July 6th, 2010

World Cup Hottie Hunting: Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma, Spain

Spain National Team is hot all around

Images via Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe.

When you think of spry Spanish studs, does your mind immediately gravitate towards Sergio Ramos, Fernando Torres or Cesc Fabregas?

All three at the same time? Naughty!

Perhaps Pedro Rodriguez once found himself on the lower on your awareness totem pole, but that’s about to change. This 22-year-old striker’s marquee is his hair. As it turns out, he has lots of it.

He spent a brief period riding in the caboose of the SNT facial hair train, but has since opted against punching his ticket for round two. For some strange reason, we’re digging his unwaxed, macho manbrows. Since he might be the only SNT member who seems to be getting some this World Cup season, maybe his hair care formula will sweep the football fashion scene in the coming weeks?

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67 Responses to “World Cup Hottie Hunting: Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma, Spain”

  1. PIJULLA says:

    omg…how yull stupids are thinkin in this bitch he look gay but all girl or girl s that thinks pedrito is cute u have to be ugly first to say that eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww fuck pedrito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SIMONA says:

      u r rite pijulla pedrito is so fuckin ugly eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww u r a smart girl pijulla i like ur name is so fuckin sexy but i think david villa is so sexy i love him………… GO PIJULLA U R SMART I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! te lo dise tu amiga simona alias PIRULA……

  2. ashly says:

    pedro is cute……….but for me david villa is my babe he is so cute and sexy

  3. Barcelista says:

    Finally you notice my Pedrito!! It was about time kickette!!!

    • ashly says:

      pedro is cute….but i lik david villa is my babe he is so cute…………………………………

  4. HJ says:

    ladies, i'm saying this only once: back off my Pedrito! I'm a Barcelista through and through and i was the one to see the hot-ness in him, while everyone else was too busy making fun of his teeth!his front teeth are adorable! mine, mine, mine! yes, I';m talking to you, Pedro's GF :P

    • Barcelista says:

      Haha no he's mine ;) But if you are a true true Barca lover, then maybe I'm willing to share.. :D You can also choose to have a piece of Pique, Valdes, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Bojan, Busi, Zlatan, Abidal, Keita, Maxwell, Alves, oh and also Villa (can't forget him!), and also (hopefully) Sex Fabregas.. Erh I mean Cesc.. But you have to be a TRUE Barca lover..!! Want any?? ;)

      • senora ramos says:

        hook a madridista up ladies!! lol!

        though i love the hotness and skill that is my team, i can certainly appreciate the barca boys, even as i cheer for their every downfall. thank god for the wc so i can love the enemies such as forlan, kun, and the barca boys at least for a little while :D

        • Barcelista says:

          I know exactly what you mean :D

          Casillas, Ramos and Xabi is also – along with the rest of the NT – a part of my not so very clever “screaming-and-yelling-at-the-television-will-help”-idea.. I love the entire team all the way.. Well at least until the end of august.. Then it’s SO over! ;)

          And okay.. I’m willing to share (again only until the end of august).. But it would probably make Sergio jealous so maybe you should talk with him about it first?? Just to make sure he doesn’t misunderstand anything ;)

          And know what you mean about Kun and Forlan.. feel exactly the same way.. Especially about Forlan.. Mmm.. :)

          Vamos España, Vamos La Furia Roja.. Copa Mundial 2010!!!

  5. zztop says:

    he’s teensy tiny! Tinier than Navas even!

  6. TB says:

    1 word: SNAGGLETOOTH.

  7. Jasmine says:

    He is so cute. Glad some people agree with me:)

  8. Blaugrana says:

    Aw yeah, Pedro is so adorable :) Wouldn't call him hot though but that's just me.

    BTW this is my first post, long time lurker first time poster, so hi everyone!

  9. D0li says:

    WAIT.. WAIT.. WAIT.. PIQUE HAS A GF!?! VALDES IS MARRIED!?! Where have I been? Agh.. all my guys are moving on and finding their ladies why can’t I get a footie!!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

    Does anyone know who Pique’s gf is? I love the interviews! So funny.. poor Valdes :( I love the safe sex question, Pedro says he brought his gf with him so he will deffinately be getting some hahaha

    • HJ says:

      Pique's gf? exactly!where HAVE you been! pique's gf is nuria thomas, daughter of ham company owner. sadly, she doesn't look like a 'butcher's' daughter (she's pretty :( ) no link to share, sorry

      • D0li says:

        A ham company’s daughter? Are there even pictures? How long have they been dating?

        • Eebza says:

          ham company? what??? how doe people even know this kind of info??

          • D0li says:

            I have no idea.. i just foundout he had someone. I searched the name and nothing relating came up, just reg. people. O well now I have to find someoen else to obsess over.. Pedro is cute and very attractive but too short for me.

            I guess I'm back to liking Sergio. Is he single?

            • senora ramos says:

              by all of my accounts, yes. el ramos is a single man. and if he's not, i really, REALLY don't want to know.

              • Eebza says:

                yeah… homeboy is probably keeping things on the down low… yeah, maybe its better not to know! lol

          • HJ says:

            i believe she's even on facebook. and omg where have you been last season? howcome you didn't read the comments i left blaming her for Barca's CL exit?! :P

            • D0li says:

              If I had I would have immediately looked her up online. Do you know how serious they are? I'm hoping I still have a chance..

        • HJ says:

          oh, yeah. one last point on PK’s gf: they were seen at a concert (iker and *ugh* pastasauce were there too) sometime in april. In the meantime, I suggest we all start calling her ‘butcher’s daughter’. it’s not very nice -or accurate- but that’s the point :)

          • Eebza says:

            butcher’s daughter lol… i wanna see before we jump to any conclusions…
            i mean the image i have of someone whose father owns a ham company… ahem.. well

            • D0li says:

              Do you have a link to this video? I think someone else posted that and when I clicked the link it didn’t work. Then someone commented that they looked very uncomfortable and awkard, or was that Iker and his girl?

              AGH.. this is so sad I want Pique don’t these players read our comments and realize that they can get great women here? lol ;)

  10. Lucy says:

    he has the ugliest teeth I have ever seen in my whole life LOL

  11. Lisa says:

    nothing against Germany and Uruguay but I am praying for a Spain Holland final, this tournament needs a new winner. Not to mention a victory for either of those two will confirm that hotness is a harbinger of success. Pedro is cute but to me Jesus Navas has been the revelation (no religious pun intended) of this World Cup. Where has this man been all my life!

    • zztop says:

      Really, Kickette, I am disappointed in you for ignoring Jesus. I have a gallery of images to share if needed≥

    • Minnie says:

      you definitely got your spain-holland final! I cant wait for it!
      i was very mad at Pedro for not passing the ball to Torres today when he was wide open.
      It could’ve been 2-0

  12. Lampsy72 says:

    I think he's kinda cute actually, wouldn't say hot. Likes it when he smile.

    • Johanna says:

      He does look adorable when he smiles. The kid should get more playing time as well as Navas. They seem to have more energy than the others.

  13. Zlatanista says:

    Yes,yes,yes! Pedro!! Finally he earns a spot in this prestigious setting :) . He really deserves it, the talented, cute little canary. And if sex does him as good as it seemed to do in the quarter-final, the let him have it!

    And oh, Visca Barca! :)

    • Briel says:

      I totally agree that he deserves it, the playing time and the sex ;) Why are the boys from the Canaries so short though? He and Silva are both pocket-size. I’ve been there and didn’t notice that this was a trend there. Not that I have anything against the shorties, they’re both taller than I am and that’s all I really ask; I’m just a bit curious.

  14. JaneSpotting says:

    Yes, was low on my totem pole of awareness but you help me kickette, gracias!

    Why does he lose the Rodriguez part of his name though, why just ‘Pedro’?

    Not too fond of the one name ‘thang’, but in this case it’s ok, like calling over a puppy. Come here Pedro! and go Espana!

  15. Eebza says:

    finally! :)
    he doesn’t quite beat The Ramos but definitely Torres…
    i like that he’s not toooo pretty… hot.

  16. senora ramos says:

    pedro is a cutie (really cute) but he had a break out year with a big (evil) club :)

    i’m sad someone who plays for, say athletic or sevilla didn’t get a mention ;)

    but you can’t go wrong with many of the new bubbas that play for espana! vamos espana! beat the germans!

    • simone says:

      I agree on the break with the big (evil) club' because i'm for RM, but i noticed him in the Paraguay match and yes he is no Ramos or Torres, but nonetheless pretty hot, and i completely agree on the hair thing kickette.

      • senora ramos says:

        lol! madridistas unite!

        no, he's really hot. and i do like his hair. just sad he plays for a big club instead of one of the others.

    • Thea says:

      Stress levels are at a MAJOR high now Ramos – just secured it so I have the time off to watch it!!!!!

      Mind you – with the team you didn’t expect to be in still heading to the quaters – it does highlight some new talented hotties! Go Espanga – it’s crazy cause there’s a big demonstration planned on Saturday in Barcelona for Catalan Rights.

      • senora ramos says:

        i’m trying to take big relaxing breaths. trying to relax. knowing there is still a day to go and i still don’t know how i’m going to watch the match live.

        wow! about the demonstration. i don’t know enough about everything to comment further on it. but what are the chances they’d move it? probably minimal if it is suppose to be massive. just wow!

        • Thea says:

          Well my theory is that it's been planned for that day on purpose as if Spain make the final (with a team full of Catalans to boot) it will have a bigger impact. BUT WE HAVE TO GET THERE FIRST!!!! Really hope that Germany have peaked – but they look so solid.

          • senora ramos says:

            that makes sense. like i said, i don't know enough about the situation, and though i am a madridista, i do feel for the catalans. the situation is unfair.

            i think that it is the wrong way to go, at least right now, though. what i mean is, be proud and support your boys, even though they are playing for spain. i know most will anyways (though i have heard that some catalans are mad that the guys play for spain at all). just a messy situation.

        • Eebza says:

          yeah… im dying too… its too much.

          come on boys, make us pervy girls proud!!!

          and don't wear the bloody vest… we want to see us a lil summe summe

    • Zlatanista says:

      Oh, no, not evil! Just aiming for world domination, thats all ;) .

      • senora ramos says:

        LOL! we'll get y'all this year!

        • Zlatanista says:

          Well, we will see about that…

          • senora ramos says:

            should be “interesting” at the very least, no?

            • Zlatanista says:

              Yes i´m really looking forward to it! And i hope that both teams, and of course the other teams in La liga, will be as spectacular as they were last season.

              But now, the semifinals!! I will be a total wreck tomorrow!!!

              • senora ramos says:

                agreed. i think i need to start drinking now in prep for tomorrow :D

                • D0li says:

                  AGREED! I will be so stressed out tomorrow! Seeing our men (Pique, Ramos, Valdes, Cassillas) shirtless will keep me relaxed.

  17. Gabi says:

    I find Pedro cute-but something's wrong. Maybe his teeth? I still prefer Cesc, Piqué, Casillas. But do you really find Ramos attractive? Why? Even his face? :-O

    PS: And why exactly do you feel for the Catalans? It's a bilingual area, and less than 40% of Catalan population voted for this law. Myself, I didn't vote for it. Some parts of this law are considered ilegal by the Spanish Constitution which was voted by all Spaniards. But most of it is the same. So…don't "feel" for us, or at least for all of use, because lot's of us feel Catalan AND Spanish, and are proud of our Spanish team. And so are the players, who are not by any means forced to play with Spain

    • Zlatanista says:

      I just think that Ramos is very, you know, handsome. He has a proud, sexy look, like a flamenco-dancer. And

      don´t get me started on his lips.

      But now, Uruguay – Holland!

      • senora ramos says:

        oh, the lips. sigh. they are perfection!

        • Eebza says:

          im so glad that there is all this ramos love out there :) most people are like wtf??

          he is amazing. and thats it. even his voice hey… i mean when casillas read out that anti-racism thing i wanted to cry… his voice is just not hott, major turn off! Ramos on the other hand… whooo…

          one more reason to jump his bones, eh?

    • senora ramos says:

      i can’t explain the attraction to el ramos. he is just…sex. yum. hot. the perfect imperfection. chocolate brown eyes. sexy ponytail. gorgeous body.
      and like i stated, i don’t know enough about the situation. so i’ll refrain from further comments on it.

      • Gabi says:

        :-) So maybe that’s it. I don’t know why but I’ve never liked long hair on men. Even men that are undoubtly handsome. The momento I see them with long hair my libido goes away. I think it started with Brad Pitt in Lengends of the fall and Colin Farrell isn¡t helping. And I don’t like flamenco dancers, so maybe that has something to do with it! I do admit he has a very nice body though

  18. VeNia says:

    hmmm…i'm not so sure whether to adore him or dislike him…I mean he is Spanish but maybe in a few years he will become a pure hottie…but for now let's just wait…

  19. Homeskillet17 says:

    PEDRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOHV HIM! :D

  20. batso says:

    Me, personally. I don't find Pedro hottie at all. :(

  21. Ofeily9 says:

    Im still waiting for JESUS NAVAS !!! Hos gorgeous he is!

  22. Ms. Emma Krkic Perez says:

    I admit that Pedro is cute-ishly attractive, but this picture doesn't do him justice, he has a really adorable smile.

  23. Amanda says:

    hmm.. i dunno.. not my type

  24. shay says:

    He's certainly not ugly, but not anything special. I think I need to see him shirtless to make a fair assessment.