July 5th, 2010

World Cup Results: We’re Down To Four

In his hour of desperation, Paraguay’s Nelson Valdez remembers the Kickette laydeez. Image: Getty Images via Zimbio

It’s time to face the truth, Kickettes. We’re running out of football. Only three games remain before that yawning chasm that is the off-season opens up before us. Frankly, we’re nervy.

Our only consolation? After all this is over is we will pick ourselves up, pack our lotion, sunnies and industrial-size drum of vodka, before heading off to stalk football players across the globe as they attempt to have a peaceful, private holiday with their families.

In the meantime, please enjoy our thoughts on the feast of footie that was the WC quarter final matches from Friday and Saturday. Wooh hah!

Netherlands 2 Brazil 1

Image: Getty Images via Daylife

One of the most madcap ties of the World Cup so far, with tournament faves Brazil taking a lead early and then chucking it away in a hail of poor tackles and unnecessary hissy fits. Felipe Melo’s stamp on Arjen Robben not only earned him a red card but a cheery reception upon the squad’s return to Brazil.

Brazil’s exit has now resulted in coach Dunga and his technical staff being summarily ‘relieved of their duties’ and though we’ve waved a tearful farewell to the Brazilian boys, the presence of the Dutch in the final four gives us even more opportunity to nurture our newly discovered and delicately flowering crush on Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Which is the most important thing.

Uruguay 1-1 Ghana (Uruguay win 4-2 on penalties)

Sebastian Eguren & Diego Perez of Uruguay are suitably chastened by the circumstances of their win. Image: Getty Images via Daylife.

Unfortunately for our office manicurist, penalty shoot outs have been mercifully few during this World Cup. We were glad. This is why.

After a highly entertaining ninety minutes without goals, periods of which Ghana totally dominated Uruguay, the game went to extra time. Late on in the second period, a Ghana shot was palmed off the line by Luis Suarez. Asamoah Gyan missed the resulting penalty, a shoot out ensued and Ghana lost. Ugh. But nevermind. We can console ourselves with the knowledge that Diego Forlan’s awesomeness will continue into the semi-finals. Good news for ab aficionados everywhere!

Afterwards, Uruguay partied hard and Ghana got to meet Nelson Mandela. Which was nice.

Argentina 0-4 Germany

Leo Messi chats with Manuel Neuer during the game. Image: Getty Images via Daylife

Having ripped England a new one in their second round game, this match was expected to be a clash of the titans. What actually transpired was simple and straightforward. Germany tore through the Argentine defence as though it was made of pure… well… English defence, scoring another four goals and setting up a tasty meeting with Spain.

Initial reports that Diego Maradona took defeat gracefully were greatly exaggerated.

Paraguay 0-1 Spain

Image: Getty Images via Daylife.

The saga of Fernando Torres and his missing mojo continued to bother us as Spain squeaked their way into the semis but muchos kudos goes to the Paraguyan NT who played the hearts out to close La Roja down. David Villa finally broke the deadlock, taking his tourney tally to five. Golden Soul Patch Boot, anyone?

In other news, The Ramos took a nasty blow to the head resulting in his personalised headband being replaced by a totally unpersonalised head bandage (above). We’re surprised. We would have thought that he’d prepared for this eventuality with a fully tagged medical kit in a specially designed Gucci manbag.

But then this isn’t the only startling piece of info we’ve discovered about Sergio or indeed Cescy this week.

Kickettes? Are either of these hair related decisions wise? And will they impact on Spain’s chances of winning the trophy?

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88 Responses to “World Cup Results: We’re Down To Four”

  1. Bina says:


    Hey, I'm a little disappointed of you, you din't post some pictures of this. While I wartched the game I was so sure I'll find a picutre of this hot spanish man pile here.

  2. ItaliaLoveJuve says:

    Ramos and Villa <3 Can't really get any better! I almost died when I came across that video of Ramos saying he was going to cut his pretty hair if Spain wins the World Cup. UMM please don't! The Ramos isn't The Ramos without his sexy hair! I wan't Spain to win SOOOOO badly, but he should keep the hair and do something else.

    I'm hoping for a Spain/Uruguay final. Spain because well, they'll have headband and soul patch power! Seriously talented team this year, I'd love to see them take it all. It's helped by the fact that just about the whole team is yummy! I have to go with Uruguay….I have a thing for Fernando Muslera and Martin Caceres (who reaaaalllyy needs to be put in today)! They have that whole sock thing going on and Caceres is channeling Ramos-esque hair/headband power. They're pretty!

  3. Eebza says:


    Van Persie is all I can say!

    Wish I had tickets for tomorrow's game though… I mean there is NO comparison between any Dutchman and the likes of The Ramos… just saying.

    Sorry… I had to boast :)

    • senora ramos says:

      CONGRATS! majorly jealous here! but that is awesome!

    • senora ramos says:

      hope you had a great time! it was an awesome match!

      • Eebza says:

        oh it was so amazing :) haha, i was sitting behind the goalpost, and could literally see van persie’s ass wiggling as he moved… thatclose. but now for tomorrow… i am going to be an absolute wreck! we all are…

  4. VeNia says:


    today the 6th of July and NOT YESTERDAY Paul the octopus picked Spain over Germany for the semi-finals!!!!!

    now i don't know if you believe it it's your choice,i didn't believe either but after the all-correct predictions i'm starting to believe in Paul!

    Soooooo…Go SPAIN!!!!!:D

    • senora ramos says:

      heck yea! no worries. spain is going to win!! lol!

    • AnnaBlume says:

      For once, I hope Paul is wrong. During the Euros, he wrongly predicted Germany would beat Spain in the final, so I'm just hoping the Spanish flag confuses him or something… ;)

      • Laurie says:

        But that was the final… Now we have the semi-finals… :D

      • VeNia says:

        i know that it was wrong in 2008 but maybe he learned his lesson and picked Spain this year!

  5. anon says:

    i dont get this love for torres. i mean he sucks big time…and then on the other hand people cant stand villa. hello? spain have reached so far because of villa alone. which kinda makes me dislike torres more.

    • Eebza says:

      yeah… i totally don't get torres either… playing (in the WC at least), looks.. anything… but i can't help feeling sorry for him :(

    • elnino says:

      Who dislikes Villa?? I love Villa and El Niño is just having a (very) bad WC.

      • anon says:

        everyone's like oh i wish villa would stop scoring, he's soo annoying, torres is so much better than him…it just annoys me. villa is responsible for taking spain this far. people should appreciate that, but they're just jealous about the fact the torres isnt playing well while villa is on fire.

  6. Pam says:

    I hope Huntelaar gets enough playing time against Uruguay. He should be in the starting 11 instead of Van Persie.

  7. Coffee says:

    Come on Germany! You have to win, so I can admire Müller during the final <3

    • tash says:

      at last!!!! a fellow Germany fan :)

    • Rory says:

      Go Germany go Germany go go Germany!!!!

      I'm scared of Spain but I REALLY believe in us though our fantastic Thomas Müller will be missing :( I hope we wont notice the difference if Jogi replaces him with Toni,Cacau or Kießling…..Still I can only say:

      54,74,90 and 2010!! :D

  8. Ella says:

    I would love to see Spain or the Netherlands win the whole thing, it'd be nice to see someone new hold the cup! However if Germany continue to play as they have been, they look tough to beat…and I'll always be grateful that they took out Argentina. (I have my reasons!) :)

    • noelle says:

      i was glad to see argentina go too, not because of the players but i cant stand maradona, he's so annoying!

      • JaneSpotting says:

        Ditto ditto. Brasil was also annoying. Portugal fans all swtiching the flags on their cars to Brasil flags and now what?

        go Holland go and Viva Espana.

        Want those two to battle it out before my adoring eyes

  9. DirtyBlonde says:

    My excitement was off the charts when I saw that Cesc had shaved. Lovelovelove.

  10. Rusty (Mrs Clemens F says:

    I'm not sure how, but my mother got the Hola! with Guti, Pique and Shakira's signed Spain shirt, and I LOLed forever.

    I am still immune to Spain, but then again, I used to find Oezil unattractive. Mascherano totally shut him down and Germany kicked butt anyway.

  11. neenyah says:

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That Messi photo caption is EPIC. HAHAHAHAHHAHA

  12. PinkLlama says:

    Why did Fabregas have to shave his manly beard off? :( Made me so sad that I even sent a message to my friend about it. I’ve been plaguing him with talk about hot players and images of them showing some “manlove” to each other, he sent me a text at the same time saying “You could see a little stomach there :) ”, referring to Fabregas lifting his shirt a bit before entering the game. I think I might have a negative effect on him. :(

    • YasminMarisa says:

      Can I just say that I sooo want to meet your friend! He sounds so cool! Lol. Anyway, I really had to stop myself from squealing when I saw Cesc’s stomach. My dad was in the room and I didn’t want him to think I was crazy. :)

      • Eebza says:

        LMAO…. hahaha, i totally get the dad in the room vibe… hahahaha! its exactly that. you have to control yourself a bit… but i went a little psycho when ramos went down… i lost it! hahahahaha

  13. Malena says:

    it would be sooooooo awesome if Spain beat Germany!!!!! though I don’t think it’s very likely….

  14. Laurie says:

    SPAIN has to win, and they can…

    Germany is not like the other teams. They are less defensive and are strong in their midfield. But the midfield is were Xavi and Iniesta play and they are the best in the world.

    Plus, they have San IKER who is way better than Neuer.

    And Germany has to play without Müller…

    Overall, Spain is the best looking team (replace Puyol by Albiol and bring in Mourinho as their manager and they will go down in history) and deserves to win because they deliver good looking players who really CAN play football.

    And apart from that, I'm from Germany and can't stand all the hail, Germany gets from the press. It's only about the winning nation, not about football. They don't even mention Spain as if they are worse than England or Argentina…

    Villa should score twice and I wouldn't mind a goal by Cescy…

  15. Inés says:

    GO URUGUAY!!!!

    the whole country is celebrating!

    Suarez= hero!!!!!!

    well done Spain and Netherlands!

    feel so sad for Argentina! :( poor Lio Messi!

  16. imhereforthenando says:

    I can’t believe my Dutch boys have made it this far, and I reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy hope that they can make it past Uruguay to make it to the final. Van Persie’s salt-and-pepper brand of hot is making my life.

    • Eebza says:

      oh yeah!!! van persie! whoa!!! now THAT is a sexy dad… forget c-ron… ugh. please.

  17. Kickette, all the teams are back in pre-season training this week, and doing tours and friendlies, so don’t worry – lots to report on in the next few weeks. :)

    • senora ramos says:

      plus there are international friendlies in the beginning of aug (espana and mexico and brasil and usa just to name 2)

      also, looking forward to the club america v real madrid friendly aug 4th!!!!

      • Eebza says:

        okay… that info has just made my life!!!! hahahaha…. yay! :) this will help with ramos withdrawals…

      • Eebza says:

        that info has just made my life!!! :) i mean, it will help with all the ramos withdrawals after the WC…

  18. caitanya says:

    If not Spain, then Uruguay!

    I’m glad Kickette is finally discovering Huntelaar! He has that oh so cute distinctively Dutch goodness!

    I am sorry Torres is so floundering in his footy career as of late. :-( Poor him.

    And iker’s PK save was a testament to why it is i love him so!

  19. C16 says:

    Watching Germany play gave me goosebumps! Seriously, how awesome are they?! I’m in love with all of them.
    I like Spain though, they were my first option, good team too. May the best one win on Wednesday.

    PD.- Am I the only one that thinks Luis Suárez is kind of hot?

  20. ba says:

    I’m so glad that Spain won! Viva la rojaaa

  21. Eebza says:

    Okay first things first… um, who else never thought valdez was hottt until this pic???

    yeah anyway…

    soooo glad you've finally published that yummy pic of ramos and villa…

    one question, is the personalized ramos headband under the bandage? was it disposed of? what happened?

    i wanted it. no wait, i just want him…

  22. Alisha says:

    I want Spain to win the World Cup SOOOOOO much but Sergio can’t cut his hair!! Not the hair!!! I’m already heartbroken that Iker and Cesc shaved now this :( and my poor Lio going out, I was so heartbroken I couldn’t even watch the bits after :’(

  23. sarrible says:

    There are actually four games left, even though one of them is for losers. I don’t know what I’m going to do; the Tour de France just won’t fill the hole in my heart when Xabi Alonso isn’t on the TV all the time.

  24. Tashinka says:

    I'm glad the after-effects of the Cup have been brought up… I spent yesterday feeling a little blue about there being only four more games. Thanks to 4th Official for reminding me that there will be more footy to come. I truly hope that leagues at home and abroad make good use of the stars (and flops) from this Cup. Because as much as I revere some of the players (for their skills as well as their looks) and I believe in individual responsibility for mental and physical fitness, they can't win games themselves. It takes a good team to show off the skills of a Messi or a Kaka.

    As for Wednesday, I don't know. The possession stats for my heart seem to change hourly… sometimes Germany has 51%, and other times Spain dominates the percentage. I think Germany has worked hard to get this close to another Cup win, but I'd be thrilled for Spain if they pulled out the stops and the team exhibited the flair we know lives in the feet (and hands) of individual players. Long live Piquebauer! Viva Podolski! I don't care who wins, just let it be fair and beautiful and exciting!

  25. Violets says:

    Why WHY is Villa wearing that undershirt thing? It makes the post-game jersey swap considerably less exciting.

    I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do when the WC is over. It's actually a bit frightening really. So much free time–I might actually have to find myself a life outside of debating the similarities of Fernando and Samson.

    On the other hand, VIVA ESPANA. If they play their best, I think that they can beat Germany…but that's an if.

    • Eebza says:

      bloody hell! i was at the portugal/spain match and i was SO disappointed with villa and the stupid undertop thing…. come on!!!!

    • sarrible says:

      It’s cold in South Africa! But that’s no excuse.

      • Eebza says:

        thats why HE needs to bring the heat… hahaha
        no seriously, it’s not THAT cold over here… nothing compared to europe…
        guess there’s always tomorrow ;)

  26. Zlatanista says:

    I am always the pessimistic one and when i saw Germany terminate Argentina demolition style i thought "Oh well, they are going to kill Spain, i might as well start enjoying my holiday and get some tan on my skinny legs".

    BUT OMG! I can´t stop freaking out over that game! I part of me just can´t stop believing that it might be possible. The loveliness that is the Spanish NT must prevail! Xavi is just too cute and Ramos too hot!

    And please, let Pedro start!

  27. Ilse says:

    Ok, as a Dutch woman, I now want Spain to win the worldcup. I mean Sergio is beautiful, but I HATE the long hair! I will gladly support Spain, if that's what it takes for Sergio to cut his hair!

  28. elnino says:

    Spain has to win..Oh I'm praying day and night for there victory!! And I hate to say this but I don't think El Niño should play (sigh) and it should be Cesc playing in the Semi-Final. I wish Germany and Spain had met at the WC final because Germany is really good and doesn't deserve a 3rd place. I have also turned over a new leaf and declare myself absolutely and madly In Love with Iker Casillas after his wonderful performance against Paraguay and the fact that he's shaved. Come on Furia!!

  29. MissTorres says:

    Ooooh. I hope Spain will win! Go cute Spanish boys!!

  30. Eleanor says:

    Noooooo :O oh no not the hair.

    Oh god, no more world cup for 4 years AND no more Sergio pretty hair. I will have to break out the bottle of wine I was saving to commiserate

  31. Anastasia says:

    My nerves couldn't handle poor Sergio's injury. I was so worried about his beautiful face.

  32. D0li says:

    I LOVE SERGIO BUT why did you guys report about my dear Pique getting injured? Now I really want Spain to win! I want Sergio to cut his hair..

    • senora ramos says:

      no, no, no. i think you are the 1 and only person i know that wants sergio to cut his hair!! ::sobs:: i was trying to not respond to that tidbit, but i never thought their would be a person who would like sergio's hair short :( but :)

      • Lil' Red says:

        no, i think his long hair needs to go. get a little faux hawk going, and he could be a real keeper :) that's just my opinion though, i hate men w/ ling hair :P

        • D0li says:

          I never find men with long hair attractive, and his hair looks really thin like he just adds a bunch of jell to it and it's just thin and looks wet.

          He looks so much better with his hair pulled back. look at the upgrade Torres became once he cut his hair!

          • senora ramos says:

            i just want to remind you all of the horror of last year. really. bad.

            but i'll woman up and take it if it means spain wins it all!

            • Eebza says:

              okay, i'll admit, sometimes The Ramos gets the long hair a bit wrong… but honestly… WHAT is he going to look like without it? I'm not convinced… so Spain just needs to win and then i'll see…. if it goes badly, well, he has time to grow it out before club action starts!

            • noelle says:

              i think the long hair is like a bad boy thing, lol thats why its so appealing. i cant see him with short hair either but u never know, what if he looks totally hot with a new do =). i think he'll be hot no matter what he does, i'll love him the same. i'll just need a warning before i look at a pic of his new haircut, and maybe a few sips of that vodka lol

              • Eebza says:

                a few sips of vodka hahahaha… yeah, the long hair is good with his face… what a beautiful face… i like the nose and everything… non perfection is so appealing and soooo sexy!!! ah! i cannot WAIT for the game tomorrow!!

  33. iida says:

    Spain. Must. Win. There is no other option. I will cry for weeks if Germany beats them. C'mon la Roja!

    And I am very pleased with Cescy. Good lad. Let's hope the renewed hair situation will help them trample all over the Germans.

  34. Goosie says:


    (That being said, I'm going to be sad not to see Xabi Alonso all the time. Oh wait, he's on my desktop. Never mind. GO GERMANY!)

  35. Amanda says:

    this WC is germany's :/

  36. VeNia says:

    I AM SO NERVOUS!god pleaseeee let spain win!!!!!!!!I love them sooooo much!!!!!Plus,i really hate the germans after making my Leo cry!!!sooo mad about that!!

    thank you S.Iker for making Cescy shave!!!!!I feel free to fall in love once again!!!:D

  37. senora ramos says:

    i am sooooo, sooooo, (and did i mention) SOOOOOOOOO nervous about wed! please for all that is good and right in the world, san iker, la furia roja HAS to pull through! germany, you have a great team and are fun to watch (unlike years past), but SPAIN and the Netherlands WC final!

    and sergio, i'm so glad you only needed a couple stitches. i was having multi heart attacks, esp the last 20 or so minutes of the match. CRAZY!

    • Thea says:

      Ramos – I am CRAZY nervious regarding wednesday – please please please can Pasta face be removed form all things near the Spainish team!!!! Germany look so so awesome – Iker needs to keep so focused! Really hope it's a Spain Uruguay final!

      Glad Ramos is okay – and his hair looks better in a bandage!

      • senora ramos says:

        gah! i know! i wish they would ship pasta sauce away!! i don't know if i can cope if we lose to germany. they have looked soooo good this tourney, but please GOD let ESPANA WIN!!!! i could handle uruguay v spain, but the dutch look really good as well. EITHER AS LONG AS SPAIN IS THERE!

        sergio reminded me of the movie grease 2. there is a bomb shelter scene where the guy is trying to get his gf to sleep with him by singing a song about going off to war (well, it sounds stupid when i type it, but if you've seen the movie, you'll know what i mean). my heart seriously fell down to my feet when he was on the ground.

        • Thea says:

          THere's awlays collateral damage kid – let's hope the whole Spain Squad stays uninjured, and bloody Torres rediscovers how to play football. Am thinking his Hair is part of his mojo – he can't play unless he looks like a pre-op transexual.

          • senora ramos says:

            i know, right? nando should've NEVER cut his hair right before. i honestly think it was too early for him coming back from surgery, and that he probably shouldn't have been called up. or since he did, that maybe he should only come in as a sub at the moment. del basque is so stubborn sometimes with his selections. i can't handle my other favorite team going out the same way as my us guys, due to coaching.

            and if sergio cuts his hair, thea, i'm going to need a lot of cheering up


            • Thea says:

              That's whay we are all here everyday hun!

              • senora ramos says:

                i guess i need to "take one for the team" and not be sad that his hair will be cut, b/c that will mean that they raise the cup

                • Thea says:

                  Never mind Ramos – there will always be his bad clothes to drool over!

                  • senora ramos says:

                    as long as he is taking off his jersey after matches, he can wear whatever funky clothes his little heart desires when off the pitch.

                    if his hair looks as bad as it did last summer ::gags:: then i may have to focus my crushing more on memo ochoa (i have a serious infatuation with him. it just came out of nowhere. don't ask for explanations)

                    • Eebza says:

                      “as long as he is taking off his jersey after matches, he can wear whatever funky clothes his little heart desires when off the pitch.”

                      i could not have said that better myself!!

  38. lorena $Yoyo Gaga$ says:

    Ahhh La Roja!!! Wish that they beat Germany BUT hardly :-( Maybe if Nando's score_mojo comes back !!! Ohhh please come baaaack!!!

    I DEMAND ultimate hotties in final…Ramos,Reina,Valdes,Nando,Iker,Pique,Navas,Villa,Cescy all together huged in shirtless celebration!!! OHH and DRESSING ROOM PICTURES!!! I need oxygen mask ASAP!!! :-)

  39. Kleon says:

    I'm glad to see Paraguay out, a team who plays with 10 defenders don't deserve to be called a football team, the match was so damn boring, especially after watching awsome Germany *_*

    • elnino says:

      Exactly!! I hate it when sucky teams do that and then think they're good because "Spain only scored once against us". They obviously aren't that good if they need that many players to tangle up 8 Spanish players. There's nothing "good" or skillfull about outnumbering the opponent. I hate defensive game. To me it says "We aren't good so instead of playing atractive football and taking our chances we are gonna be cowards and stay in our area defending it". I mean that is sooooooooo frustrating!! I'm with you 100%