August 5th, 2010

Would You: Javier Hernandez, Manchester United

Good grief! Is he wearing a bib?! Images: Getty Images, Reuters via Daylife

So we’re thinking of moving to ‘Cougar Town’. There’s nothing else for it. When the pups turn up and you start confusing lustful leanings with ovary explosions, it simply gets too weird.

This, ladies (and some gents), is Javier Hernandez. You will recognise him from Mexico’s World Cup squad and if you’ve been paying serious attention, as the latest signing for Manchester United. His nickname is Chicharito (means ‘Little Pea’, amusingly), he is twenty two years old and scored on his debut for United against MLS All-Stars on their US tour.

Sure, twenty-two is perfectly legal and acceptable. But Javier looks nowhere near his age. He looks like an embryo crossed with a fetus with a side of Justin Bieber. That’s what messes with our heads, dear readers.

Is it his deep brown eyes we find so utterly compelling? Perhaps. His taut thighs? Probably. His uncanny ability to make notoriously fierce uber manager Alex Ferguson look like a friendly Grampy (left)? Undoubtedly.

There is one thing we know for certain, though. If we carry on like this, a career in crap romantic fiction beckons.

Tell us what you think of Chicharito, Kickettes; we’re off to have a lie down.

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118 Responses to “Would You: Javier Hernandez, Manchester United”

  1. Diana says:

    mmmmm he is my boyfreing girls back of

  2. LilyPadsAwesome says:

    But his eyes are green :$

  3. littlegreenpea says:

    yeah man. chicharito is the best. spanish-speakers in general are usually some good-lookin people :)

  4. United fan says:

    Hernandez is a cutey but I have a soft spot for Fernando Llorentes he is tall 6.5 and has very athletic body plus he has beautiful green eyes. Spanish people sure know how to make beautiful men eg Valdez, Ramos and Torres.

  5. ArsenalFan says:

    adorable! yuss, look at his lovely man-lashes?

  6. bianca ramirez says:

    heyy hope u love ur fans !!!!! I LOVE YOU LLOOTTSS

  7. Sassyone says:

    This beautiful manchild totally disturbs me. As a life long Liverpool supporter it pains me that I have to bite my lip to stop me screaming….ohhhhh…he's sooooo cute….I want one…every time I see little Javier on the telly! Plus I think he is the new Ron, gutted!

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  9. livv4footy says:

    yes, yes and yes :) i would

  10. Ess-Jay says:

    I'm sorry. I just can't. He looks so young..

    And he's fully not my type anyway.. I dunno. He's just not that hot.. :/

    I'd rather have a bit of Giggsie.. :p

  11. LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

    Ladies, I thought whether or not to post this but here it goes… Guadalajara seems to produce babyface men by the dozens. Ochoa also from there has a babyface. My sister ex is from there is 27 and looks 20. My cousin is also dating a guy from there and he is going to turn 22 in a couple of days and looks 15yrs old. No lies! Another thing that this place seems to produce a lot of?…………. Javier Hernandez, yup my sis’s ex and my cousin beau are both named the same. And I know of a couple of others, lol.

  12. Inés says:

    mmmm Chicarito! so cute!

    come with me babay, I'm a latina too!

    estas muy caliente papi!

  13. i would :P

    he is fit!

    im gettin him on my new united shirt ;D

  14. Ash says:


  15. [...] even graced the Kickette website yesterday, he’s [...]

  16. lyn M says:

    Yes i would but not on the basis of these pics, i did my own google image search!

  17. Aj says:

    i dont know what goes on at the site and dont want to, only here because of a link on a chicharito article. chicharito is a awesome player and wll rip the league apart with us, a future world class star. also whats wrong with his looks? im only 23, granted i have the looks of a man a few yrs older than myself and i hate the clean shave looks. cant help loòking manly and awesome, man i'm awesome, thats why the women love me. chicharito rules, welcome to manchester. manchester united rules.

  18. SoccerDuckie says:

    Good for him for having such good skin! :) He doesn't set my loins on fire, but that's ok, more of him for the gals who wanna do him! :lol:

  19. rubyqueen says:

    awww he’s so adorable.:)and a brilliant player did you see his performance’s at the world cup.??:) i can so see him being the best player in the premiership this season.:D

  20. Ash says:

    OMG it’s Sinead O Conner!!

  21. Ima says:

    I can understand the way you feel…I became a fan of George Craig, frontman of the One Night Only band…look at me, crazy for a freaking tall 20 years old Emma Watson's boyfriend!!!!

  22. soccerfan101 says:

    Finally some love for chicharito!! it took you girls long enough :)

  23. Pam says:

    No way. He's a fetus, that looks like a girl. :S

    From Man United gimme Mr. Giggs anyday.

  24. Marie says:

    Took you a while to feature Chicharito! And as much as l Iove him, I do agree with previous comments. He's cute right now, we'll talk in about 7 years…

  25. Dylulu says:

    Sorry, he is just too young, and highly overrated (especially here in Houston!) I prefer having a hot man that at least looks legal! Chicharito is just a boy…lets wait a few, no several years and see what happens then!

  26. ILuvChicharito says:

    Im sorry I love him to death but this picture is SO VERY funny ’cause He’s so cute he does look a littlebit like a girl on my behalf I had nothing to do with this pictures I came across it.. ..cross my heart.. ..

    • I'd Rather Walk says:

      I should be upset that someone dared to deface my precious pea……BUT……I let out a huge laugh!! I can't stop laughing at that pic. Tell you what though….he'd make one sexy WAG ;)

    • cherryboomboom says:


  27. Marianna says:

    Yay! Kickette is getting kinda mexican these days hahaha… love this :D

    • MeL says:

      Word!! Word!! WORD!! ;) Viva Mexico!!

    • Carol says:

      It should get a lil’ more mexican lol we have a lot of potential out here <3

      • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

        Oh so true ladies, I love Memo Ochoa with his baby face and that Colgate smile… but another sexy ass man is Jose de Jesus Corona goalia for Cruz Azul. If it were for his usual bad temper and jealousy he would be a one perfect man. He's sexy as hell though.

        • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:


        • Ana-Fiona says:

          Ochoa + Me = :)

        • Carol says:

          yes!! Corona is sooo on my list!! and to be that temper makes that much more sexy lol

          • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

            Well Carol, I don’t usually like men like that but like I have mention this once or a million times now, manly jawlines drive me nuts so much so that I often find myself lost in the gorgeous faces of some players that I forget about the game and the fact that often I root against cruz azul or for it depending which is better for my team America…. BUT his face is just so gorgeous, that jawline with his furryness and those eyebrows… I bet he smells good too. Too bad he has a gf and not sure but people say he has tons of kids but on “his” twitter account says he’s expecting his first child.

            There’s actually lots of cute/hot goalies in Mexico some are not of mexican nationality but have been there pretty much their entire careers. Kickette should do a Mexican special for our independence day… that goes for all nations… imagine the pics??? yum!

            • Carol says:

              oh i definitely agree…i dont like men like that either but in his case i make an exception…i got to meet him and he was such a sweetheart! very shy which surprised me lol. but yes kickette should do a MX special!! we have a few here and there that just take your breath away lol

              and yeah i’ve heard he has tons of kids too…dammit all the good ones are taken lol

              • LoveFootballLoveFootballPlayers says:

                Yes, he seems shy. There’s a video on youtube when they ask him ramdom questions and he talks like he’s all scared of the camera or something. I mean, the man plays in front of thousands of people and a camera man scares him, lol…. so adorable. Lucky you met him. I would like to meet him and Ochoa, well many others but them especially cuz I have “crushes” on them two.

                • Carol says:

                  I'm a Chiva lol so Ochoa doesn't float my boat anymore but for a lil bit he was my guilty pleasure :S LOL the first time i met him he was really nice i'll give him that…after that well i think he saw the invisible chivas sign on my forehead cause he's never been nice to me after that LOL

        • senora ramos says:

          ochoa <333333!

          plus, he sound soooooooo sexy! and looks sooooooo sexy. he makes me feel soooooo many butterflies and sooooo much faintness. as well as soooooo anti-american. i'm not suppose to like the mexican national team!!

  28. Rusty, or Anna Maria says:

    Only one football-playing fetus for me, thanks.

  29. JV says:

    As a ManU fan I can say he is the cutest thing to hit Old Trafford in a long while. However, he’s 5’9” and I only have room for one hot, but vertically challenged latin lover… looking at you, Cesc!

    • Julia D says:

      What's wrong with vertically challenged? Hell nature always make up for it in so many ways…as do they!

      Tho 5'9 isn't short to me……Ivan Cordoba's only 5'6/5'7 and he's a sex god! (And I am average height, 5'6).

      Ohh tangents…….

  30. Rebecca says:

    Deffo! Have you seen his eyelashes?? He is adorable and really hot in a wierd way! Anyways, look at his thighs….Lush! <3

  31. shay:] says:

    Oh yes. 100% I love chicharito <3 hes beautifullll

  32. Pau de Silva says:

    I´m so proud of Chicharito! I agree being recognized by Kickette to me is more special than to be recognized by Fergie n.n ¡Viva México! and I´m sure “Lil´Pea” is going to bring us a lot of satisfaction as Pablito Barrera (West Ham) and Efra Juárez (Celtic) :D
    of course I would, I look younger than him! <3

  33. ChivaDeCorazon83 says:

    yes! a thousand times yes!

  34. Carol says:

    He’s adorable!! Although I don’t lust after him (thank god!! and well not yet anyhow) but i’m a big Chivas fan (his previous team) and am sooo excited to see him off to a european team :) but majority of the girls on this side of the world (young and old) are crazy for him and want to have all his babies!! LOL :)

  35. Liz says:

    El Chicharito on kickette. He’s officially a superstar. Yes it is a very big deal for mexico supporters that he had signed on
    such a high profile club. Oh and yes I would
    Im only 3 years older and I look young too.

  36. Yingfa says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and best of all he's the striker man utd have been needing to complete the squad. I don't think he looks too young, only a couple of years younger than the 22 he is. Lucky for me that's my age :D

    Also his goals against the MLS All-Stars and Airtricity XI and against Utd were simply fabulous.

  37. LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

    Ha ha ha, I didn't think I would see Chicharito on Kickette so soon. Glad for him. I'm here to clarify a few things… he is not called chicharito for his green eyes, but because his dad's nickname is Chicharo, a former football player as was his maternal grandfather. Not all Mexican's want to do him, lol. I have a like/hate thing for him. Besides him being waaaaaaaay too young for me to be interest in him, like many of you he seems even younger. He played for my team's number one arch rival and that's the hate part because I recognize the kid is good at his job but there are still things he does I don't like. You might see it, he tends to dive but he's learning that's not the way to go.

    Yes, he's a very sweet guy and he loves his family and especially his little niece but he also has a little temper. His dad quit his job as manager for Chivas sub club because they wouldn't allow him to travel to see his son play his 1st WC, that how much his dad loves his son… sweet isn't it? So before you know it, you gals might see something else you like about him. I have great hopes for this kid as well as Vela, Gio & Jona. Bright futures for my fellow mexicans!!! :D

    • Carol says:

      you can’t forget barrera and juarez too :) very good players

      • LoveFootballLoveFoot says:

        OMG I can't believe I forgot about them… just so excited they are taking both dos Santos brothers to play in the friendly against Spain it didn't cross my mind but those two are going to be big in Europe too. Those Pumas are greatly missed, not by my team though :D

  38. Azra says:

    Ladies, Hernandez is prime Couger Real Estate… fresh for the picking. We likes.

    Another thing Kickette, I also luuuurve Karim Ziani, the French born Algerian Football player who plays for Wolfsburg, Germany & for the Algerian National team. Now he’s BEAUTIFUL (Google images). Problem is, he’s not a media whore so theres little out there on him and it’s difficult stalking someone in French and Arabic.

    But lets just say, he’s my imagination come to life. If there was ever a man that would get this lady to be a second or third or even fourth wife, HE would be the only exception. He could even beat me and I’d say “do it again”. It’s pure Love-in-Lust. There’s no room for pesky things like rationality – it wastes fantasy time and brain space.

  39. pinkrosebloom says:

    Crush on Chicharito? Si Se puede!! And the best part about him, his goals are just as gorgeous as those eyes :)

  40. zztop says:

    still no jesus navas ?

  41. Deedz says:

    He's absolutely ADORABLE. It looks like he's going to age really well. I say he won't start looking like a real man until 30. =/

  42. C16 says:

    Chicharito on Kickette!!! He has officially made it (well, kinda)!!!!

    I'm 17 so I don't feel like a perv. But I don't like him that way, he's cute and a sweetheart but he's not my type. My best friend is the one that's obsessed with him.

    And yes ladies, the eyebrows are natural…

  43. ASM says:

    i think i’ll proudly take him as my little brother..i’m 17,no thanks.. :(

  44. manutd(L). says:

    he’s soo cute! his eyes<333
    hopefully he'll be playing when i go to old trafford (;

  45. Leya says:

    Chicharito! Te amo!

    He's been doing pretty well at Man. U. so far, also…I was glad they picked him up, he was fab in the World Cup.

  46. batso says:

    Javier, when you will be 18, call me ;)

    I'm watching bright future!!

  47. Freya says:

    I can’t get over how young he looks…but his eyes are gorgeous!

  48. Liz says:


  49. MissEstonia says:

    He looks like he’s 5…I have no attraction to him whatsoever, except to bake him some cookies and make sure he’s packed his school books for tomorrow. But I still welcome him to United open heartedly! :) Good to see some new talent among our ranks this season!

    • Goosie says:

      I agree completely! He’s not that much younger than me and I still want to make him a lunch.

  50. Lis says:

    He's very pretty.

  51. Jules says:

    That is the most apt description I’ve ever read. For me, no. He looks to delicate, which is also my issue with David Silva. I’d be frightened that I would break them during sex.

  52. What is with his eyebrows? Especially in that pic with Fergie.

  53. Six says:

    Sure, once he hits puberty.

  54. I'd Rather Walk Alone says:

    Num num num…..I would!! I’m not ashamed to say it either although I do feel dirty for wanting to bang a 12 year old look alike. But I DON’T CARE!!! He is so bloody cute it’s redunkculious……like a younger version of Mickey Owen and the baby faced assassin reincarnate. Has some serious thighs of thunder for such a wee lad too. Just have to see what he’s packing under that shirt now…….2-4 years he’ll be a regular on here….you better believe it.

  55. I'm old enough to be his mother, so, errrr, no. However, I am very excited about what he'll be bringing to the team. His goal last night in Dublin, on literally his first touch of the ball was just a sample. And United have a wonderful history with baby-faced strikers. :)

  56. Berbie's Barbie says:

    What beautiful eyes you have there, chicharito…. *sighs*

  57. Zinny says:

    He's a big deal among my Mexican friends but I find him only mildly attractive. I think when he's about 30, he will start to look better. Right now…I'm a little iffy towards Chicharito.

  58. beri says:

    He’s so darn cute! I agree he does look young….I feel a bit pervy looking at him in a naughty way…

  59. Alejandra says:

    He is very cute. I am sure that after a few months in the premier league he will look very mature.

  60. cherryboomboom says:

    He is adorably cute .. unfortunately …. on SOME pictures , he looks like a girl , but on other pictures , he can look really hot !!

  61. zztop says:

    he'll be hot when he is 30, as many boyish looking lads eventually start to look like men.

  62. Lampsy72 says:

    He's a very cute lad :D

  63. Liselotte says:

    He's super cute! I really think he looks like what my 1 year old cousin would look like when he grows up :)

  64. Einah says:

    I'm sorry. I'm sure he's really nice and very talented BUT HE LOOKS LIKE A GIRL AND IT CREEPS ME OUT.

    I'm going to wait some more years, he might still grow out of th uber girly look.

    • Steph says:

      LOL. I was thinking the same thing! He's kinda cute, sure, but he kinda looks like a girl in that first pic. :/

  65. Jackie says:

    Dayum! Chicharito looks very young. and I'm only 18 and saying that. Haha. I swear in the World Cup he looked older… meh H'es still cute & adorable ;)

  66. tammyv says:

    He looks like a tanned Samantha Ronson.. very odd

  67. Whitney says:

    He's such a cute little thing! Those eyes and eyelashes could get him anything he wants from me.

  68. Kyra says:

    He looks like a short-haired girl in those two pics! D:

  69. MeL says:

    He's So cute!! those ayes, his lashes!! I've been waiting for this!! ja ja ja I Luv Him!!

  70. MeL says:

    Yeiiih!! I've been waiting for this, I knew It was comming!! He's so cute isnt he?? We luv him!!

  71. Joey Cole's Gir says:

    i totally would. hes an year older than me haha. i've thought he was sexy since the world cup… too bad he plays from Man U

  72. G says:

    That is a yes, defenitely. He's so cute and his btw GREEN eyes not brown (ergo the little pea nickname) are the best!

  73. c-kyiv says:

    He is adorable and girls back in Mexico are like completely nuts for him!

  74. Lisa says:


  75. sounderslove says:

    YES. if he didn't play for united, that is.

    my response is, as usual, "well, he's still older than me." i refuse to feel like a perv.

  76. senora ramos says:

    this is the only ONLY bubba i don't mind saying a big HELL YES to!! he's so adorable and cute and edible and i soooooo would.

  77. Angie says:

    He's a fetus! If I were walking next to him, I would be mistaken for his mother. I feel the need to make sure he has a warm jacket, enough to eat at breakfast, and a fully-charged mobile battery to call a responsible grown-up in case of an emergency.

  78. gin_in_teacups says:

    This makes me think of…

    "I don't know if I want to marry him or put him in a stroller and pushi him around the mall." Yup.

  79. simone says:

    Seems like i'm going to be watching united a lot this coming EPL season.

  80. Denisea says:

    He is adorable – I love him!!!! He seems like a really sweet, down to earth guy, I can't wait to see him play this season.

  81. Briel says:

    Definitely yes!!! I've been waiting for Chicharito to get some recognition around here. Not only is he good-looking but he's also actually a sweet down-to-earth guy.

  82. Michelle says:

    He looks like such a baby, but a pretty hot one at that. It is tough. It defintely makes you feel guilty for entertaining such thoughts. My assistant, however, is Mexican and she says that she does not know any Latina of any age that doesn't want to do him.

  83. Laura says:

    I would, but in a holding hands on the beach way, not a throw me down and let's get sweaty way.

  84. Julia D says:

    Well now I don't feel so guilty lusting after Coutinho from Inter. Hernandez is young but at least seems legal, the other one (Coutinho) gives me creepy Bieber feelings when I look at his glorious butt. Javier's just a sweet little cookie!!!!

  85. jecca says:

    I pondered this very question during the World Cup, and I'm going to have to go with Jamtart on this. He has potential, definitely. But he needs some time. Let's all hope he doesn't look twelve forever.

  86. Jessie says:

    although i'm only a year older than him, he looks like my little brother, so no thanks

    • Deanna says:

      Wait how old is your brother? Perhaps you can help a fellow kickette out? Hehe I find him adorably cute. :)

  87. Aisha says:

    Er, yes! I so would! Those eyes are precious! Even though he looks very young, I would say: yes, yes, yes!! ;)

  88. Jamtart Heart says:

    Talk to me in 5-7 years. At present he looks like a child. A really, really adorable one, but a child nonetheless.

  89. Thea says:


    He looks 12!