June 30th, 2010

World Cup Results: And Now We’re Down To Eight

Images via AFP/Getty Images.

A big congrats is in order for all the teams who’ve managed to make it to the quarter finals (Germany, Holland, Paraguay, Spain, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Ghana.) While we’re as thrilled as Akon that an African team is still in the mix to contend with the big hitters like Germany and the Netherlands,  the real story here is the dominance of the South American (and Spanish) teams.

The South American continent is 4-for-5 in nations advancing (sadfaces for Chile). Essentially, the most important footballing competition in existence just got a whole lot more samba-licious.

Today, we present to you a rundown of how the WC elite 8 have gotten this far.

As we all know, Spain clashed with Portugal yesterday, pitting a plethora of Real Madrid boys against one another. Predictably, the match up brought the sort of nervous excitement that only copious margaritas and sponge cake-based items could handle, as well as numerous moments of screechy fangirlyness at Kickette HQ. Said moments included Fernando’s patented in the tunnel sideeye, Portuguese Pepe with hair (he was hardly recognisable, no?), anguished Ronaldo, celebratory manpiles, Sergio Ramos looking like his usual unf-tastic self, Fernando Llorente’s sent from heaven shirt-tear, Iker consoling the distraught Eduardo and some lovely flashes of thigh.

Not forgetting of course, the now infamous Iker looking like a dog hanging out of a car window, flapping gums gif.


Earlier in the day Tuesday, the tempo was slower for the Paraguay v. Japan match. Unfortch Japan lost on penalties, leaving us with lots of images of sad, dejected Japanese players and happy, bouncing Paraguayans. On a positive note, Japan’s Junichi Inamoto did manage to get a consolatory hug from the gorge Roque Santa Cruz, which we think is almost worth losing for.


Brazil took down Chile, bringing our leching on the lovely Mark Gonzalez to a definitive World Cup end. Do not fret, dear readers, we’re on top of Mark for the long haul, though. Hee.

Kaka permanently cemented his “bad boy” status on his CV by receiving another yellow (!), but still managed to look cuddly and cute in his puffa jacket near the end of it all.

Other moments worth noting: Chile’s Jean Beausejour got shirtless; Dunga wore another snazzy coat; Michel Bastos and Julio Cesar got up close and personal, reminding us why we love the Brazilians so so much.

Commiserations to Chile, and congrats to Brazil, who now face the tricky Netherlands in the next round.


Speaking of the Netherlands, they faced off against Slovakia, winning convincingly in a match that gave us a shirtless Huntelaar and some laahvley images of Martin Skrtel’s tattoos. All in all, a job well done for the Dutchies.


Uruguay v. South Korea produced a teary Cha Doo Ri (awww bless) and more shirtless Diego Forlan, who is fast becoming the player most happy to get his abs out for the fans.

We also enjoyed:  lovely jumpy manpiles in what has to have been the wettest, rain soaked game in South Africa so far, ruining the lovely voluminous fluffy hair of the South Koreans.

Uruguay face Ghana in the next round, who battled through against the USA to reach the next stages in an exciting climax to the game.


In a game full of many dramatic Maradona facial expressions, Argentina successfully out-maneuvered Mexico to seal their final 8 fate. Emotions were charged and things got ugly in the stands at the end of the game – and no, we’re not talking about Carlos Salcido’s lolzy facial expressions.

Congratulations are due to Argentina, who face Germany in the next round. There’s no need to recap their merciless victory here.


Over to you, Kickettes: which teams do you fancy advancing to the final four? What moments tickled your footy bone in the last round? Do tell!

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56 Responses to “World Cup Results: And Now We’re Down To Eight”

  1. noelle says:

    "Fernando Llorente’s sent from heaven shirt-tear" LOL, i love it…. its a shame the whole entire shirt wasnt torn off =)

  2. NandosGirl says:

    I always wondered about the exchanging shirts tradition. Why do only certain players feel compelled to do so? Do they wear the jersey at all after receiving it?
    But then I realized two gorgeous men taking off their shirts gratuitously needs no questioning. So, yeah.

  3. bina says:

    Hey, anybody noticed what was going on in the game between Portugal and Spain?! (a lot of manlove!) Before the game all the players hugged each other, during the game when Llorente came on the pitch a portugese player thought somethig like “oh a tall, blue-eyed piece of man candy” and ripped his shirt, and after the game all the ballers hugged again and the spanish players didn`t really celebrate with their fans but just hurried to the change room (to get a nice portugese baller? )
    Is it jus me or did anybody notice that too???

  4. Isabella says:

    MY PREDICTION (in this order)

    1. Argentina

    2. The Netherlands

    3. Spain

    4. Uruguay (just because they play Ghana and it's not hard)

  5. carly says:

    I’m just happy to see Tiago over there. Hey!
    Then I’m backing Uruguay.

  6. Nancy says:

    As an African, it warmed my heart to see Ghana getting this far and I'd so love it if they could advance further but Uruguay is a tall order. And while I love team Uruguay (Diego Forlan/Diego Perez basically) I'm going to back up Ghana and hope for a good match, win or lose they will leave with their heads held up high, they did this poor continent proud. Go Ghana!

    ARGENTINA ARGENTINA ARGENTINA! Love them in tennis, love them in football, love them in everything. Fine talents in that team, I've enjoyed all their matches so far and well….they got Leo. enough said.

    Netherlands…For all the wrong reasons, I just don't like Brazil.

    Spain….Not a single player in that squad that I dislike. Vamos!

  7. SylviaC1 says:

    Omg Xabis chest hair is amazing sexy omg. Aww I rememba Iker's mouth flappin on tuesday!! Sexy Cesc never came on??!! Or Navas?!! The cute eyes who has chronic homesickness!! aww!!

    :( I hate that all the girls at school are only supporting spain to try and impress the guys. They are no true fans of Spain.. they don't even know who iker casillas is. or anyone else apart form Torres. :(


  8. Natnova says:

    My final four:

    1. Brazil (Love the Netherlands too…sad face)

    2. Ghana ( Go Africa!!)

    3. Argentina (don't like either, but if i have to pick one)

    4. Paraguay

    Brazil will become champions for the 6th time!!!!!

  9. VeNia says:

    Final Four(by Talent and Gorgeousness)

    1:Spain(all of them take my breath away!)

    2:Argentina(Leo says it all<333)

    3:Uruguay(Diego Forlan and Luis Suarez do the job!)

    4:The Netherlands!(i just like that team so much!)

    P.S. i would like the winner to be Spain pleeaaseee!!

  10. senora ramos says:

    so i think it will be the netherlands, uruguay, spain, and (though i would love for it to be argentina) germany.

    i love the pic of the octopus iker and eduardo (poor guy kept them in that match and had not enough help from his teammates). sergio, sigh. xabi is so full of hotness as is tiago.

    graca, i saw that pic yesterday. FULL. OF. HOTNESS!!!!!!

    also, i don't mind there not being a write up of us and england ;(

    but i feel the german girls' pain. maybe a little pic could've been provided

  11. Bria says:

    Lmao at the fact you did not go into detail about Germany v England. I guess those wounds are still fresh huh?! Well since no one is representing Brazil, I will stand up and represent my boys!!! Any other team can join them in the finals (preferably Spain since they will make up for the low hotness levels on the Brazil team)

  12. Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, Brazil. I hope they make it to the last four. The thought of an Argentina vs Spain semi-final is almost too much to bear. Though deciding whom to support will be hard. :)

  13. iida says:

    My dream final would be Spain vs. Netherlands. Oh the hotness.

  14. Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

    Did anyone read this? Its so comical… to find others outside Kickette think like this as well.


  15. Charlie (gooner girl says:

    Hey sexxiii, u sooo look like a maths teacher at my school who is sooooo fitt lol lurrvv u xxxx xabii :)

    • kelly says:

      yh he is so fit and at my bro school there is a man who look like u xabii love u loadsssssssssss kelly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. kelly says:

    hi xabi

    u look really hot and u look like one of my maths teachers at my school

    love kelly love u xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Bamba says:

    Unfortunately Beausejour is rather too well shirted up – he is the fit one in the foreground. I don't know or care who the shirtless one is!

  18. Lotte says:

    -Spain (c´mon already Xavi!)

    -Argentina (Maradona is funny)

    -Germany (never thought i would hope for that, but they have magnificent Özil!)

    -Netherlands (well, we are almost neighbours)

  19. Malena says:

    haha, I love how you completely cut the German victory

    • FootieCutie says:

      No , totally not nice ,, they worked the hardest but still get nothin ? Not nice >_<

      • AnnaBlume says:

        I agree. I honestly feel let down by Kickette. I understand it still hurts for England fans, but Germany have played some of the most entertaining football so far and they would have deserved a proper mention.

  20. Louise says:

    Oh Xabi.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  21. SoccerDuckie says:

    Holland, Germany, Ghana, Spain for final 4!

    • Sophie says:

      I completely agree!

      Fingers crossed though….

      • SoccerDuckie says:

        I'm crossing my fingers for the football, and crossing my reproductive organs for the hawtness those 4 nations will bring… :lol:

  22. AnnaBlume says:

    It's not fair, everyone gets a recap but us… :(

  23. SoccerDuckie says:

    Oh dear lord, I love seeing Spain on the pitch… My contacts disintegrated, my ovaries ached with joy and I ran out of drool…..such is the experience brought by being a Real Madrid fan, and hence Spain fan!!! Love, love, love…. Iker’s slo-mo mouth exhale was funneeeeeee!

    • SoccerDuckie says:

      Oh, and Xabi’s chest hair is peeeeeeerfect!!!! Soft fuzz…mmmm…nummy nummy…. *gets up to empty the drool bucket, again*

  24. elnino says:

    San Iker’s cheeks just managed to move him up in my list (sorry to the Iker girls but he’s never achieved high marks in my book, due to not doing well in a game/beard). I hope Germany wins the next round. Kickette, may I request a 5 Hottest Players in the WC for Uruguay? You only really need to find 2 more (and being the hot team that is Uruguay, you ladies won’t be having so much work) since we already have the 3D-s.

  25. imhereforthenando says:

    Thank you for not recapping the England v. Germany game. It’s on replay in my mind all of the time anyway, creating even more of a need for red wine and donuts.

  26. caitanya says:

    Portugal was my #1. But from now on in, argentina and spain … tough call for me. Either one i'd be v happy, but something in me sort of wants argentina to win even more than spain. But i would be v happy if spain got it as well :-)

  27. Graca says:

    I love, love, love that photo of Iker consoling Eduardo, including the mysterious third set of arms. Btw, there is a photo on today’s New York Times Sports section of Sergio Ramos grabbing Villa’s head and kissing him on the chin/cheek. I can’t find it online!!! has anybody found it?

  28. Inés says:

    GO URUGUAY!!!!!

    -Netherlands (please!)

  29. NinyaC says:

    I thought I'll be seeing Mesut Oezil in here hehe! Guess not.

  30. Bianca says:

    That’s Beausejour who’s shirtless.

    Also there seems to be a mystery arm headed for Iker’s butt. (Not mine but it should be.)

    Chi chi chi le le le!!

  31. Cindy says:


  32. ash says:

    hope spain vs argentina for the final that would be some match:)did anyone else see ronaldo spit at the camara man at the end of the match or was i seeing things??

    • becky says:

      I think Spain and argentina can only meet in the semis, and yes i saw him spit towards the camera.

    • noelle says:

      i dont think he meant to spit at the camera man, if he wanted to spit on him, i think he was close enough he wouldnt miss, the camera man was just really close…. i feel bad for cristiano cuz i kno he can be a spaz sometimes but i dont think he’d do something like that, he had a rough game =/ glad to see spain go through tho =)

  33. yuyutein says:

    much love to the Spain team ♥

    just couldn't take my eyes off of them!

    and that teary South Korean player is Cha Doo Ri, not Lee Dong Guk.

    just leeting you know ;^)

  34. Marianna says:

    Ehem… well we are not south american but you are also forgetting USA and Mexico :D (specially Mexico… even gaga recognizes its hottness ;D )

  35. Violets says:

    Sorry, couldn't concentrate on this article after viewing the distraught CRon pictures. Come here, I'll comfort you!!!

    Sigh…at least I still have Iker and Nando to keep me company. For now, at least.

  36. SunnyK says:

    Wow, Tiago. How come I never noticed that torso at Juve — oh wait, no one let you play! And ::sigh:: Xabi <3

  37. Karen says:

    hmmm final four?

    -Spain(Cesc, Nando, Navas & Pique =♥)

    -Netherlands(just because everyone is going for Brazil)

    -Germany(sorry Messi but u got my country(MEXICO♥)off the WorldCup :@)

    -Uruguay (just because)

  38. p4ng says:

    Wow, epic 5-arm pic of Iker and the other keeper.

    - Xabi, you are just gorgeous!!