppl need to remember that we're talking 8 and 12 years from now! That's a LONG way away. A lot of things could change in terms of some of the social challenges these two countries present between now and then.
        Just a thought…

    • SoccerLoverrrr says:

      THANK U SO MUCH!!! srsly some ppl need to stop being so prejudiced and give other countries a chance! isnt soccer about appreciating the beauty of different countries and cultures? its dat one sport where it makes everyone feel amazing and united!!

  21. Carmen says:

    Iker was in Zurich, and Cristiano was scheduled to go as well, but as he's currently injured the club didn't give him permission. Iberia brought along Luis Figo too.

  22. Shireen says:

    I live in Canada and I'm so disappointed it's not in the US!
    It would've been such an easy trip. My friends and I had it planned and all!

    How am I supposed to get to Russia and Qatar? I'll be ancient by the time I get to attend a World Cup!

  23. Catie says:

    Wow. Those were the last 2 places I figured the vote would go. For Russia, I'm concerned about finances. The Summer Olympics left Greece reeling, and now Russia has the Winter Olympics and the World Cup in 4 years (and out of date infrastructure)? If they can pull it off then more power to them, but in the mean time I'll be throwing a bucket of salt over my shoulder.

    Qatar…that one I find to be a ridiculous pick (and I point my finger at all the dough). The guise of diplomacy sounds nice but the reality of it is exactly what Lottie said, plus the added issue of football fans, FEMALE football fans, and alcohol. I'm more interested in hearing about those contingency plans.

  24. LosAngeleno says:

    I don't know enough about Qatar to object to anything besides the heat and the incredibly ecologically irresponsible air-conditioned stadiums. With the way things are going with global warming, wonder how hot Qatar is going to be 12 years from now (not to mention the water situation in that part of the world).

    As for Russia, which I know much more about, with all the corruption, I worry about them getting it together…although I guess the Sochi Olympics will test the waters for us in 2014.

  25. meh says:

    How can people do us like that? No respect for england, the country who INVENTED FOOTBALL. this is such a joke, it doesn't even need to be said that russia is corrupt and has a BIG problem with alcoholism…and QATAR bloody QATAR, where the hell on EARTH is QATAR. Fifa are dumb because, americans certainly aren't going to the middle east OR russia, and they purchased the majority of the tickets for this year's world cup, fifa will loose money. Qatar, can you believe it? what will they play on??? SAND. (Zidane is pretty hot though ;) )

  26. senora ramos says:

    i'm just disgusted right now with the whole thing. guess i'll start saving up for brasil now as my husband won
    t go to russia (though i would) and there is no way in hell i'm going to qatar. unless a hell of a lot of things change between now and 2022. and probably not even then. we always knew fifa was corrupt. now we have proof.

  27. Pique_Xavi says:

    I actually was extremely surprised at the choices. Russia not so much because well football is popular there and if those players can tough it up why not the rest. I do have a problem with safety and health issues. I do not want to see any player fall to the ground from heat exhaustion. Its not a pretty sight when you see it happen and not if all players are at risk. It a beautiful place and many stadiums will be new and I've read they will be given to poorer countries which that I don't get either… I will not say anything about corruption because I don't know how FIFA came to those choices and I understand that they are trying to get other countries to be part of such wonderful sport/event, but at what cost to the players and fans that won't be able to afford to go. Russia seems more available but Qatar seems to be expensive.

    A Spain/Portugal would have been nice for the Spanish to say goodbye to the cup regardless what happens during the cup. I say congrats but someone has to address the securityhealth issues for footballers.

    • N says:

      Russia is understandable to the extent that football is quite popular there (like you said), and I'm sure the fans will find plenty of vodka to celebrate/drown their sorrows, so that is good.

      Qatar…on one hand I'm happy to see a World Cup being held in the Middle East, and the players will actually not suffer from the heat because the stadium and training facilities will be entirely air-conditioned.
      On the other, the horrible heat means the outdoor fan parties that so many open-air World Cup screenings turned into, will not be possible- they can't aircondition the whole country, and indoor parties are just not the same :(

      As for expense, they are working on setting up low-cost accommodation for fans, like the camps in SA. Let's hope that works out for ordinary fans- if people could travel to Japan/South Korea in 2002, Qatar isn't impossible.

  28. peppy says:

    There is no cold weather in Russia in summers, we had +40 in Moscow this August.

  29. Whitney says:

    Qatar? Seriously people! FIFA are a bunch of "show me the money" old crows! The weather in Qatar is past 100 degrees in the summer. To think of all my poor babies playing in that heat really upsets me. I'm fine with Russia, but everyone knows it should have been England or USA!

  30. Angela says:

    i'm glade to see that i'm not the only one that thinks like this…but look in the bright sied …if its going to be that hott in Qatar …they might as well play shirtless or naked… simple has that …

  31. Kal says:

    Amongst other things & keeping the heat in mind ….fashion tips for Qatar 2022? :)

  32. Missy Manchester says:

    C ome on
    O f course the bid process was rigged
    R ussia??
    R ubles talk
    U nfair …unbelievable but not unexpected
    P ut your morals where your wallet is FIFA
    T ime for total transparency.

    FIFA …if you have nothing to hide…then hide nothing. Open your books…your doors and your voting process

  33. Iris says:

    qatar is a joke… comeon how big is that state?? it'Äs fucking hot there and it's not like i have ever seem a team from qatar playing international…

    • Mrs.Navas says:

      because they never made it to a world cup. there are a lot of teams that never made it u know

      • Leya_S says:

        Actually, I sort of wondered about this point.
        Traditionally, FIFA has chosen host nations that they feel will do decently well in the World Cup (bc, of course, that country gets an automatic bid) so as not to "embarrass themselves" as it were. Not that I'm saying that Qatar won't do well, bc I've never seen them play and they haven't been a country for as long as World Cup has been happening, so they've obviously had a lot less time than, say, England, to develop a strong footballing program, so I can't judge that. But its just something I was wondering about, I guess…

  34. londres says:

    Really really….how the hell did Qater beat USA.
    come on.
    Nice to see the corrupt business men win for Russia.

  35. xoWinnie says:

    …Qatar? WTF!

  36. Jules says:

    I’m sorry but I’m still trying to understand the logic behind Qatar being chosen. Russia, I understand and the desire to spread football to parts heretofore unknown but Qatar?
    In July, it gets close to 50 C (I felt about ready to die walking from the air con in the car to the air con in the hotel in Dubai when it was 45 C, how people will be expected to run in it is beyond me). They might air con the stadiums which would be horrendous for the environment.
    Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by lashes. We already have an acknowledged problem of homophobia in football; this will only make gay football supporters feel even less welcome.
    And finally, there is no alcohol allowed. None whatsoever. You can be arrested for carrying alcohol, being drunk (and I’m not talking about falling over drunk either, particularly if you’re a woman) and buying alcohol.

    • Jessi says:

      I did a bit of research upon this announcement. According to the US State Dept, they don’t allow people in with HIV/AIDS. I read on Wikipedia (probably not the most reliable source) that they allow alcohol, but only in bars. The only bars are in swanky hotels. No alcohol in public or public drunkenness. Wasn’t Budweiser a BIG sponsor of the last World Cup? How will that work? Just let oil money make up the difference?

      What I’m worried about is the dress code for the ladies. Will someone think of the WAGs?!

    • Jane says:

      They are definitely going to bend the alcohol laws (I am sure they included that in the bid) because FIFA cannot be THAT stupid about football and its culture. They proposed certain alcohol zones all over the country (city rather, there's only one major city, Doha)
      What I am EXTREMELY bummed out about is the weather -.- Regardless of fully-air conditioned stadiums, players WILL not feel good and once outside stadiums and commuting from hotel to stadiums etc, what then?
      You are right about Dubai, I lived there for like 5 years and despite air-conditioning possibly everywhere, even waiting for a cab can get SO EXHAUSTING that you feel like you'll collapse o.O

    • Deb Stimson says:

      'In July, it gets close to 50 C'

      Wow! That's like holding it in Arizona in the US…WAY too hot!

    • sheila says:

      It's a dry heat…

  37. Maribel says:

    I'm sorry, I don't want to offend anyone, but I am so disappointed with the choices. Fifa is ridiculous.

    • Michaella says:

      Same hun, and i couldn't care less if i offend people. It's a complete and utter joke, hardly anyone will make the trips to ether , Russia is short of 17 stadiums, 17!!! And Qatar…wtf Qatar??? Just no FIFA, no.

  38. rubyqueen says:

    i'm really sad being english i thought we would of done an amazing job.but i was also rooting for spain too because they are the world champions.and a tournament there would of been mind blowing.:)but wtf i never in a million years thought russia would of got it.!!!

  39. N says:

    Qatar? In the desert heat? I know fancy stadia are fancy and all, but- God help the fans, the weather is no joking matter..

    Looks like I'll have to make it to Brazil 2014, at least it'll be better weather there (Southern Hemisphere winter) and the possibility of the game in its natural home= yessssssssss!

  40. uno says:

    Congrats to Russia and Qatar for winning th right to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups respectively. Personally, I would have liked to see England host the 2018 world cup because it is the home of football, they have an excellent bid and the last time they held it was in 1966! Thats a long time ago. I would have also loved to see Australia host the 2022 world cup because they have hosted every major sports event in the world and they deserve to at least host the world cup. Coming a South African that is a big step. Anyway, Ithink its way to early to be voting for 2018 and 2022, a lot can happen in 8 to 12 years!!!

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      Didn't think of that but when I heard Russia my first thought was about those spies… I will not sit here and talk politics but you're so right that a lot can happen in 8 yrs, will that change things? Will there be team who will not participate for reasons related to expense?beliefs? I don't have a clue as to the laws and women in Qatar… will that be an issue for many fans? This seems to be more about questions that joy… I honestly was happy just to be thinking about future Word Cups but now I'm more unsure….

  41. peppy says:

    Not to sound ignorant but I am seriously confuse as to how these two countries won their respective bids. Isnt Russia cold and Qatar hot? So in '18 you get frost bite and '22 you get heat stroke?

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      I don't how if you're ignorant or not but I thought about that too but I don't know either how the weather is in Russia around june/july when the cup comes around. Qatar however being a desert can be too hot. So It seems odd.

      • zana says:

        I'm from Moscow,Russia..the weather during summer here is perfectly suitable..the temperature is something like the chill :)

    • vergipost says:

      Well, I'm from Russia and can say, that this summer was extremely hot. But nobody know what weather will be in the 2018=)

  42. Oil wealth talks. Shame on Fifa.

  43. Alex Samuel says:

    Ive backed England the whole way, but how awesome would it have been if Spain had won?!

  44. Marie says:

    we, that is India, are soo gona bid in 2026!!!!!!!!
    jus yesterday or a few hours ago, this thought would have been laughable considering our achievements in football negligible and steadily unbearable summers…..after watching Qatar however this is too much fun to miss….

    as for kickette's prediction: this is what happens when you dont consider abs!!!!!!!

  45. Nora says:

    THERE'S NO ALCOHOL IN QATAR!!!!! How are we supposed to properly celebrate Kickette style when we can't have our drinkies? They better change this law or I'm going invest in a beer bra

    • Nora says:

      Hold on, I misspoke. There is alcohol, but you need a license to attain it. And come on, how many of us are going to pass the background check for that?

    • Simone says:

      You won't be able to wear a bikini to the beach either

  46. tracy765 says:

    Seriously FIFA…Qatar? This is why Kickette should stick to what they do best: abs and short tents. I want this to be my happy place.

  47. mamaly says:

    i was going for the dutch bid and i'am sorry we did't get it.
    But england should have got it just for david beckham, he was just gorgeous

  48. Sara P says:

    Can't believe the winners. I am absolutely speechless! The point is to spread soccer to the world. It should be somewhere that fans can go and not be afraid of visiting. There is no way that Qatar is going to be able to sell out tickets. With countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq close by….there is just no chance! What a joke!

    • maya says:

      I agree. Australia would have been a much better choice, as would all the other choices. As an American, I was hoping that it would take place it the U.S.A. but Australia was my second choice. It's just ridiculous that FIFA picked Qatar

    • canada says:

      What exactly are you afraid of in Qatar? That you can't walk down the street with a gin and tonic? Look at all of the problems in the UK caused by drunken soccer fans. It will be a relief to attend a sporting event in Doha where the focus will be on the matches and not on where the next beer is coming from. We can't go without a drink for a couple of hours until we get back to our hotel where drinking is permitted?

      Qatar donated $100 million to victims of Hurricane Katrina. I would hardly call that an anti-western sentiment.

      I trust the Qataris will host a very special World Cup and congratulate them on their bid. They are kind people and they deserve our kindness in return.

  49. Sara P says:

    Can't believe the winners. I am absolutely speechless! The point is to spread soccer to the world. It should be somewhere that fans can go and not be afraid of visiting. There is no way that Qatar is going to be able to sell out tickets. With countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq close by….there is just no chance! What a joke!

    And seriously….Russia? How on earth did they beat Spain/Portugal or England? How is that a good choice?

    • cause Russia has more money to produce events than both Spain and Portugal combined, as far as I´m concerned Spain doesn´t have a good economy at the moment

    • Pique_Xavi says:

      Probably because England has the 2012 Olympics.

      • Guest says:

        I'm pretty sure someone else mentioned this, but Russia has 2014 Winter Olympics at Sochi.

    • Nour says:

      wait ,what Exactly is the problom of Saudi Arabia ? lol ,, u even mentioned it first ,like a serious issued country -.-
      even Iraq ,R u saying u wouldn't wanna go to Qatar cuz it's near a country which had war ? do u even know what willhappen 12 years from now ,,i cant beleive u tbh :

  50. Tora says:

    OMG, Prince William. :P I'm still in love with him, although he's getting married next year. :D I hope Spain and Portugal would win. :) England's also good, though. :)

  51. Violets says:

    1) Russia is hosting the Olympics in 2014. That is a LOT of money to spend on big events in a very, very small period of time. I hope that they can pull that off. Second, I just don't understand how they won over Spain & Portugal or even England. I know that the process was corrupted, but I just think that they would have hosted better a better WC.

    2) Qatar got it, I think, because of the money that they put behind it. I realize that they're going to put in air conditioned stadiums and whatever, but the weather is still going to be absolutely miserable. And, this sounds horrible, but good luck convincing a lot of people from Western Europe and the US, the biggest purchasers of tickets in South Africa, to go to the Middle East. Like it or not, people are going to be more wary of traveling there than, say, Australia.

    • shay says:

      I agree. I would never travel to Qatar for any reason. I am American, so I know where I am not welcome. And I am female. Do I really want to go to a country where women aren't not even supPosed to go out in to public alone, And Qatar is alcOhol free. You know how much football love not being able to drink. DOWN WITH FIFA!!

      • Violets says:

        There is alcohol, but it's very strictly regulated. Not something that's just going to be everywhere in the stadiums, like at a proper football match :)

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      Wait, I thought Brazil was holding the Olympics?

      I'm really surprisd that Russia and Qatar made it.
      And anyway, Qatar is a very rich and pretty country so I'm sure people will want to go there.

      • Iris says:

        russia is hostimg the winter olympics in 2014 in sochti…

        seriously teh whole thing is a joke…

      • Violets says:

        Qatar is rich because of oil, which is the main reason why it has so many allies across the world. It has very, very strict laws governing how women can act, rules about alcohol (which, like it or not, is a big part of football), and has some very tenuous ties with countries like the US and Britain. All of that is going to make people think twice before they spend big money on tickets.

      • Leya_S says:

        Brazil's holding the 2014 World Cup.

  52. Joe Mane says:

    Rumours out of the winners even before it's announced.. Yeah, tell me FIFA isn't corrupt!

  53. Lottie24 says:

    Russia and Qatar?
    FIFA you are a joke.
    I don't have anything against Russians or Qatari's but come on, and everyone knows about the oil and gas connections between them
    I live in Kuwait and I am telling you now that you cannot even go out in July due to the heat, its 45 degrees
    at least and you are expecting these players to play for 90 minutes in it? At the very least they will get seriously ill
    with dehydration. And about outdoor air conditioned stadiums? Firstly how is that eco friendly and secondly they will definately break under the heat.
    I can only say one thing:
    Why can nothing be honest anymore? Now even FIFA is corrupt.

    • Caitlin says:

      Well said!

    • lorena_yGp says:

      well organizers were actually talking about cooling the stadiums ( not sure with what techinque :-) ) BUT in previous WC we were able to see thousands of people outside the stadiums watching the game on squares,cafe's…What with all that people,who want to enjoy ( get drunk ) outside the stadiums,enjoy the city before/after the game???!!!
      I was really hoping for England or SPAIN/PORTUGAL to get it,but as commentator on eurosport mentioned- money talk,MONEY talk!!!

      • Maribel says:

        Is it even legal to drink in Qatar? Just wondering…if anyone knows, please post.

        • Rosie says:

          Apparently, you can drink at authorized hotels and bars, but it is illegal to be drunk in public. Moreover, it seems that you must have a permit to drink or purchase alcohol. I'm not certain if women can drink at all.

          (Scroll down a bit on the second link.)

          Also this a big setback to the kick homophobia out of football campaign.

          Absolutely sh*tty choice FIFA. Way to hate on women, homosexuals, and, well, everyone . . .

          • cherryboomboom says:

            hate on women and , well , everyone ?
            I dont think you've ever been to Qatar my dear .
            Not all the middle east countries have extremist politics , qatar is a pretty free country compared to others , espicially if your not Qatari .
            So , if the stadiums will use a cooling system , there is no reason why Qatar shouldnt host the WC .
            Middle eastern people love football .

            • Leya_S says:

              I can't figure out why ppl are giving your post thumbs down.
              I went to a University that has a satellite campus in Qatar, and I talked to a bunch of the kids who are from there and studying abroad here, and they said the same thing: Qatar is one of the freer countries in the middle east.

              I don't know anything about all this corruption talk, simply bc I haven't looked more into it yet. But my dad and I and a few friends had a conversation about how having the world cup in Qatar could help to change people's views on middle eastern countries, bc I think a lot of ppl just think everyone in the middle east is an Islamic extremist, which is simply not true.

              Not gonna lie, though…the thought of that much heat SCARES me…I was born in a blizzard, so, yeahhhh..

        • Sandra says:

          its pretty much illegal…
          you can be jailed for intoxication. women cannot drink.

          and i feel bad for Israel because they cant even travel to Qatar.
          I thought fifa was about promoting human rights.
          well they are going to the most hostile environment in the world

          • Irena says:

            there is no sexist rule when it comes to drinking in Qatar. you are not allowed to drink publicly, regardless of your gender. but for the tournament, Qatar is planning to create 'fan zones' within the city streets where people can part/drink etc. and i don't think you should be calling some place 'most hostile environment in the world'
            as for the russian bid, i really wanted spain/portugal to get it

          • cherryboomboom says:

            and why exactly can they not travel to Qatar ..

    • laz says:

      I didn't know that the russia and qatar had that sort of relationship until you mentioned it in that post, the i looked it up (–Russia_relations) and it seems like from my google search that russia and qatar have a very close political relationship (which is interesting considering that fifa is a lot about the (dodgy) politics these days.

      We knew that iberia were trading votes with qatar (whether or not illegally we'll probably never know) but is it possible that qatar were double dealing behind spain's back?

      Whatever happened behind the scenes I think that many of us can now agree that there is something dodgy going on in fifa (from what i've read the english, spanish and americans are already thinking it and i'd imagine the portuguese and australians will join them on that school of thought very soon). i'm not saying that russia didn't deserve it as they've never had it before, they have the money to built great footballing infrastructure there and there bid was good. However Fifa made it very clear to the english that they will not be getting the world cup any time, if ever again. So perhaps the english media should be let lose on fifa to dig up all their dirty secrets now, as it's not like england has a good reason not to dig more now, especially as the bid is over. Maybe now the press can dig up something on fifa that triggers off change in the game for the better!

    • Winnie Mata says:

      i agree with everything you said. i'm so disappointed in these results.
      that being said, FIFA has always (for the most part) been corrupt. it's like there'll never be a winner that's either not a European country, or a South American one. the refs are cheap as hell, and some were OBVIOUSLY biased. i heard this past summer was the best in terms of fair play, but my God there were so many shady circumstances in some games that i don't even know what to think! hopefully it gets better, but from the looks of it as long as there's money in Sepp Bletter's pockets, i guess it won't.

    • Simone says:

      You are so right. I could count the woman watching the Brazil vs Argentina game in the stands.

  54. hereforthenando says:

    What a bad call on Russa/Qatar.

  55. JelisaRose says:

    i'm from Russia and this is…wow. so unexpected! i'm so happy right now!

  56. Caitlin says:

    Russia and Qatar?? Seriously?

  57. Georgina Sanders says:

    I vote for England 2018 and Spain/Portugal 2022

    But why should we bother thinking where the World Cup is going to be played. As long as there will be elite footballers galore for high quality games every four years and there are shirtless and short tent pics for high quality fangirl eyes, fine by me.

    What we should be more concerned about is what we're going to wear in these games. I nominate this outfit, courtesy of the recently-aired Victoria's Secret Fashion Show:

    When I saw it, I laughed because it reminded me of Kickette at once.

    If it's too sexy for the World Cup, maybe at least in Kickette Island because the designers at VS are already recognizing the existence of the Kickette Army. :-)

    *Images courtesy of nothingless via The Fashion Spot

    • Sara P says:

      I think that outfit would be perfect on kickette island. I am sure that Sergio Ramos and Bocanegra (the natives) would both love to see me in it! lol!

  58. Michaella says:

    Prince William (centre) and English Prime Minister David Cameron(right) ponder the horror that is David Beckham’s hair. >>> Haha i love kickette
    and err Go England

  59. Maribel says:

    England 2018, USA 2022!!!

  60. Caitlin says:

    England 2018, Spain/Portugal 2022!

  61. Clare says:

    Um, let's not forget Australia 2022! Think of all the abs Timmy Cahill has obliged us with, Australia deserves it too!

  62. Sandra says:

    Yo apoyo el be de Iberica!!!!!

    Spain/ Portugal hosting would be a month long party…. And Iker Casillas is in Zurich

    and for 2022 i want USA

    • Sandra says:

      i mean bid not be

    • Angela says:

      yea i was going for both of them too… USA & Spain/Portugal …. both finish 2nd … both had the best ratings compared to the winners … I wonder what happen….

  63. xoWinnie says:

    Spain and Portugal in 2018
    USA in 2022!

  64. xDutchGirll says:

    btw it's Johan Cruijff, not Joann Cruyff ;$
    if it's gonna be here, ohmygash then I'm seriously soooo happyy!! =]

  65. xDutchGirll says:

    Ohmygash and then all those hotties are here, and I'm soo gonna buy tickets for every match there is, well of the Netherlands and the Spanish team hahaa (aa)
    but well I'm 23 then soo it's possible that I live in Spain, cuz I want too live there hahah x]
    well I'll always have family here to stay with, soo yeah Belgium/Netherlands I want them too win<33

  66. St. Gallen says:

    Zürich, and the FIFA HQ, is in Switzerland, not Austria.

  67. Rush says:

    Zahara, the replay may be available on ESPN's website. I saw it there.

  68. Zahara says:

    i want the spain/portugal bid to win!
    ps im sorry to bring this up on this post but is it possible that i can download monday nights el clasico from a good site?please please help me..i am in desperate need of watching that see, i went for a trip where there was no tv/internet!god knows how my friends put up with the whining!por favor, sil vous plait (i think) HELP