July 11th, 2010

World Cup Results: Third Place Thankfuls

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Well done, Germany! Sure, third place isn’t the same as booking a place in the World Cup Final, but in the wise words of every annoying self-help book we’ve ever used as a coaster, it’s all about feeling thankful for what was achieved and appreciating all the thanking thankfulness that comes with the T’s and the Y’s. Or something.

So here’s what we’re immensely grateful for:

- A sweaty Arne Friedrich and his bottom curvature formation is always worth spending your last tenner at Paperchase for a few heart-shaped stickers to go in your “gratitude” journal.

- Bastian Schweinsteiger. He is made up of several parts we greatly appreciate.

- A mighty enjoyable third place game with good goals and good footy.

- Getting to see one of our favourite new discoveries again: Uruguay’s Diego Perez, aka baby Vidic. We feel the shine his hot robot is putting down.

- Miroslav Klose’s hugging techniques. He’s a full-body presser.

And, since we’ve not started our intravenous anti-hangover chocolate IV drip and are thus a tad on the cranky side, here’s what we’re not so thankful for:

- Cold temperatures resulting in a shameful lack of base layers from the players we have come to rely on most for post-game man flesh. (Looking at you Mario Gomez and Diego Forlan.)

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11 Responses to “World Cup Results: Third Place Thankfuls”

  1. elylovesfootball says:

    only third place but still happy for their match, they deserved better but i think they’ll win titles in the very next years cause they have an awesome team =D

  2. DebC says:

    Wanted a win for Forlan….

  3. Luna.S. says:

    Third place,but champions in my heart

    And Arne…I dunno where i've been all those four years.To miss that delicious piece???

    Leaving everything in my homeland and going to Germany.Here i come,Arne ^^

    Nike says: Impossible is nothing.So why not? :D lol

  4. Inés says:

    I was sad, because we played so well! we deserved that, not the Germans >_<

  5. C16 says:

    Hello there Arne Friedrich ;)
    He is hooot….

  6. EternalDreamer says:

    Thankful for Kickette keeping us informed on all things 'ballers, even on weekends.

  7. Katee says:

    This team is so damn fine as a whole and I’m so proud of them for how well they’ve done!
    They’re good looking, played extremely impressive, AND they’re so classy and respectful, what every footballer should be like.:)

  8. sarrible says:

    I am convinced that Schweinsteiger is allergic to shirts. The second the ref blows his whistle, win or lose, that jersey is coming off. I don’t know if he gives it to someone else or just flings it heavenward, but that man’s nipples cannot be contained.

    And for this we say, Danke, Bastian.

    • Aline C says:

      Well if that is his allergy I hope there isn't a cure, because boy can keep his shirt off ALL DAY LONG :D

      fine piece of real estate right there :)

  9. WagInTraining says:

    ahhh Manuel Neuer. He's like a young, german tom hanks.

  10. elnino says:

    Oh Arne, how much I lust for you. He looks really cute when his hair is wet. I love him!