July 14th, 2010

World Cup Awards: A Tournament In Review

Diego Perez, Uruguay

Alas, the 2010 edition of the World Cup (or, as we like to call it, “The Marriage of Much Man/Flesh in Motion”) is now securely fastened under our Hermes belts. The time has come to bid our final adieu with a few medals of our own.

Hottest Newcomer

Of all the World Cup Hottie Hunting posts we agonised over, Uruguay’s Diego Perez was the cream of the be-on-the-lookout-for crop. His rough and tumble look is this season’s new black – even when found in costume.

World Cup awardsTightest Thighs, Khalid Boulahrouz (The Netherlands)

Photograph: KARIM JAAFAR/AFP/Getty Images.

If you don’t agree, see them warming the bench, warming the pitch, and warming our hearts.


Sergio Ramos world cup headbandBest On-Pitch Duo, Sergio Ramos and His Headbands (Spain/Nike)

Photograph: AP Photo/Matt Dunham.

Like peanut butter & jelly, what’s Sergio without his personalised hair holder? For this tournament, he had his initials – as well as his nation’s flag – printed on his thinly sliced headgear. This practice is akin to your mum inscribing your name with marker into your underpants. By the way, we’d enjoy seeing Sra. Ramos do that.

This perfect pair only parted ways during the post-cup celebrations in Madrid; he opted to wear a hat instead. Our vote for his new tattoo: Siempre proteger el cabello.


Best Cameo, Dennis Aogo (Germany)

Even though he only played one match, he managed to earn himself a yellow card in the process. We’re in love and not ashamed to put our hands up.


USMNTPublic Relations Pimp, Landon Donovan (USA)

Photograph: AP Photo/Charles Sykes.

No one can blame Landon Donovan for making the most of soccer’s five minutes of fame in the States. Following his team’s heart-wrenching defeat to Ghana, he hit the talk show circuit in style. So what if one of the Good Morning America co-hosts incorrectly referred to his first name as “Donovan”?

Naturally, the yet-to-be-divulged secret baby mama report wasn’t part of the original publicity plan.


France World Cup hot playersMost Tactical Training, France

Photograph: FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images.

Some naysayers may feel that it takes less skill to accumulate the “most” v. achieve the “best”. However, not every physio is afforded the chance to spread Yoann Gourcuff’s legs like Moses parted the Red Sea.

Understanding that this stretching exercise didn’t culminate to much tournament-wise, we still value hard work when we see it. Which is why Germany were runners-up in more ways than one.


Habitual Highway Robbery, The Referees (FIFA)

Just ask supporters from England, USA or Mexico what grade they would give to the officials. We’d wager it would be “F” for “fail”, not “fine”.


World Cup awardsSouth African Animals’ Amnesty Award, Paolo Ferreira (Portugal)

As the country provided a safe and serene backdrop for the world’s biggest sporting event, we’ve allowed the safari and wildlife of the country to choose their favourite photo op mate. Our only exclusion was the shameless Chantelle Tagoe.

The vote was a landslide and this tiny tiger reported that Paolo Ferreira was the most generous in offering his jacket as a snack. No word if it tasted like sugary cupcakes.


Chile national football team world cup hotSteamiest Performance, Mark Gonzalez (Chile)

Photograph:MARTIN BERNETTI/AFP/Getty Images.

Although his time with Liverpool FC from ’06 – ’07 was sweet and somewhat swoonworthy, there’s no doubting that this summer’s World Cup was Mark’s steamiest performance of his career. He wowed us with his silky spiked hair and deep set stare and made us blush with sunny non-smiling swagger.


Best Kiss, Iker Casillas (Spain) & Sara Carbonero (Telecinco/Spain)

Neither you nor her saw that one coming, huh?


Ultimate Scene Stealer, Paul The Octopus (German Tank)

Photograph: Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images.

Throughout a month of worldwide footy play the moments we treasured the most were Paul’s predictions. It kind of felt like summer camp story time to us, and we wish him well into retirement.


Number 1 Fan, Rio Ferdinand (England Injured List)

Photograph: Twitpic.

We can’t fanthom the aguish one feels when they’re thisclose to recognising their footy dreams. We can appreciate a man who bounces back from his WC nightmare in shirtless, face-painted style.


Stickiest Shirt, Rino Gattuso (Italy)

It’s nearly impossible for a footballer to expose his toned abs without Mother Nature’s help. Rino Gattuso is proof possible.

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91 Responses to “World Cup Awards: A Tournament In Review”

  1. kary says:


  2. great feature.. would have loved to see an award for the Spain NT for the team with the most number of drool worthy guys..
    iker, pique, villa, fabregas, torres, valdes, ramos, xabi
    and the underestimated ones like navas, pedro, albiol, llorente, reina

    basically, the entire team! spanish guys are hot!

  3. Mrs. Muslera says:

    And where is FERNANDO MUSLERA???? He should win The Cutest Goalie award!!!!! HE’S SOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!

  4. Sylvia15 says:

    Best KISS!!


    that was the most heartbreaking clip ive ever seen!!

    im currently suffering in depression. and will never come out.

    if iker does marry her..i will never leave my bed.


  5. Jamais says:

    Fuchile should be in this list. He should win cutest goalie.

  6. too_many_cute_players says:

    i do agree on the ramos, he (and his headband) really grew on me, but also: WHERE is uruguay??? not only the diegos, but also FUCILE (omg, that fall during the GHA-URU game …. didn’t that make you want to care for him for the rest of your life???), and Caceres. then again: there were way too many good looking men there to include them all, no ; )

  7. Johanna says:

    I did not like seeing the guys suffer after losses but at the same time it shows how human they are. Hopefully by now they are sharing good laughs with their loved ones. I've never been attracted to Ramos but I figured all his fans might get a kick out of hearing him sing with David Bisbal.

  8. chelsea says:

    Viva Celeste!

  9. azezah says:

    I think there should be "THE BEST JOB AWARD" too, which should go to that lucky, lucky physio who gets to stretch bb yoann's legs so wide. what would i do to get in that position :P

  10. XO says:

    i luv uruguay team.i support them. to me:i'm gonna go with Suarez. he is just tooooo cute.pls don't prejudice him for his handball or to me 'Hand of God'.

    u gotta watch this

  11. maddie says:

    i was just surfing the net for more of the spain boys and i came across this:


    the first few pics were cute and i was sooooo happy for iker, but when i scrolled down to the comments and saw the other two, it literally BROKE my heart :’( *sob* *sob* but i’m really glad he’s found his (hopefully) happily ever after with sara

    • Steph says:

      Thanks for the link. :) Hadn't seen those before. From what I've heard, I'm not a huge fan of hers, but they do look cute together. Especially in those first two pics. As long as he's happy with her, then it's all good. He deserves it. :)

    • Lisa says:

      wow what great pics. They look real personal and everything. Oh boy this is gonna drive and twist that dagger deeper into the hearts of the Iker girls. Take a deep breath before you click that link ladies!

  12. Maria says:

    I agree with lots of girls here! Was there a Uruguayan Top 5?? That would be very difficult to do anyways. Did you girls got to see them arriving to the games in suits??? O…M…G…
    I got another one for you. Jorge Fucile. FIT!

  13. aps says:

    For newcomer I would definitely pick Diego Lugano. His baby face is just sooo cute and I couldn’t stop looking at him! Also you need a post on Kevin-Pring Boateng. He is ONE FINE MAN!

  14. Be says:

    That's not Yoann, it's Anthony Réveillère. Yoann's jersey number for the French NT is 8. Unless this was taken during a different tournament….

  15. Lisa says:

    congrats to the US boys on winning “Best Moment” at the ESPYs. Carlos, Benny and Stuart Holden in a suit… yummmmmmmm! here’s the vid:


    • Goosie says:

      Thanks for the video! It was fantastic. If only Landon could do something with that receding hairline, then we could talk. But I do love me some Carlos!

      • sarrible says:

        That receding hairline is a sign of an abundance of testosterone! Now we just need to talk to Captain America about his heinous cravat. But wee Stuart looked smashing. As did Jozy. And Certified Effing Dreamboat Benny (that's his full name).

        • Rusty, or Anna Maria says:

          holy crap, BENNY was there and I didn't see him on the screen? &*^#!!

  16. Pam says:

    Well People Magazine is now reporting that Donovan isnt gonna be a father. He has confirmed that the love child isnt his, and he says that thats good news for him..Next time he better keep his weiner in check and use a rubber.

  17. Caitlin says:

    Sergio and the headband for the win!!

    • S4Jill says:

      I totally agree, he should have been awarded the hottest player of the world cup. He's just beautiful!

  18. Theresa says:

    Did anyone notice Wesley Sneijder?? Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!!!

  19. Inés says:

    I’m glad you chose Diego Perez!
    the whole country’s so proud!

  20. gin_in_teacups says:

    Just keep plying me with bits about the Ramos. The withdrawal hurts.

  21. Rusty, or Anna Maria says:

    I'm still in a state of shock that this World Cup has made me fall in love with Mesut Oezil. As of right now, that makes two Werder Bremen players. But I'm not planning to marry either of them, for their money or otherwise.

  22. Tash says:

    OMG…he sings!!!!!!!!!!
    i don’t think i can love the ramos any more than i do right now

  23. Goosie says:

    Most delicious beard award should go to Xabi. I love love love love (could I say love more times) his beard.

    • sarrible says:

      Frrrraaaaarrrr. I am under the impression that beard is made of ginger candy and it tastes of sparkles and man. Mmmm.

  24. Bria says:

    Oh dear lord. How many times this week are you guys planning to make my pc smoke?(I hope the rest of the week) Why is that physio looking away from Lashes delectables? Does he not appreciate his job? You have to show the crown jewels your full respect mister!!! I too think the 3 Diego's from Uruguay need a special award as well…..HELL…..half the Uruguay team needs a special award. And how about the sexiest coach at the World Cup?!? Hands down has to be Bert van Marwijk…..he is one of the finest silver foxes I've seen since David Ginola.

  25. Eebza says:

    wow that sergio clip of him singing… sho
    he has redeemed himself… FOR WEARING THAT BLOODY HAT… i really wasn’t feeling that vibe.
    more pony please!!!
    haha, and that headband thing is just too much lol

  26. liv says:

    My God,Who is the lucky physio spreading gourcuff’s legs?”, However the AGONY is that he’s looking away and not showing any appreciation for his lovely asset! As for paul the octopus he ruined my world cup,correctly predicting games not fun at all; somebody do something about him, because he can’t carry on like this!

  27. LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

    I think someone who should be mentioned is Diego Forlan. Not because he has a pair of gorgeous blue eyes which most of the time I don’t care for blue eyes but he won me. As a Mexican I wanted to see my team’s rivals because everyone said Uruguay would be the “easy” team and I doubt that from the beginning. I saw Diego yelling, screaming at his teammates to go for the ball, to think, enocurage them to do their best and at the end of the games he would shake their hands and congrulate them all and his coach. He also was polite to his rivals. Not only does his country think of him as a great person even me who at first saw him as nothing but my enemy (football talk lol). I knew he was going to be the heart of his team from the beginning. The entire Dutch team gave him a hug and wished him luck after Uruguay’s defeat. Seems like everyone loves him. I love him now. So he should get a special award something like Man of the Cup. Diego Cheers!

    • Jo says:

      Best Torso.

      He did snag the Golden Ball. I guess it's not quite as awesome as a Kickette gong, though. :)

    • Sham says:

      Oh Gosh thats true ! Say im crazy but im tooootaly in love with Forlan ! Me too I was alwayd yelling and telling OMG why s Forlan alone and nobody to catch him , I f I was playing I will definitely break his leg , he was reaaaaallly a danger , but after the endof the world cup Im just dreaming about him and watching again his play and goals make me crazy !Even my family says Im going to lose my mind ! Im really envious oh his gf !

      Anyway he 's a reallly good player!

      Forlan te quiiiiierooo <3

    • senora ramos says:

      forlan and his swoon worthy self better get to a new club so i am not forced to dislike him again. how many years are enough!! lol!!

      • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

        My brain works in mysterious way and I'm so happy it does. Last night I came to reply to this Forlan trend we have going on and as soon as I fell asleep he was in my dreams. I don't use this phrase but here is go… He's so freaking dreamy. Ladies I'm thinking we need to start a: I'M CRAZY IN LOVE WITH DIEGO FORLAN club. I hope to see blogs/articles/pictures of him because I won't get to see him on television anymore :( If anyone knows of a fan website for him I'd love to know about it… thank you and with men like that in this world is worth living in it isn't it? Aside from the great player he is that is.

    • Mrs.DiegoForlan says:

      indeed. forlan made this tournament awesome! :)

      • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

        Oh! Mrs Diego Forlan… sorry to stare at your hubby with such lust but I’m sure you understand, lol. Seriously though, yeah I can’t believe I forgot about the gold boot. But this man is simply like the air you suddenly lose for no reason, like a romantic sigh… Whenever he did an interview I sat there listening to his every word and breath. Not sure who interviewed him but when he can’t hear the question he makes a cute face and leans in his ear toward the interviewer. Aaaaw I’m in love with the enemy.

        Can you girls imagine a charity event where they pick hotties like Forlan, Pique, Xavi, Xabi, Casillas, Lugano too yummy etc. from around the world players and the team they play against consisted of women some who are rich and can afford to donate loads of money & some like myself who would slave myself to be in that team to play against them? Giving a different meaning to fauls from pulling off the shirts I mean pulling on LOL Hugging them and touching their bums when they score against us… I’ll be back, I’m going to apply for a job a FIFA and get this game organize. Some of us will sacrifice ourselves for the good of others.

        • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

          *****Sorry that was ball not boot that one went to Thomas Muller. Its hard to think straight when someone mentioned his torso and now that's what am thinking about.

      • Anna says:

        he's my screen saver right now. Sigh. So beautiful, and such a great guy.

  28. SunnyK says:

    More Diego Perez, please. And Diego Forlan. And Diego Lugano! =)

    • MissEstonia says:

      Yeees! Diego Lugano is very nice! :)

      Oh…Yoann. Well. He clearly has no idea what he does to women, does he?

    • Jo says:

      LOL! My friends and I just referred to Uruguay as the three Diegos during this WC.

  29. iheartfootballnotthe says:

    As a yoga instructor I gladly volunteer my services for tactical training, especially for Yoann. No charge! ;)

  30. C16 says:

    I was all about Yoann Gourcuff this WC, too bad for the France NT fiasco.
    So, besides my NT, I adopted the Germany and Spain squads. And then I fell for Gerard Piqué while I’m still loving Yoann.

  31. Deb says:

    who knew Sergio could sing? oh to be that microphone ;)

  32. Jo says:

    Ultimate Scene Stealer, Paul The Octopus = :D

    Was the “Tastiest Torso” too contentious a vote to include? My apologies, if I missed it.

  33. Dee says:

    Bad referees!

  34. Zlatanista says:

    The bad memorys: refs that sucked, african teams that went out too fast, the irritating vuvu´s.

    The good memorys: Maradona (it was fun while it lasted), Paul, Ikers tears, Iniestas goal. But most af all: the Spanish NT and their partying skills!

    • Claire says:

      partying skills? Like spitting a chewing gum onto that ex-Valencia president, or showing disrespect to Arsenal fans? Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I simply don't appreciate their "partying skills". :)

      • Zlatanista says:

        Worse things can happen when you party. :)

        • Ana;) says:

          Wow was it chewing gum? I thought piqué just spat yeah that put me off him. Spitting is horrible drunk or not.

      • Zlatanista says:

        Spitting is gross, we have seen enough of that (thinking of Cristiano spitting at that camera).

        But the barcajersey-on-Cesc incident has gotten ridiculous proportions. Or as Cesc put it: "You had to enjoy it. It’s a joke and a way to have fun, it’s nothing.” And nothing it is!

        • Ana;) says:

          Yh I don't care about the cesc saga anymore it's just doing my head in lol I think it's best that I ignore it.

          The spitting is what gets me ;(

  35. Claire says:

    just a mere thought of spreading Gourcuff's legs… f*ck, I need a shower…

  36. Barcelista says:

    OMG Yoann. I think my heart just stopped. For the like 50th time this month.

    And all the Diegos from Uruguay should have gotten some kind of award for.. well existing and looking so damn hot!! They fought like warriors till the end!!!

    And please some more info on WC winners Kickette! :D I simply can't get enough!! Wanna see more Pique, Sex.. erh I mean Cesc, Xavi, Casillas (without Pastasauce please), MaravillaVilla,Valdes, Busi, Reina, Ramos, Inieeeesta, Pedrito, Silva, Alonso, Pique, Navas, Pique, Sex, Xavi, Pique, Pique and oh lets not forget Pique…! Pretty please??

    I can't stop!!

    • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

      YES! Oh God YES! I agree with you. I'm not liking my Pique withdrawal or my Xavi one either. I want to hear, see him, or at least drool on my keyboard just staring with lust at something with those two in it. I still remember when I fell for Pique… got a goal scored against his team a kick to the brow and the doctor puts a towel over his bleeding cut and he looks at the doctor and closes his eye…… sigh* I miss him.

    • Steph says:

      THIS. I can’t get enough of the Spanish boys! :D Especially Cesc, Xabi and Pique! Love those guys!

    • Lisa says:

      don’t stop please!!! btw Barcelista good to see your blog up and running again. I really missed it. We need it this season to swoon all over our new boys Villa and Cesc? as well as San Andres, Xavi, Puyi and Pique, Pique and I won’t ever forget Pique!!!

      • Barcelista says:

        Uhm.. I don't really have a blog.. You're probably thinking about the "other" Barcelista (barcelista.blogspot.com am I right??).. Yeah people started to mix us up a while ago which led to me discovering the blog (which I'm soooo happy about cos I absolutely loooove it :D ) Good to see it's running again – I hadn't noticed!

        But in my defence I didn't get the name from there.. My dad (and so many others) has been calling me Barcelista for about 20 yrs now (see the entire family is Barca supporters).. So I personally think I'm entitled to use it :D Demanding copyright! ;)

        • Lisa says:

          wow a ENTIRE family of Barca supporters? you are so lucky (can you adopt me?). I’m guessing you guys get together for matches right? The only company I have to watch matches are three lovely gentlemen called Ron Bacardi, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker.

          • Barcelista says:

            Hahaha yeah I know those guys too.. They are very good friends of mine..

            And yes we do get togehter for matches.. Not always everyone (only for the big games and on "special" occasions) but it's definitely been a while since I watched a game alone.. And about the adoption: if you're Barca you're good enough for the family :) Adoption papers on the way!! ;)

            But trust me it's not all good.. Well, there are both good and bad things about a Barca-crazy family.. I know (probably) everything about the club, history, players, coaches, well you name it.. It's very handy when you're discussing with a R.Madrid supporter.. Especially stupid guys who think they're smarter than you just because you're a girl – and it turns out that they know nothing (or very little) about the Barca-R.Madrid history :P I love thrashing them (dunno if I'm a bad person for loving it? :S I hope not).. But I just hate it when guys think they know more about football just because they're guys.. Urgh.. Love to prove them wrong! :D

            No seriously it's not always a good thing to have been raised (and probably a bit brainwashed ;) ) with Barca.. For instance I can't (and I mean REALLY CAN'T!!!!) understand how people can support any other team than Barca in la liga.. Again it runs in the blood ;) So again I'm not very objective when people criticize my beloved club.. But I guess I'm not so different from other supporters in that particular matter.. :D

            Visca Barça ;)

            • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

              Hi there:)! I know what you mean. I have the same problem with my team. I don’t know much about spanish football but I always hear that the best two teams of this world are Barcelona and R.Madrid. Of course, I think my team is best lol. Being a woman doesn’t mean we can’t like or even understand sports. I too am passionate of football. I’d watch any country play except US football. I don’t find the announcers all that attractive probably because many here doesn’t seem to like the sport. Anyway, just wanted to gave you props to you and I too wished my family went for the same team. In my case my team is my family’s team #1 enemy. But I don’t care. I love the colors and what they represent even if they robbed us of our history and championships. Nothing can change my mind and I’ll defend my team against anyone even in our bad times. Vamos America!!! I do not appreciate girls/women who only like a team because their bf’s or hubby’s like that certain team. Its okay to just like players but not for one day to say you go for one team and then another. When one truly feels the love for a team nothing/no one can ever change that. Cheers! To all girls/women who love the sport and the men in them. 14yrs of being an Americanista and loving every day of it :D

              • Barcelista says:

                Exactly! I too watch a LOT of other la liga matches (has always been my favorite league :) ) and also some premier league (have a thing for Arsenal) and very little from serie a and ligue 1.. And I do enjoy watcing it all and I can appreciate the style and techique from most clubs but it’s only when Barca plays that I really (and i mean REALLY) love it! Long live tiki-taka :D

                • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

                  He he he :D Well we’re lucky to have a love for this sport as much as we do love the men that play it. In Arsenal there is a fellow mexican named Carlos Vela…. he’s hot. Though I hear some Italian team is taking him away. I do love European football because seems to be more of a life. I specially love the songs people made up to sing of Vela. Such loving people. I love my country of birth that is Mexico but hell I would totally love to live in spain too. In the states people care more for baseball which I find extremely boring.

  37. Erin says:

    I can't believe the World Cup is over. It was good, it was bad, it was loads of fun. And I won $350 in my office pool by picking a Spain-Netherlands final, so…drinks are on me! :)

  38. senora ramos says:

    bad refs, oh hell yes.

    yummy uruguay. yes please.

    how about the wtf to some of the guys who rode the pie and should've started and would have bettered their teams. i can think of a few.

    much love to paul, our octopus overlord. lol!

    sergio, sigh

    • senora ramos says:

      *pine, not pie.

      and yes, i know it's a baseball term, but it works. lol!

      • Lisa says:

        don't apologise. "riding the pie" sounds dirty and yummy at the same time… I love it! although some of those refs deserved a pie in the face. Can FIFA please arrange this?

        • Barcelista says:

          Thats an excellent idea! I'm sure Fifa can – and i sure hope Fifa will :D And I'll gladly be the one to throw!!

  39. Daisy says:


    this video made me laugh so much, they are so cute, and acting a bit like teenagers :P

  40. Lisa says:

    My top five hottie hunted:

    1. Jesus Navas

    2. Half the Uruguay squad

    3. Bert Van Marwijk

    4. Kevin-Prince Boateng

    5. Stanislav Sestak

    honorable mention: Yoann Gourcuff, for maintaining class and dignity while his teammates acted like teenage girls.

    • zztop says:


      • MEER. says:

        Bert van Marwijk; I know, right? He's a gorgeous 'elderly male'. His grey hair (white) looks fab on him. And he's just, I don't know… Is facinating the word? Guardiola, you better watch your back.

      • Tee Z says:


        I know, right? Kickette, Jesus Navas is like one of THE hottest player in the Spanish NT. Have you seen his EYES? Jesus, they’re intense! I personally believe if you look into them long enough, you’ll find that heaven has ice-blue irises and the strength to pierce your soul – in a good way, ofcourse. So pleeaaaaaaaase, can we get more Navas? I’d pick his eyes over Yoann Gourcuff’s Betty Boop lashes any time! And he plays well too! He changed the game in Spain’s favor when he was sent in as a sub during the finals! Plus the guy has a history of anxiety attacks and chronic homesickness and what not, enough to melt all Kickette hearts!


        • Tee Z says:

          Shoot. *Pick his eyes* was a bad choice of words! >< Well, you know what I meant.

  41. Ella says:

    I just watched the link of Landy on Regis & Kelly and it's very cute. He was very cute in the interview and playing soccer with Kelly's son. :)