September 16th, 2009

Would you: Kyle Beckerman, Real Salt Lake

Kyle Beckerman and his booty popKyle Beckerman is a 27-year-old American midfielder in the MLS with Real Salt Lake.

Wait. We know. His hair. Just hear us out, okay?

Take a gander at this video of Kyle sans shirt and fully hip dipped at an MLS Lifestyles photo shoot. Not too shabby.

We’re quite often fans of men in dreads, especially when they have faces constructed out of chiseled jawlines and excellent stubble design like Kyle.

Still, making this hair style functional and fashionable requires a high level of professional twisting and locking intervention. It would seem that Kyle has taken on his hair maintenance with a “leave it and see” attitude which doesn’t bode well for us. We don’t want a nasty surprise with an angry hedgehog leaping out making a bid for freedom during romantic moments.

Sure, running your fingers through his hair would be a terrible manicure destroying experience, but imagine the fun you could have with a jar of deep conditioner.

Kyle Beckerman for Salt Lake Magazine

Over to you – does Kyle meet with your approval? Or is he a little too village music festival hemp-shawl wearing hippie-fied for your liking?

Image copyright Salt Lake Magazine

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47 Responses to “Would you: Kyle Beckerman, Real Salt Lake”

  1. erin says:

    Kyle is ridiculously good looking…hair and all! I don't mind that there are some ladies out there who can't handle a man with that mane, just more for me! I would LOVE to be with kyle beckerman!

  2. ku5 says:

    Yes. Simple as that.

    Hey tm – if you see Kyle and Robbie again don’t be afraid of them. I’ve spoken with Kyle several times and he is a super nice guy. Robbie is a treat as well. Chris Wingert is usually hanging out too. Not a bad trio if you ask me.

  3. Pamela says:

    He might be kinda good looking but its hard to figure it out with all that hair…I wouldnt date a guy who has longer hair than mine..come on

  4. tm says:

    I recently got transferred to State (salt lake city, ut to be exact), and I see him around town all the time. I don't have the courage to approach him, but maybe someday (he is always with Robbie Findley… also quite a handsome lad).

  5. gauchokiki says:

    Nay. White guys shouldn’t have dreads, that’s just all there is to it. Too bad cause he’s quite cute otherwise.

  6. yo mama says:

    Hell ya I would! He’s hot!

  7. kaya says:

    Maybe if he promised to never set foot on the field for the US besides friendlies…

  8. sounderslove says:

    Lauren: Fredy doesn’t get enough love around here. It makes me sad.

  9. Erin says:

    Hell. No. I bet he's stinky.

  10. I like the bohemian, relaxed, laid back vibe that dreadlocks seem to have. So I’d go for him.

  11. Mackenzie says:

    I soooo would.

  12. Avenath says:

    Have no problems with dreadlocks…so, yeah, i so would…

  13. Matilda says:

    I soooo would

  14. Lenny says:

    It’s one thing to not be into his hair style, but it’s completely ridiculous to assume that he’s dirty, has lice, or smells bad because of his hair style. Get real, and by the way, people with dreadlocks can wash there hair just as often as anyone else.

    Obviously, I think Kyle is very good looking :)

  15. Venice says:

    I don't know… If he were a rock star, there might even be some appeal to it. It just doesn't go well with a football player.

  16. Terri says:

    I would, but the hair has got to go if there's going to be any future in it.

  17. Liz (Mrs. Vucinic) says:

    I really can't get past the hair… so it's an emphatic no.

  18. lindsaytorres says:

    yah i def would. and

    i love stuwart holden hes amazing

  19. carly says:

    I don’t mind the hair so much—wait, I do. But the hair is sexy from a distance (see Larsson) but the rest of him does nothing for me.

  20. FootballerChick43-&q says:

    I like the hair, actually. I'm actually a fan of the hippie-esque vibe on him, which is weird, because I generally hate that.

  21. Kristen (Mrs. Sebast says:

    Oh heck yes!! I love Kyle; have for ages! :D

  22. MissEstonia says:

    Cut the Ras Trent hair and you've got potential! The hippie-patch on his head is intimidating *rubs conditioner into own hair to ensure 100% protection against such unfortunate hair happening to self*

  23. Leah says:

    Oh YES I would go for him. He’s been in my daydreams forever now.

  24. Lauren says:

    Stu Holden and Fredy Montero are DEFINITELY cuties. Beckerman is growing on me, though.

    WTF was Blanco doing in that shoot? Seriously he just looks like a creepy dad in that shirt. So out of place, haha.

  25. MUfcMarie says:

    This guy, no. But did someone just mention Stu Holden?! Because, ABSOLUTELY!

  26. Amyy says:

    The Video Just won me over ( Yes, I am that shallow :/)

    The hair is still a problem tho.

  27. Baby Freya says:

    The hair….I just can't get past the hair!

  28. Maristela says:

    Really appreciated him.

  29. Katie says:

    He's actually pretty handsome under there. I want to invite him to a slumber party and do makeovers.

  30. Mel says:

    What about this? A photo shoot with a photographer from Salt Lake City……

    Cleans up nicely!

  31. Fer_Lahm says:

    Kyle.. losiento yo solo conosco a Cuahtemoc Blanco, LMAO


  32. shay says:

    Hey Kim I love Stu Holden! Such a cutie. His tweets always make me smile! Let’s Go Dynamo!

  33. Lynx says:

    No no and no. The dreadlocks :s

  34. Nandia Mrs The Ramos says:

    I so would,hair and all!

  35. Sarah says:

    Like many people, I’ve got hair issues with him. I love all my US boys, but I always feel this strange sense of annoyance when I see him. It’s a no for me.

  36. Kile says:

    i kind of dig it.

  37. eighmee says:

    yes yes yes! he's gorgeous!

  38. Boston Red says:

    No way because I already know he smells bad.

  39. shay says:

    oops, sorry I mean Kym.

  40. Kym says:

    We call Kyle "Sideshow Bob" whenever he comes to town, although I had no idea how….yummy.. his his hip cleavage is. I'll have to take a closer look Saturday when he comes to town to play my Dynamo.

    What do y'all think of young Stuart Holden – the blonde cutie in the video with Kyle? Stuart has been tearing it up with t e Houston dynamo and the USMNT. We LOVE him here in Houston.

  41. sounderslove says:

    while we're on the subject of mls, what about fredy montero from seattle sounders? sure he has some cesc-alike base-layer issues, but his hair is reasonable.

  42. Cindy says:

    goodness gracious i did not know Kyle was packing all the under his jersey… hey hey! i'm all about it! i can deal with the hair for all that

  43. jenny says:

    my sister in law got lice from a guy with dreads, so i'm gonna have to pass on the otherwise delicious kyle.

  44. Zatti says:

    hate his hair…

    if he shave it off however…

  45. shay says:

    I just can't get past the hair, it so, um, 1995. And as to my understanding this is not a hairdo (okay hair don't) that can be washed on anything resembling a regular basis. Big ewww for that! Nope, just can't do it.

  46. Blair says:

    I think I could only handle him with a hairnet. I don't want my pillows smelling of hippies. Ick.