July 11th, 2010

World Cup Commiserations: Wesley Sneijder’s Tears Say It All

Images via Daylife/Reuters

We know, Dutch fans: there is no bright side. But we do want to take a moment to virtually hug Wesley Sneijder. He teaches us that sad can be so very sexy.

The Oranje fought hard (literally), but came up short in the end this time around. We feel your pain, Dutch Kickettes and suggest shopping sprees and copious amounts of alcohol to help ease you through. Just be sure to shop before you drink. Wesley and his crew refuse to be held responsible for any questionable purchases.

Well done to The Netherlands for what they achieved in their amazing World Cup journey!

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75 Responses to “World Cup Commiserations: Wesley Sneijder’s Tears Say It All”

  1. awe 10 says:

    i am a big fan of wesley sniedjer dont worry man next time sometimes i feel emotional and i am a boy,2014 world cup defenitely i will support even i am from RSA and i had u are a big fan of RSA you know what they say what goes around comes around

  2. Jo says:

    Congratulations to Sneijder for a great showing at the tournament.

  3. Jean says:

    I’m German, and I was rooting for the Dutch in this final.
    And I cannot agree with several people on here, who claim the Dutch played like “thugs” and “dirty”. While this game might have been rough, anyone who insists it was “one-sided”, must suffer from selective blindness.
    Iniesta should’ve been sent off for his revenge foul on Van Bommel, and don’t get me started on that “winning” goal.
    The ref was in over his head and bears part of the blame for the, well not only the ultimate outcome of the game, but the conduct throughout.

    • Jo says:

      I think the players and their coaches deserve the blame for their conduct. The ref was doing his best while being swarmed with players from both teams. Neither side looked very good in terms of discipline.

  4. sara says:

    Too bad they didn´t win. I wasn´t rooting for neither of them, but all Europe was rooting for Nederland, apart from few exceptions.

  5. MEER. says:

    It is made clear to me that everyone rooted for Spain, unless you were Dutch. I get it. You only see hot, sexy bodies. I get it. You only what you want to see. I get it. But I’m here, and so are some fellow countrymen (women ;) ), and we will not let you talk BS about our team (only)! Get real, take a look at the game and you will see that it was a hard, unfair game. Both sides have blame in that part, but only becouse that louzy ref destroyed the game. I can’t stand that you will not take responsibility for Spain’s actions. That was no where near good football! Both sides struggled but at least The Netherlands made the best of it, instead of defending with 9 and only Villa somewhere deep in the defence of Oranje, waiting for an offside ball. And yes, we played hard. Dirty, no. Unless you say Spain played dirty. In that case, both did. Not just the Dutch.

    It pisses me off that you will not see the whole truth/story. It’s actually sort of pathetic.

    • Dutch89 says:

      So much is being made of Holland’s so called dirty tactics, 14 yellows and a red,Webb had a field day! But to say that Holland resorted to thug tactics like people are suggesting, is going too far. Football is a contact sport and Holland went out with specific tactics to try and nullify the Spanish.

      Ok, some of the tackles were ott, e.g. De Jong’s kung fu kick on Alonso which at any later stage in the match would have most likely been a red, but most of the tackles could have been passed as fouls. It’s not as if the Spanish didn’t commit and fouls, but it seems only the Dutch have been labelled the thugs.

      I am amazed at how much cheating the Spanish, especially Iniesta, gets away with and is not commented on. Replay after replay saw Spanish players diving spectacularly with little or no physical contact from the Dutch players.

      The diving is bad, but the constant haranguing of officials over the most inocuous challenges really does take the shine off of what is in fact an incredibly gifted Spanish team! Ive got no respect for them, am over it though as long as we Dutch know our boys did us proud who cares about anyone else! Hup HOlland Hup

    • bru says:

      It doesn't help the Dutch cause, that they're such cry-babies, either. Why not learn to lose like men, instead of fouling like animals? The suggestion that the Spanish played as dirty as the Dutch is simply laughable. And the criticism about a supposed "9-man defense" might have some credibility were it not for the fact that the Dutch barely touched the ball. Instead, they chose to focus on kicking the opposing teams legs and chests.

      Van Marijk (not to mention Robben his sore-loser teammates) behaved despicably in accosting and hounding a referee whose biggest mistake was not to send van Bommel off for possibly the worst foul of the entire tournament. He's a mediocre player, so he has resorted to violence since Holland's opening game, and he deserves the unequivocal censure of FIFA and true football fans around the around.

      • Dutch89 says:

        why are people ignoring the cynical side of the Spaniards? If you're going to have a go at dirty/foul play why not criticise the Spanish, cheating scums!

      • MEER. says:

        You just keep making a fool out of yourself, aren't you? Seriously, do you even know how the game is played? Because if you did, you would not have seen the things your blabbing about now. You're exaggerating. ChestS? As in mutiple fouls on the chest? We're trying our best here to see it from both sides, but when people start LYING, I have to stand up for my team, my country. We do not deserve your lies and disgustingly unfair comments.

        • bru says:

          It is hilarious that this poster's defense of the Dutch team's thuggery rests on the fact that they only kicked ONE chest!

          The Dutch used violence systematically throughout the match; indeed, throughout the tournament. Even if we agree that Puyol committed a cardable offense, it was late in the second half of normal time, after sustained brutality from Dutch players for most of the match.

          The shrill, hysterical voices of Dutch supporters attempting to defend the indefensible, and the undignified moaning from the likes of Van Marijk, Robben and Kuyt, only serves further to tarnish the reputation of their once-great footballing nation.

          • MEER. says:

            It's Van Marwijk.

            I do not deny that there was a kick in the chest. I do think it was unintentionally. My point is, that you exaggerating EVERYTHING. All of a sudden we used foul play throughout the tournement. OMG, are you serious?

            You're making a joke of yourself by lying and making insults.

            • bru says:

              Sure. That’s why bookies were offering even odds on Holland receiving more yellow cards than any other team (in their words, the “Dirtiest Team”), BEFORE the final.

              Spare me your righteous indignation. Reading some of the remarks from apologists for the Dutch team, (“Fcking Spanish divers”, “Spanish cheating scum”) you’d think that Spain had played dirtier than Holland! This is ridiculous. Spain not play anywhere near violently as Holland, and they are known as a clean-playing team (if, I will concede, a little histrionic when fouled). In their match against Germany, NO cards were handed out, something which is clearly inconceivable to Holland.

              But you’re right, the Dutch should loudly and arrogantly point the finger at anyone but themselves, instead of hanging their heads in shame for a disgusting performance. Why stop playing dirty now?

          • Zlatanista says:

            Agree with you totally on your first sentence. Very well put!

  6. another dutchie says:

    Okay, Robben should have toned it down a LOT last night. But I think the Dutch – after years of beautiful play and zero result – were too pressured to stand up to Spain the way they should have: with proper goal-action. And by pressured I mean the BS in the Neth. about ‘revenging’ the lost finals in 1974, 1978, that’s prehistoric Cruyff-era, for *&^% sake!
    No excuses for the REAL foul play though, on both sides.
    Spain, congrats, it’s a well deserved win.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I felt so bad to see him cry…=(
    Obviously Spain was the better side, but they have kind of lost their spark in comparison to previous tournaments.

  8. The only person I was cheering for was Howard Webb, and I thought he did really well! :)

  9. Zlatanista says:

    This is one time that i do not feel sorry for the loosing team. No offense, but i don´t think they deserve it. They should´ve tried to play their game instead of just trying to crush their opponents physically. They have so much quality in their team, and i used to really like to see Holland play, so it´s too bad.

  10. Bee says:

    OT: the biggest cheaters are FIFA for making this all tournament all about the money. Changing South African law. Not allowing technology in to make things fairer for all teams. Arresting girls in orange dresses because another beer brand is (not) showing. Not showing anything that's not carefully orchestrated on screen. Tch. Not very sportive.

  11. Dutch89 says:

    Why are peole ignoring the cynical side of the Spaniards? If you're going to have a go at dirty/foul play of the Dutch why not look closer to home and criticise the Spanish too. The Dutch did us proud and I dont care what anyone says anymore about my team I still love them :)

  12. bru says:

    The Dutch were disgraceful, dirty, and disgusting, and fully deserve not only the loss, but the drubbing they are receiving in the court of public opinion.

    At the very least, Van Marwijk deserves a FIFA ban for his outrageous and disrespectful behaviour.

    • Irishgirl says:

      What a ridiculous comment!

      • Dutch89 says:

        What's ridiculous is people actually thinking Van Marwijk is a dirty coach hahahahaha you guys are sooo funny! (rolls eyes)

      • Irishgirl says:

        just to clarify i think ‘bru’s comment is ridiculous and stupid indicting a clear lack of knowledge of football. Fully agree with Meer

    • MEER. says:

      What behaviour? Van Marwijk is one of the last true gentlemans!

  13. elylovesfootball says:

    yesterday i didn't know what to think.. i was really really happy for Spain but at the same time sad for Netherlands especially when i saw their faces after the match, when i saw sad Rvp i felt really bad too and wanted to hug him.. but the final it's still a very good result so i hope they'll get better soon and think about the future

  14. LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

    I did feel bad for him because unlike for some other players he didn’t go run to the field looking for a fight with the ref. I feel bad for him because it was pure sadness not anger. I hope people would really stop saying that it wasn’t a dirty game specially the first half. Not saying it was just one side it was both but after a while it seemed one sided. The ref affected both but seriously Spain has not been known for playing dirty and it was pointed out during the game. I mean if someone pushes you first you don’t take action but after a few times you push back. Not the place for it I know but desperation is a bad friend and it was a terrible friend to the Dutch especially when if it weren’t for that they would of scored two clear goals.

  15. Dutch89 says:

    Am devestated, but Spain took their chance and scored so fair play to them….The only thing that pissed me off was the commentators on the BBC seriously how biased could the so called 'professionals and pundits' get that made my blood boil, i still love you Nederland despite everything.

    funny how everyone is calling the Dutch players cheats when the Spain players were cheats too, exaggerating injuries just to book players!!! waving pretend cards to get the player sent off. That in itself is a booking but the pathetic and gutless Webb wouldn't do anything. always surrounding the ref wanting players booked! Give over, am sick of this biased views on my national team, the media and bbc need to get off spains nuts! fools

    • Irishgirl says:

      Well Said!! I totally agree!!

    • Zlatanista says:

      If both sides had decided to actually play football yesterday, then this "discussion" wouldn´t take place. I don´t want to make excuses for diving and exaggerating, but i can´t find it in my heart to blame Iniesta for not standing on his feet EVERY time someone tried to tear him down.

      Fouls were committed on both sides, and the way i see it the Dutch got the game were they obviously wanted it. It was too bad because i guess we all wanted entertainment. I´m just happy their tactics blew up in their faces.

  16. M says:

    My god i feel like crying when I read this comments. Playing dirty? Fcking Spanish divers :)

    I agree with Meer, its not that the best team won. And some unlucky yellow cards.

    But congrats to Spain. We will see you in 2 years.

    • Thea says:

      totally agree…the final was not the best in history and it's unfair to shame the Dutch, or overly praise the Spainish as a reslut.

    • KRISTINA says:

      kidding ?

      Holands team can be happy , they deserved more than ONE red card!!!

      Poor ALonso and his chest

      • M says:

        I did not say that De Jong did not deserved a card. But look back why Van Der Wiel got a yellow card. He didnt even do anything.

        And those Spanish bastards were claiming cards all the time with their theatre performances. Whatever.

        Another enemy :) There will be revenge later on.

      • MEER. says:

        In that case, so can Spain. Iniesta vs Van Bommel ring a bell?

        (No, ofcourse not. We only see one side of it, right girls?)

  17. Linda (Gooner till I says:

    It still hurts… :-( ORANJES !!!

  18. Johanna says:

    Poor Wes and Arjen, they were hit hard with the loss. At least each one won a cup in their respective leagues.

  19. Anthea says:

    Yesterday night Spain deserved to win, but they were not the best team of this WC, imo. The circle has come to an end, after the Euro Champ, it was now or never for these players.

    They were awesome 2 years ago, but the Spain I saw this time was not the same.

    I was rooting for Holland,they have been so unlucky, but yesterday they made quite a lot of mistakes and they were too hard.

    Overall a bad World Cup. Good organisation for sure, but tecnically it was poor,except a few teams. And let's not forget about the horrible refereeing.

    It will be interesting to see what will happen in Euro 2012.

    Btw, every team cheats and dives these days,isn't it time to get over these generalisations?

  20. caitanya says:

    This picture of wesley sneijder is so touching … poor guy :-( Better luck next time! But NL still has much to be proud of!

  21. MEER. says:

    Seriously, people should stop saying we played too hard. You're blinded by all the cards the ref gave. Some of them weren't even fouls! So stop blabbing that WE we're the ones playing dirty. You didn't see any Dutch boys diving and falling to the grass like dramaqueens. Sure, the 'kick' was dangerous play but it wasn't intentionally. Did you see what Iniesta did to Van Bommel? Now THAT'S a red card. So you we're very, very lucky. That bad decision cost us, big. And what about screwing Heitinga by falling over air and giving him his second yellow? The ref definitely let things spiral out of control and destroyed the game by his bad judgements.

    The Dutch one every single game in the qualifiers and the tournament, except just one. It sucks.

    I did not like the way Spain played. I thought they we're supposed to be the best team? Well, defending with 9 players and only Villa somewhere deep in the Dutch defence, waiting for the ball, isn't what I call best playing team. So no, the best did not win today. The best lost today. Again.

    • Lisa says:

      "You didn’t see any Dutch boys diving and falling to the grass like dramaqueens." then what do call what Arjen Robben did? he has now replaced Cristiano Ronaldo has the biggest diver in World football. This is what I mean, completely oblivious. Yes I admit, Spain were not innocent either. But if you go back and look at the game again, you will see everything "dirty" Spain were doing was mostly in retaliation to what Dutch players were doing to them. Forget what Iniesta did to Van Bommel, what Nigel De Jong did to Xabi was far worse. Please Dutch fans, can you please just accept defeat graciously and not make us hate you? I like Dutch football enough to forgive the team for this debacle.

      • MEER. says:

        Yes, at one time he did. But when he should have fallen, he didn't. Remember Puyol doing everyting in his might to bring Robben down (with some help of a player I do not recall)? He kept standing, where Iniesta felt some wind and chose to see the grass close up, getting Heitinga his second yellow.

        I will not stand here and listen to you girls saying the Dutch played foul or dirty. In that way, both teams were equal. The ref gave a lot of undeserved cards, the Spanish screwed the Dutch by taking advantage of that fact. The Dutch did try to play their game but the Spanish played like Italians yesterday. Defending with 9 players. Seriously?

        I don't think the Dutch deserved it more than the Spanish, I just don't accept that you are talking crap about the team. Please do re-watch the game and you will see that the ref was an absolute joke, the Spanish did not play football the way football is supposed to be played, a lot of cards the Dutch received weren't fouls (admitting that some fouls deserved cards which were not given) and the Spanish should have received more cards, considering the (same) fouls commited by the Dutch, which did get THEM cards.

        The karate kick was no where near intenionally, so stop the BS that we should have won the kungfu tournament or whatever.

        Ofcourse I'm bitter. Wouldn't you be? We did take our defeat graceful, we were gentlemans (not our fault Iker can't catch :p).

        I congratulate Spain on their win. But I rather would have seen it the other way around :)

    • mcdreamy says:

      that's not the case. The best DID win today/yesterday. I admit the way Spain plays is not always nice to look at (unless you are a die hard fan of the Barca school), yet they deserved the victory over the Dutch, partly because of the rough playing by the Dutch. Sorry, but there is no way you could justify this gratuitous fouling… and yes the Spanish are dramaqueens sometimes, I ascribe it to their hot temperaments. No reason to whine.

    • Lucy says:

      *agrees* Couldn't of said it better myself.

  22. Lisa says:

    Wes was the only Dutch outfield player not to be booked. To his credit, he was one of few Dutch players who didn't make my blood boil with seething rage. If more of his teammates played like him instead of like dirty cheating thugs, maybe the Dutch would have won the game. Because of that I feel no sympathy whatsoever with Dutch players or fans (who for some reason seem oblivious to their team's dirty tactics). Except Wes, he deserved so much better.

  23. Steph says:

    OMG, I know. I kinda felt bad for him a little when I saw him crying after the game. :( He just looked so sad.

  24. Trish says:

    That picture totally broke my heart.

    • Hanna Busy Bee says:

      Tell me about it….my poor baby! I just wanted to reach into the TV and give him a big ol' hug! I was rooting for the Dutch and my heart really did break for him more than any of his teammates, mainly because he had such an amazing tournament. He didn't even have the (small) consolation of winning the Golden Boot.

  25. aps says:

    Sorry Sneijder I really like you but the rest of your team was acting like thugs out there and didn’t deserve to win at all.

  26. Maya says:

    I was already crying because of overwhelming joy and then I saw him cry. That just made me cry a lot harder. NED and Spain were my two teams, but I chose to support Spain in the end. Still sad for the Dutch though.

  27. Eli aka NC says:

    I sincerely wish I could congratulate the Netherlands on their game, but his was one of the dirtiest and most agressive games I've ever watched, I could expect this from the Italiam NT, but never from them. I'm still shocked by this : http://i27.tinypic.com/1se6jd.jpg


    • aristeia says:


    • Steph says:

      OMG, I know! Poor Xabi! :( I was freaking out when that happened but SO glad he was ok. :)

    • Jovana says:

      OMG the kung-fu kick! that was scary, he should have gotten a red card for that.

    • KRISTINA says:

      it was absolutly horrible !!!!! It calls for more than only YELLOW card !!!

      Refe was very good to Hollands on this situation !!! HORRIBLE

      There was lot of fauls but this one was the worst of all !!!SHame on u H!

  28. simone says:

    I never liked him but he's so cute in this picture. I immediately felt sorry for him.

  29. leigh says:

    i saw him crying at the end there and it was so good because he put in an effort the whole way through the tourney and didn't quit and isn't quite as ****y as robin van persie. on the other hand sneijder was very grabby in this game, but i think he wanted the golden boot or something, unlike david villa who was off the whole match.

    • leigh says:

      oh yeah before i forget, he made crying look oh so good. he was one of the best criers of the wc.

  30. senora ramos says:

    awww, stop making me feel even a little sorry for the oranje.

    no, really netherlands ladies, congrats on getting so far.

  31. Iris says:

    Already done the alcohol and got a whole day of shopping tomorrow. Well and maybe some more alcohol after that…But I'm really proud that they've reached the final and that Gio played such a great tournament, wish he stayed with Feyenoord for one more year :(

  32. tammyv says:

    Dont worry Dutch fans you only have 3 years, 10 months and 3 weeks until you can exact your revenge..

    • Ana;) says:

      Ooo that's just what I said to my friend!lol I'm sure they will be more than happy to get revenge! I'm not attracted to Wesley at ALL but watching him cry…. Aww! And rvp was almost expressionless. Loosing sure bites… sorry guys it just wasn't your time.