April 28th, 2010

WTF Files: If Guti’s Piggies Could Talk…

Would they describe his lust for his new lady friend as sweet and sexy or a bit attention-starved?

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41 Responses to “WTF Files: If Guti’s Piggies Could Talk…”

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  2. kary says:

    I hope to be with Gotti in one room and aqeeqah his belt and then licking the Sderhaari sweaty and then aqeeqah thighs and buttocks and playing with each other throughout the night I Vonam a bed in one of these my wish in life

  3. doli says:

    Guti, I love you! You are sexy, talented, and have an amazing personality. BUT you need to STOP having random flings with these young models who are only using you for your fame and money.

    They have no desire to marry or be with you –based on those pictures– and they will make awful step-mothers to your children.

    As for that hair, I don’t even want to comment on it, because it’s so dreadful! I suggest you take a page from the Henry and learn how to dress yourself. You have the money so you shouldn’t be looking like a twelve year old girl whose family is living in a shelter.

  4. doli says:

    Not sure if anyone looked through the gallery, but it seems as if Guti has been busy! Who are all those women!?! I can't speak spanish so idk what they are saying underneath the photo, but he seems to be enjoying his fame and money.

    The latest girl seemed so sad, almost as if she was being held hostage!

  5. I’m soooo gonna copy this look. It’s so cute…^_^

  6. Emily says:

    ok – the hair is totally silly… as for the pictures with that girl – i can’t fathom anyone looking less interested in a situation than she does. she almost looks as if she is just waiting for her pay day… any idea of the age difference between the two?

    • doli says:

      She looks thin fragile and tired so i'm guessing 5. That possibly can't be a relationship! It looks so staged how softly he's holding her and how sad she looks.

      They might have been "together" but a piece of ass doesn't last that long sweety! he's going to dump her soon.

  7. Mel says:

    I don’t understand the reason behind that due… Guti is so hot, but it fades a little with that due. And WHY, his hair is not even that long, why would he feel he needs hair bands. It just wrong.
    Unfortunately his recent love of the hair bands, has rubbed off on The Ramos, who has put his hair in a ponytail lately. SO WRONG!

    If Guti was kissing me, I wouldn’t give a damn about anything else. I don’t think the girl is appreciating, what she’s got!

  8. Amber says:

    The hair is strangely endearing might be because I’m a little distracted by how hot he looks when he’s about to kiss that girl.

    Okay I get the Guti sex appeal now. I’m all won over.

  9. FootballerChick43 - says:

    Oh, dear, Guti.

    If those things could talk, they would say "Someone get me out of here!"

  10. Molly says:

    OMG Guti looks super hot in those pictures of him kissing his new gf!!!

    • MrsNesta says:

      Agree, think I've got a thing for Guti, defo when he's in his kit, not sure how I feel about this…. :)

      • Molly says:

        I know right!!! I am not sure how I feel about it either because when he is in his kit and his hair is back in that band I find it really sexy lololol!! And he really isn't my type…there is just something about him.

    • Trisha (Mrs Iker Cas says:

      I agree, he does looks sexy!!! but his lady looks anorexic? Or is it just me seeing things? lol

      • Molly says:

        I agree she looks anorexic and maybe thats why she looks so bored. Because if Guti was looking that sexy kissing me I would be showing more enthusiasm :) ! lol

        • doli says:

          I think she's upset because Guti was to busy checking himself out to buy her a meal. She look so tired and haggered! She has nice hair color, but the body is flat and frizzy.

          It's as if he's kissing a sack of bones!

  11. senora ramos says:

    i actually think he looks cute. for a 12 year old girl. guti love, you are a 32 yr old MAN (sometimes). i still love you and think you are a tempermental genius.

    and thea, actually the are saying i'm about to get paid bank in dubai. happy birthday, love. i hope you have enough alcohol!

  12. beth says:

    she looks bored

  13. Thea says:

    I think they are saying – I'd rather be playing for Barcelona! Good luck tonight boys!