June 3rd, 2010

World Cup Arrivals: England Squad Lands In Rustenburg

Fabio Capello has named his 23-man roster of English footballers, who duly arrived in South Africa on a pimped-out jet plane this morning. While a handful of hopefuls like Sunderland’s Darren Bent and Man City’s Adam Johnson were left disappointed after Tuesday’s press conference, Arsenal’s Theo Walcott was perhaps the most surprising name not on Capello’s 2010 World Cup list.

While this will be a massive blow to Walcott, spare a thought for his longtime gal-pal, Melanie Slade, who in spite of her status denials is bound to be terribly traumatised by the news.

Not only will she now have to deal with mood swings and plaintive ‘what ifs’ from her sullen boy for the next few months, the safari outfits, buckets of bronzer and tenderly nurtured hopes that Theo would be the hero of the tourney (thus catapulting them to new heights of stardom and shoe availability) will all have to be returned to the store. We kid, we kid. Ish.

Stay strong, Mel – at least you nearly got there. The closest we’re going to get to the England WC training camp is drooling over these photos of Jamo and the boys in their suits.

Your thoughts on Mr. Capello’s choices, Kickettes?

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17 Responses to “World Cup Arrivals: England Squad Lands In Rustenburg”

  1. Inés says:

    thx guys for looking so great! I love you Wayne! ♥_♥

  2. ToffeeGirl16 says:

    I like the squad alright but Baines should be going instead of Warnock. Ok, Warnock might be the better defender but Baines is the better alround player. He can attack, defend, score goals, assist, take corners, free-kicks and penalities. Can Warnock do all that? Baines is a forward going player and he should go.

    Capello needs to stop listening to the London newspapers! Baines should have had a seat on that plane full stop.

    *end rant*

    Thank you for listening.


  3. I actually love that Heskey was picked because although he is kinda old, he is a great striker regardless. Natural goalscorer, was and still can be, so his place in the squad for me is justified. And how completely UNFAIR is it that Darren Bent, an INCREDIBLE striker missed the team once more (he wasn't selected in 06 either. They brought him on standby and then he got sent back to make room for the kid a.k.a Walcott)?!?!? Someone PLEEEEEZ riddle me that one! And TOTALLY agree wit everyone about Carrick. I don't even know WHY he makes a living as a professional footballer when he isn't any good at it, let alone be in a World Cup squad. This world really can be cruel!

  4. aps says:

    I love becks but why is he all the way up front as if he's actually on the roster? just wondering.

  5. Liz says:

    Looking sharp!!

    Where is Joey?

  6. tammyv says:

    Who ever tailored theresuits, needs to be fired ASAP. They are awful, ill-fitting, not flattering at all. From the country that brought you Savile Row also brought you these monstrosities, yikes. I’d sue.

  7. liv says:

    Wow! Their suite. England better bring it on. Those boys(Men) looked like true gentlemen in that suite; best dress so far going in to the world cup!

  8. Ella says:

    Since I'm not English, I'm not overly concerned with the selections, (although some seemed like odd choices) but I very much approve of how delicious they all look in their suits! :) And it's so great to see Becks there with the team!

  9. cescsababe says:

    I'm excited to see Joe Hart there for sure. Talented and a cutie patootie! But I prefer Walcott over Wright-Phillips (skill wise! skill wise! :D ). Unless WP has improved drastically since the last time I saw him – which was, admittedly, a while back.

  10. Jane says:

    well fabio made some brilliant choices, so ok walcott isnt in the team but there are good reasons if he isnt and I am soooo happy to see Joe Hart in the team and well all of them, on the whole England has got a good chance of going far!!!

  11. MrsNesta says:

    I'm not sure about the choices, agree about Carrick and why Heskey was picked I do not know!!!! Somewhere it said it was because he was the preferred striking partner of Rooney, I take it they meant if Rooney's WC campaign isn't that great he will still look good!!! Feel sad for Theo (I'm very biased) and know he has a long career with England. I was hoping to see Robert Green in the suit, I think he's going to be my lush man for the tournament. At the moment I'm not sure about Becks being there, I'll wait and see :) This WC needs to start already!!!!!

  12. I don't think Michael Carrick should have been named to the squad either. I was hoping Adam Johnson would be chosen. I don't understand why SWP is there – he never performs on the big stage. And I would have selected Darren Bent over Emile Heskey but this is why Capello is being paid millions per year. He seems to be going for experience over current form. The fact that the team looks so similar to 2006 gives me some concern, but the proof is in the puddin' as they say.

    Loving Becks' role as team cheerleader.

    And Rio spoke very eloquently in his interviews as team captain yesterday. <3

    • Missy Manchester says:

      Agreed again.

      The only thing I can think of as to why FabCap made the choices he did is because he sees something different on the training pitch than we do. Perhaps Carrick “clicks” with the England team better than he did with United this year.

      RE: England team arrival in South Africa
      I saw the video. I know they were tired after their 12 hour flight…but I was hoping they’d show a little more interest in the local welcome. Only Stevie G. seemed to respect the performance. Everybody else looked annoyed that the kids were standing between them and their hotel rooms. (And 12 hours on a chartered plane…travelling first class..is totally different than travelling cattle class on a commercial flight. I’ve done the latter several times and STILL managed to look pleased to see the folks ready to welcome me on arrival.)

  13. bubbly_cheryl says:

    first and foremost, i'm united through and through, so i never speak harshly about our players, but from a personal perspective, as delish and sexy and handsome as michael carrick looks in that suit of his and as much as i love him- as a sexy boy, i really don't think he should have been on the plane (*whisper*- or even the provisional) cause his season at united wasn't exactly blinding. but best of luck to all of them… not watching the WC (cause i have no interest in it)x

  14. Blair says:

    I think Fabio did a good job at the selections and those suits… ::leh swoon::