November 1st, 2012

WTF Files: Our Server

Having trouble accessing the site? That’s because our server left early to get a good spot at the pub before the Chelsea/Manchester United match and after Frankenstorm hit.

Apparently we’ve been getting excessive hits from certain IP addresses which melted down some doohickey or other and thus, Kickette is on a semi-martini break. We suspect the excessive hits are coming from those looking for hot photos of Iker Casillas, or possibly those seeking an update with regards to our Finest Five vacancy. Alas, we can only provide one of those things at the mo.

A fascinating question as brought to us by a lovely reader: Does the sexification of Iker Casillas from the eyebrows down in the photo above outweigh the severe and devastating levels of fugliness from his eyebrows up? Take your time, it truly is not an easy answer.

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13 Responses to “WTF Files: Our Server”

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  2. All I ask for is honesty and a reasonable amount of attention to the illness as it presents itself. One vascular surgeon lead us down the wrong path after a complication that he explained as a condition over which he had no control. I was disabled by it for several years. My most excellent physician discovered the real problem and gave me the right beta blocker to fix it.

  3. That worked very well and was satisfying for both of us. I wouldn't want to be a doctor because the hours are awful and the responsibility for the lives and well being of the patient are so critical.

  4. My point is, not once did I think a law suit was the answer to the problem. Twice, I asked for a referral to another doctor and once I worked it through with the doctor who made the mistake.

  5. klimaservisi says:

    Three times, doctors have apologized for a bad diagnosis causing a life threatening result. One acute care RN made a bad assessment and failed to monitor me. The acute care had two patients, me and another one and the nursing station was full of people on computers. I guess they had reports to write and side duties to perform.

  6. black widow says:

    actually, it's a perfectly easy answer: the words "iker casillas" and "severe and devastating levels of fugliness" should NEVER be used in the same sentence. he's perfectly lovely, hair and all. end of.

    shame on you, kickette!

    • Carla says:

      I agree-he is quite a catch.Gorgeous,talented,rich,modest…I wonder if he can cook.Hmmm.No,surely he couldn't get any more perfect.

  7. Jayy says:

    He's hot either way! Helloooo – this is St. Iker we're talking about!

  8. HiL says:

    loved the phrasing of the question XD

  9. Madrista says:

    He is San Iker and do no wrong in my books. He'll, I even ignore his fugly sense of fashion and his murse collection so his shifting hairline doesn't make a diff to me at all!!

  10. Natalie says:

    Oh look, Iker graduated!! And he is proud of it!!! Good Boy!!!

  11. Natalie says:

    Oh look, iker graduated and he is proud of it!!!!

  12. Miss XOXO says:

    Well done…..