March 23rd, 2011

Would You? Martin Vingaard, FC Copenhagen

Would You danish midfielder

Image: Cheers, Elsebeth!

Ladies and gents, we’re pleased to present Martin Vingaard for your Wednesday afternoon treat.  This great Dane is both tall and age-appropriate, so no need to internalise your guilty, pervtastic feelings today.

We first salivated over Mr. Vingaard after seeing him emerge fresh-faced from the snoozefest that was last week’s Champions League tie between his team and Chelsea. Follow-up instructions called for a closer, slower inspection, and…well…it was all downhill from there. Amid the cocktail chaos, one staffer went as far as her beer tower tall to proclaim how, with a little more blood and robot grease, Vingaard could be a darkhorse contender for a refreshed Finest Five list.

Image: Nils Meilvang.

Yowsers. With that, let’s cut to the chase: his positives include being multi-dimensionally hawt (smile + stare = win) his tongue and his inability to hold back when it counts.  The negatives? Just one – over time, it appears, Martin’s head has had a hard time choosing between the next-to-nothing bald buzz before giving fully-erect follicles a go. It’s a minor blemish on his criminally cute record, but for all intensive purposes, we’ll be monitoring his super-sprouting strands-on-command closely.

So what’ll it be, Kickettes – a resounding ‘yay’? Or do you think he needs a few more miles on the clock before joining the ranks of the fine and talented?

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38 Responses to “Would You? Martin Vingaard, FC Copenhagen”

  1. TracyD says:

    Yes! Yes! A thousand YES!

  2. ChrissyB says:

    YES….totally yes.
    I did tweet to you at Kickette about this man, so I'm going to claim I had something to do with it. But in reality, you ladies never miss a beat!

  3. lyricm9 says:


  4. May I also introduce you to some more delish ( and young danes)
    Jonas Lôssl…

    Nicolai Jørgensen:×403-c/2955…

    You are welcome :-)

  5. Girls he's out for 6 months after a Lampard tackle in the CL match. Here here I volunteer to nurse hm back to health!

  6. hello_arletta says:

    Oh god yeah.

  7. BlackRose says:

    oh god, I SO would…

  8. franciss ortega says:

    Hell yeah!

  9. someone who likes films and books says:

    A loud resounding YEEEEEEEEES!

  10. rainstarmcgee says:

    oh sweet baby Jesus Navas! over and over…..

    i second him being in the new Finest Five.

  11. Erika says:

    YAY!!!! Just don't replace Nando or Cesc and everyone will be happy =]

  12. livealittle says:

    i sure would, kickette. i. sure. would.

  13. Mafellite says:

    I can't speak Dansk. Not that I'd need to, just "mange tak" after some kissing :-P
    Deffo, yay.

  14. laligagirl says:

    A definite YES from me ;)

  15. SoccerDuckie says:

    oh hells YES YES YES YES YES! As soon as the page loaded I went 'PHWARRRRRRRRR!!!'
    Did I say Yes already? =)

  16. ms. mamacita says:

    Yes mam,…………… [ to the Kickette crew] have you seen the cover of El País Semanal men’s fashion special with Victor Valdez !!???!!

    Well if you haven't, i think you should. Its better than your favorite cupcake and goes better with wine.

  17. Amber says:

    Well, hello there……

  18. Sarah says:

    No, I wouldn't say "Yes!"

    I would say "I do!"

  19. chay says:

    The fact that i yelled out a loud "oh my god!" when the kickette page loaded means a big fat YAY!

    god bless hot danish footballers!

  20. mat says:

    We got a lot more than just him in Denmark, but Martin is so cute!

  21. mochara says:

    Can a fish swim?? YESSS!!!!!

  22. Nata says:

    He is a beautiful man.

  23. Lashes says:

    No question about that wouldn't hesitate if i saw him.. But there are definitely hotter danes and players from FCK than him. I love Oscar Wendt FCKs swedish defender..

  24. Maria Isabel Valencia-Lopez says:


  25. mel says:

    He has a girlfriend

  26. Melanie Gedeon says:

    im suprised i already havent.

  27. MaryD says:

    Yesssssss. His eyes are gorgeous!

  28. Rossanera says:

    He's SO handsome!

  29. Alex says:

    Since we're talking danish footballers, you might wanna take a look at Zanka Jorgensen and Christian Sivebæk

  30. LAB says:

    Is that a serious question? An overly enthusiastic hell to the YAY!

  31. blake2108 says:

    There are hotter Danes, but I would