January 26th, 2011

WTF QOTD: Richard Keys & Andy Gray – UPDATED

Helmets might be more appropriate protection, lads. Image via 101greatgoals.com

UPDATED UPDATE: Andy Gray has been sacked. BOOYAH! Ahem.

UPDATE: Rumour has it that the ‘gentlemen’ have apologised, but Sky Sports News have confirmed the pair will not be fronting tonight’s coverage of Bolton vs. Chelsea on Sky.

For those of you in abject despair over the matter, Rio Ferdinand & Kenny Dalglish have offered their thoughts and us hope that other men involved football do not share these views. For those who think the whole matter is being blown out all proportion, please enjoy another female perspective.

We’re going for a drink lie down.

Our hearts leapt into our mouths this weekend (a difficult look to pull off, admittedly) whilst we were watching the Wolves vs. Liverpool game. Female official Sian Massey was running the line (left) at the match and her presence prompted what we could only describe as a flurry of activity in the Kickette office as we completed our referee school application forms and fantasised at the potential proximity to short tents and baller thighs. (Getty Images/Zimbio)

However, apparently not everyone shares our enthusiasm for this level of female involvement in the game.

Sky Sports commentators Richard Keys & Andy Gray had this to say during an unguarded moment in which they apparently believed their mics were off.

Richard Keys: ‘Somebody better get down there and explain offside to her.’

Andy Gray: ‘Can you believe that? A female linesman. Women don’t know the offside rule.’

In case you can’t quite believe it, here’s the audio.

Being women, we’re not really qualified to comment on such complex footballing matters, so we shall just back away quietly whilst brandishing a reverse peace sign.

We doubt you guys will remain so quiet. Any response, Kickettes male and female?

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126 Responses to “WTF QOTD: Richard Keys & Andy Gray – UPDATED”

  1. Clare says:

    Good to hear that they both paid for their remarks. It sounds even worse when you listen to the audio, just disgusting.

  2. keziah says:

    Gray got sacked for an incident in December when he asked a female co-host to tuck his microphone down his shorts and now Keys is in trouble for referring to a woman as it and asking Jamie Redknapp several times if he "smashed it"… which also happened a while ago. How come its taken this long for someone to stand up to these ignoramous's?

  3. Goonergirl says:

    "He's a fat sexist knob and he doesnt have a job, Andy Gray, Andy Gray…" Looking fwd to singing that this weekend. As much as im sure there were lots of reasons OTHER than the Sian Massey comment that have lead to Gray's sacking, i think it sends out a good message that sexism shouldnt be tolerated in football. As ive frequently experienced negative and sexists comments from male fans when ive been in the pub or even in the stadium, Im also really pleased that its raised the discussion in the British press.

  4. Caitlin says:

    What I think is a real shame is that Sian Massey was pulled from yesterday's game at Crewe because of all the media attention.

    She did a great job, but unfortunately she will always be remembered for this sorry incident.

  5. IrishBlue says:

    Take a bow son….now remove him from the FIFA 12 commentary….please and thank you :)

  6. Jimmy Fourshoes says:

    Hahahaha, top lads.

  7. Catie says:

    I highly suggest everyone checks out today's Studs Up comic and blog.

  8. Jen says:

    2 English commentators taken off air for sexism
    By STEVE DOUGLAS, AP Sports Writer

  9. C16 says:

    Oh please!!! Those idiots! I bet she could do their jobs 10000 times better!!!
    I can't even… Ugh, it's so disgusting that this being 2011, stuff like this still happens.

  10. randomsausage says:

    It's good to know that the shite spouted by Andy Gray on FIFA 11, extends into real life. +1 for the boffins at EA Sports for capturing the essential wanker within.

  11. Gill says:

    It's a token gesture to suspend them, but one that needed to be done nonetheless. Not only did two experienced journos/pundits make very crass and sexist remarks, they were both so unrepentant when challenged about it afterwards.

    Twats. Deserve to be made a scape goat of.

    The lines woman did a good job, and it's about time the patriarchal boys club known as football got used to seeing more non WAG females employed in the game.

  12. NiiiNAAA says:

    If i had the chance I would go and smack the sexism out of these two.

  13. kitty1979 says:

    Sky discipline Andy Gray & Richard Keys over comments!

  14. Cdawg says:

    How it works… http://xkcd.com/385/
    So true for many non-typically-female endeavours. Like footy or driving or math…. Apparently. It's a shame that women have to do a job twice as well to be thought of as half as good.

  15. charlie says:

    we're not all like that i promise. this is just gray and keys at their knobish best

  16. D0li says:

    It just shows you what happens when your head is up your ass.

  17. meh says:

    I am not going to waste my time on these two so I'll just sum up: Ignorant sexists dick'eds

  18. Anne says:

    For the record, Rio followed up his support for lineswomen (?) by saying this: "Did anyone see the decision the lineswoman made in the liverpool vs wolves game…top decision. Judge them like men on their ability to ref."

    Am I wrong in stumbling a bit over the wording 'judge them like men'?

    Maybe I'm just being female & feeling a little sensitive today… :)

  19. Bee says:

    The comments that they made were sexist and unprofessional. Seriously, they're questioning about her ability to referee when they don't even know the most basic of respect.

  20. Jules says:

    Andy Gray proved he was a moron with his “Messi couldn’t play on a cold night in Stoke” comment and now he’s proved he’s a sexist pig on top of it. Also, having had the displeasure of listening to his commentary before, he doesn’t seem to be clear on the role of the referee. The number of times he has complained that the refs were lying in wait for a player to step off side is mind boggling. I’m sorry, is the linesman supposed to warn the players they’re about to go offside?

  21. MadameGourcuff says:

    i saw a little of that game saturday and had to do a doubletake when i saw her. Girl Power! I wouldn't let those idiots bother me.

  22. Emma says:

    Well Done Sian Massey all her decisions were 100% correct!!

    I wonder what Andy and Richard will say on Monday Night Football when they use the stupid touch screen thingy to go over the Wolves-Liverpool game? I doubt the will be wrongly judging her then!

  23. Nel says:

    Long live female referees. A little bit of history http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,…

  24. Marie says:

    Evolution left these two guys behind. tats all i can say………

  25. Giggles says:

    The men are hardly in any position to judge, every single bloody weekend many of them show themselves to be incapable of doing the job.

    I love the fact she got biggest call correct, it just makes Keys and Grey look like bigger cocks than they already are (some would argue this is impossible).

  26. nandosfreckles says:

    bloody idiots.

  27. angrymob says:

    Are you serious?! Women can do what guys can do! What makes them think we're different?!

  28. and she was perfectly right. fire them!!

  29. CuleInglesa says:

    speaking as a UEFA B qualified female coach(presently coaching in Spain-how lucky am i!!) i have to say that how many top male referees each week make the wrong decision?!!replays def show she made the RIGHT decisions and its not easy in an environment like that under pressure…fair play to Ms Massey!!you go girl!!had a male referee taking my teams game yesterday who was pants…we won but some of his decisions were abysmal…..Gray & Keys need to move into the 21st century for sure…….out of order , unprofessional and downright childish they made those comments…should be made to apologise…………vamos chicas !!!

  30. NaNaNando says:

    They do realize that the game being dominated by male linesmen and all, practically ALL wrong offside rulings are currently made by men right?

  31. red_girl says:

    Smug dinosaurs. We need new younger presenters in football.

  32. dendrobiem says:

    Virtually EVERY footy game ever played has one, two and sometimes (OMG!) three inaccurate offsides calls. 8^0 No way!!! Linespeople can make mistakes?! say it ain't so!! And, they didn't know their microphones were on?! That's the most transparent excuse ever. Those clowns knew exactly what they were saying when they said it. Ladies, please don't insult Neanderthals with such comparisons to these obvious dinosaurs. Welcome to the new millenium, gents… prepare to dine on crow…

  33. Xanjie says:

    I have no words to describe Gray. She did so well, especially as the first goal, Poulsen's pass would have been a tough call- but she was 100% right. Most male officials would have gotten that one wrong.

  34. sophmatthews says:

    How terribly sexist.
    I am an umpire of Australian football (AFL) at senior amateur level where I am only 1 of 5 females across 3 leagues.
    I have always wanted to be a soccer linesman but it would clash with my own soccer matches each week.
    Good luck to her!

  35. orangerie says:

    nice comment on that gaffer link from alberteinstein:
    "The future of soccer is with more female referees. Only a woman knows when a man is faking it" – LOL and so true!

  36. SoccerrLoverrr says:

    You know how happy i was seeing a WOMAN linesPERSON?! (im nah even gonna say 'man') and then these sexist twats come along and comment how she doesnt know what she's doing? realli? how can some men be soo misogynistic and pathetic? Last time i checked, there were WOMAN PLAYING SOCCER/FOOTBALL.

    • Kal says:

      :) I think the PC term is an assistant referee…who happens to be a woman.
      Much like one would say Wayne Rooney is a footballer…who happens to look like Shrek. Just Saying :)

  37. ashmenon says:

    Richard's comment is subjective, depending on whether or not she actually DID gaff up the offside call. But Andy deserves a slap in the face, via a Prada stiletto. Ladies, just want you to know, there are MANY guys out there who respect women and who think women are excellent at footie rules (both my mom and sis yell at the screen during World Cup). Please don't let these sleazeballs lead you to believe otherwise.

  38. kay cee says:

    Man those guys are a**holes. Someone needs to kick their a**. They wouldn't have said it to a guy who would have gone through the same linesmen process as Sian so why the hell do they think its smart, right or fair to say what they did. I wanna punch those guys in the face. I don't even think people should be making such a big deal that there's a female's linesman. What are we in, the 18th Century???

    Honestly though, I'm a girl and I'm not 100% familiar with the offside rule but I'm not a linesman.

  39. Lily says:

    Men are so intimidated by women!

  40. Ess-Jay says:

    Hahahahahahah ohhh. This whole thing made me laugh. Of course we women don't know the offside rule. We don't know anything about football…. All we know is how to make sandwiches! Lol.

    No, but seriously. I used to enjoy Andy Gray. Now I've lost some respect for that man. Douche bags….
    But, totally stoked she got to be at that game. It's awesome when chicks get up there in the sporting world…. Now, just for some female managers in the EPL! :p

  41. LuvinBale says:

    I bet you if one of them was in need of medical attention or in danger they wouldn't think twice to have help from a female doctor or a female officer. But GOD FORBID a female referee's a game!! Oh the HUMANITY OF IT ALL!!!

    Give me a break. I have read most of the comments on this site and I know that my fellow Kickette soldier girls could not only ref a game but be better at commentating then these two. Plus we would be much better to look at.

    And way to go to Sian- I have never heard of a female referee in the US for any professional male sports. Good on you Sian!

    • MaddyKay says:

      The MLS has used female officials for over 10 years now! Sandra Hunt, Nancy Lay, Kari Seitz, to name names. :)

  42. Catie says:

    Wow. I really want to take that ball and smoosh it into their faces.

    On a happier note – way to go Sian Massey! Your presence may have pissed off basic neanderthals, but it's your presence that's going to make all the difference.

  43. Amy says:

    Many of us have not only been fans for years but have also played in women's soccer leagues, so yes, we really do know the offsides rule. I know more about futbol than 90% of the men I know, but of course I live in Texas….

  44. Danielle says:

    That is so sexist and disgusting. Go Sara!!!

  45. massive massey fan says:

    Dumb fucks.

    Sky must sack the pair of them (hell, Robbie Earle lost his job for less).

    This would not be tolerated for off-air remarks caught about a non-white match official – why is it any different if it's a woman professional doing her job? (and who got the bloody thing right, ffs?)

  46. Helen says:

    The comments made by the presenters were a disgrace. Sex should never be an indicator as to how well you do a job – it's the 21st century, for San Iker's sake. People praising Massey for doing her job well seems a bit patronising, tbh, but I'm definitely praising her for dealing with this bullshit, though – she probably has to hear crap like Andy Gray's comments a lot.

  47. senora ramos says:

    un-effing-believable! sad thing is as so many have said, NOT a DAMN thing will happen to these 2 idiots. it actually makes it worse that they thought it wasn't going to be overheard. what pigs.

    on a much happier note, congrats massey not only on the right call, but being out there in the first place.

    • senora ramos says:

      i was so excited to hear that ass was fired. very deservedly! way to have the balls!

  48. Thanks for posting Kickette: I just ran the line for my son's all star yesterday and I was nervous, but after this egregious sexism, partially because there are so few women refs, even in kids games. Ladies, we NEED to get out there and show these men what we can do.

  49. Stacey says:

    This is so embarrassing it's hurting my head.

    The commentators themselves are bad enough, but the fact that there were congratulations afterwards because she understood the offside rule… it is her f*****g job to understand what to do, which cannot be said for those two ignorant a*******s.

  50. EmmylovesWho says:

    urgh these two clowns need to watch their tongues and moreover their attitudes.

  51. Nando y Geri 4ever says:

    "Women don't know the offside rule" Seriously? Just because we are women does not mean we don't know anything about football. Hell, I know more about football then most of the men I'm around

  52. Lily says:

    The fact that these disrespectful bastards are allowed to get away with this is disgusting. It’s not the first time that they do this either, they have already offended Theo Walcott before. I’m glad that my commentators were very respectful and praised the wonderful job that she did. We can complain about this here: http://www.skysports.com/contactus

  53. L.V.B says:

    The stone age passed by guys….don't know if someone has told them that yet.

    If anyone wants to complain, you can do it hat OFCOM or contact Sky Sports through there website.

  54. Ayah says:

    You have no idea how happy i was to see this, but then these two idiots utter these words, what tottal bullish, seriously????????? so what just because she has boobs and no dangling boody parts she's not qualified, these sexist idiots need a good knock on the head. Sian Massey well done honey :)

  55. Elisa says:

    Thanks for posting this, Kickette. This is just absolutely pathetic–she was CORRECT in her call for the first would-be goal for the Wolves. The commentators were wrong, and the replays prove that. Women don't know offsides? Well this woman played soccer for ten years, and I happen to know EXACTLY what offsides is. If it had been a man who had made that call, would they have had that discussion and jumped immediately to gender? NO.

    What's sad is that nothing is probably going to happen to these men. They've been in the business for years, and a lot of (backward) people probably agree that a woman has no place calling a men's game.

    Good for Massey. It takes a lot of guts to do that. She made correct calls throughout the game…which is more than a lot of her male counterparts can say.

  56. Michaella says:

    Idiots, but theres a bright side these silly men got caught, it's Karma bitches!!!! Excuse my swearing KIckette

  57. mochara says:

    Sexist bishes! This is ridiculous she made an extremely important decision in the first goal of the match and she was right! They're just jealous that women are better decision makers than men…… :'(

  58. @SweetNohemi says:

    Mena and their machista world! I hate it when men think the women's only place is the kitchen. The girl is pretty…

  59. Bri says:

    There are so many nasty things that I want to say to them that I can't quite pick just one! That was so disrespectful. I hate how dismissive men can be when a woman knows a thing or two about sports. Sian is a professional! One would assume that the appropriate knowledge goes along with the title! Of course plenty of male referees have made bone headed decisions that prove this wrong…especially in the EPL.

  60. I bet lots of men find those remarks funny. I also know the offside rule, its a bit hard following football if you don't know it. Idiots. Kelly Cates, King Kenny's daughter, wrote this on her twitter earlier: Phew am exhausted. Just read about something called "the offside rule". Too much for my tiny brain. Must be damaged from nail polish fumes.
    HA I love her

  61. MadRuskiGunner says:

    here is what Rio had to say about this ladies: rioferdy5
    What’s wrong with a woman being an official in a football game? I’m cool with it,all that counts is do they get the decisions right #simples

  62. rubyqueen says:

    oh god what a load of sexist bastards.how is it hard to beleve that a woman doesn't know offside.???i'm sorry but which year are we living in 2011 or 1929.???

  63. Wow says:

    I am already jealous of her! As for those 2, Really?

  64. Kalasoma says:

    I just fired off a complaint to Sky Sports about these two neaderthals. They have previous where disturbing and demeaning comments are concerned. I wish they could just disappear, into a plastic bag, under a bridge somewhere. Anywhere as far as it's away from a football commentary box. But don't think they'll even get a slap across the knuckles for this. Knuckle-draggers.

    • elcynico says:

      I tried to complain to Sky but couldn't locate the form on their website. Could you tell me where you found it please? elcynico

  65. EllieLUFC says:

    Yes, but in order to be a lineswoman she must know the offside rule (but of course, being so up on their footy knowledge, they know this)
    I know the offside rule, and other female football fans I know know the offside rule. I've talked to some guys who don’t know the offside rule. I think people should stop generalising and just move on from this 'women cant play football' crap!
    it’s the 21st century for god’s sake! We should be well rid of sexists by now.

  66. JulieFromParis says:

    Quelle bande de gros porcs sérieux!!!! Dumb and dumber are just big frustrated pigs, who probably once wished they could make it as professional ballers or even as ref and who weren't neither fit enough nor bright enough to do it!!! Some men and there inferiority complex… seriously…

  67. @Lyandra says:

    I really hope they get fired. Neanderthals like that will take us back a 100 years.

  68. fcbFan says:

    this is so embarrassing for them! i mean, how stupid do you have to be to say stuff like this in all seriousness? they really come off as uninteligent and uneducated. Where have they been the last 50 years?

  69. LoseThatGirl says:

    All I can say…. guys, GROW UP! What a bunch of immature jerks broadcasting football matches. You would think it was 1961, not 2011. Shameful.

  70. @linvinnaar says:

    Sexism is as bas as racism. I'm wondering how long it'll take before they end up in body bags.
    What? Did they think Fernando Torres was too hot for Ms Awesome Massey to handle (or are they just jealous gay twats?) that she'd decide an offside isn't an offside if it concerns Spanish footballers?

    And for the record, Nando's goal wasn't offside.

    Andy Gray and Richard Keys are just attention-seeking cunts who WILL pay for their brainless sexism rant someday.

  71. Eiro says:

    What is wrong with them?? I watched the game and she was doing a perfectly good job!! I’ve seen so many more male referees make a shitload of mistakes!! She was un-biased, didn’t give out to many cards, or to little. She was really good and some people just need to realize that it’s not only men that like the sport! Seriously! Grow a pair and just admit that you’re wrong already guys!!

  72. IrishBlue says:

    Andy Gray makes a living out of talking through his arse and this just proves it.

  73. Whitney Hot4Spurs says:

    I was very happy to see her! Yet another woman to show us that we have chosen the wrong career.

  74. Cassandra says:

    How disgusting. They should join up with Arshavin, he loves women too.

  75. anna says:

    she got to shake fernando's hand. i am so jeaous.

  76. AKA says:

    Even the Sun is taking them to task. That's how despicable they are.

    To paraphrase them: Ms. Massy got stick from Wolves, but her offside decision WAS SHOWN TO BE CORRECT ON THE REPLAYS.

    Great commentating, really. Not only are they bigoted, but apparently blind as well.

    I can't even.

  77. lorena_yGp says:

    They just disrespected:
    1)their mothers
    2)and their wifes
    3)and their sisters
    4)and their daughters…
    and you would think that we live in 21 century….

    • simone says:


    • headbandsandheartbreak says:

      Well said, Lorena. Sian did a good job. They should be censured. I mean, what century are these bastards in? She wouldn't be a premiership linesman (linesperson, whatever) if she didn't know her shit.

    • Kal says:

      and might I add
      5) People who do their jobs properly.

      Sian Massey should sit them down and explain the offside rule to these so called experts.

    • Brenna J. says:

      5)Don't forget their cousins
      7)Females everywhere
      8)The hookers they pick up on the night eve's of the weekends.

  78. Linda says:

    I couldn't beleive how the ESPN commentatores were speaking of her – shocked and giddy that she had made a correct call! – but this is just off-the-charts caveman-ish. Actually hearing these two for myself really hits it home though. Saddens me so much when all I wanted was to enjoy Kenny's first win, a FANTASTIC Meireles volley, and seeing a woman out there taking part in the match.

  79. Ellie says:

    I think its disgusting that some people still have this kind of view. Its 2011 for Christ’s sake, I thought we’d have gotten rid of the sexists by now.
    Ignorance. That’s all it is. Do you really think that she’s be allowed to be a lineswoman if she didn’t know the offside rule? Obviously not! So how much do YOU really know about football?
    I mean, she did better thank most linesmen I’ve seen in my years of watching football, and she made perfect judgement before the first Torres goal (but, I’m a woman, what would I know about that kind of thing?)
    I’m so flippin’ angry right now, its unreal.
    I hope that one day men (and some women) get over this bigoted opinion and the world of football moves even further forward into equality.

  80. Nat says:

    I've been watching football since I wore diapers. I know every rule there is about football, so put a sock in it Keys & Grey. Us female species should fight for the right of being as close as possible to our beloved footies ♥ Who's with me?

    • Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

      Gurl count me in! =)

      • TA10 says:

        You girls disgust me. Football is a male sport. Why is it that way, you may ask? Because scientists have proven that without any single doubt that men are physically stronger than women.

        Even God said so.

        So there should not be any linesWOMAN refereeing a game in a professional football match, ever.

        • Sergz says:

          Well if women can't participate in sports, simply because men are stronger, then men should be banned from their studies. Since research shows that women are stronger in school than men. Correct?

          You twat. I'm better at football than many male friends.

        • @DebStimson says:

          to quote Kickette
          I "shall just back away quietly whilst brandishing a reverse peace sign."

        • Ktw says:

          You are so dumb. You make religious people look bad by bringing God in as a way to oppress people.

        • orangerie says:

          physically stronger? a team of 11 strong men can't play a decent game if they're stupid. don't insult the game.

        • kitty1979 says:

          YOU disgust me, if football is only for men why are you looking at and posting comments on a site aimed primarily at women?

          If men are stronger than women why do some footballers roll around on the ground touching their faces when they've barely been clipped in the leg by another bloke?

          Also I think you'll find that they are now called referees assistants NOT linesman!

        • EM. says:

          I'm sorry but this is so ridiculous. "God said so" is hardly any reasoning, let alone one that makes sense.

          I'm not certain scientists have proven that all men are physically stronger than all women but they have conclusively shown that women have a higher threshold for pain than men do. Where does that figure in your sexist line of thinking?

          LMAO @ "football is a male sport". Marta, Lira Bajramaj, Ji So-Yun and Alex Popp are enough to prove you wrong on that account.

        • Liz says:

          You disgust me! For a start it is likely some women can be physically stronger than a man it depends on the individual you moron. Secondly Football is also about Skill, where does it state men are more skillful then Women??????

          And referring to everyone as 'Girls' just sums up your mentality, get gone you WUM!!!!! Mummy might shout at you for being on the computer past your bedtime!

          I'd like YOU to take on the Woman's England's football team and see how you get on!!!! Lol Ta Ta

  81. DarcieVidic says:

    Ohhhh how i would talk andy gray's ear off about the offside rule if i was put in a room with him.
    He would rue the day he made that comment, i swear down.
    Absolutely disgusting.
    I doubt they will get punished for it though, unlike the guys who made racist comments about black players.. also completely disgusting.. but i mean, why should sexism be viewed any differently to racism?

  82. Erica says:

    Wow. Just wow. Very classy guys.

    Now I'm really glad ESPN (US) had Steve Mcmanaman & Ian Darke doing commentary. They mentioned there was a female official, and only said on one call she was "eager" to prove herself which I thought was a bit patronizing. Other than that they applauded her job well done and pretty much ignored the fact that she was (gasp!) female.

    [Mostly I was too distracted by the two of them talking about what a slut Macca is and how he'd belong to anyone for a new pair of boots or a few drinks. Good to know.]

    • Whitney Hot4Spurs says:

      I would have to agree with you! I could tell that they were sort of being careful in what they said about her.

    • lvgirl says:

      us media has a zero tolerance policy for stuff like that. they would have been fired immediately for saying something like that on air, because of the viewer complaints. oh btw, MLS soccer hires women for the various team jobs.

  83. Soon2beWifeOfNAsri says:

    Keys and Gray are cavemen just because they are able to use flashy graphics and Minority Report style replay screens does not hide the fact they're stuck in he 70s with a stick up there behind. A lot of women follow football & also have season tickets to watch their teams. It's a breath of fresh air to see a female linesperson in a male dominated sport, so here's hoping this is just the beginning of a new era for equal opps! Like racism, there should be no place for sexism & small minded comments like those expressed by thses two idiots. There are no excuses, they should be sacked & send a warning that this is not acceptable today. I wonder if the two numbskulls have daughters? maybe their wives are also still chained to the kitchen sink?

    I knw it was a private conversation betwen the two but isnt it scary how they actual still view women, gosh i thought this was 2011 not 1960 and people have diff opinions i guess i was wrong.

    • WG13o says:


    • Liz says:

      See that's just it!

      Some men are claiming that because it was a private conversation it shouldn't be an issue. Well as you have rightly stated it just shows it IS an issue, as men seems to hold these views in their everyday lives. That's the worrying thing for me. And although many men have defended women on this account, it's frightening how many other men have shown their true colours during this fiasco. :(

  84. blake2108 says:

    There are not enough swear words to describe Andy Gray.

    She did a good job, fair play to her. And this is a guy speaking.

  85. Ida says:

    Those men disgust me. I think she did great.

    • BellaforMadrid says:

      Yeah, it's very disrespectful what they said. They have every right to complain about an official, but they have no right to complain about it AND say that it was because she was a woman.

      • Leya_S says:

        I was SOOOOO excited to see her! I was like "YES!!! Sepp Blatter are you doing SOMETHING right for once?"
        …and then my next thought was "My God, props to her for being so brave because I guarantee that ppl (men) are gonna be making all sorts of comments about her refereeing just bc she's a woman".
        And I was right, unfortunately. I agree that there was one offsides call she made that was not offsides, but referees make mistakes all the time, and a lot of male referees have made even WORSE mistakes at, say, World Cup level! Like you said, the fact that they complained about the call and said it was becaue she's a woman was just absoulutely effing rude and ridiculous.
        How can we protest this and bring it to FIFA/Sky Sport's attention that those sorts of comments are just unacceptable?!?!?!

  86. Lotte (Zlatanista) says:

    Sad, disrespectful, but not surprising. The world of sports is somewhat of a last bastion for the misogynic. But I'm sure that the times are changing, and that those guys will have a rather shameful awakening when they realize that the world around them are moving forward while they are stuck in the mud.

    • kitty1979 says:

      Well said, I have been watching football for over 20 years and know more about it than some blokes do. I still get dodgy looks when I say I like football and most presume I like it because my other half does.

      I have always enjoyed watching Richard & Andy but gotta say this puts me off somewhat.

      Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the majority of the banter about football about wrong decisions or disagreement over decisions made by MALE referees/ officials???????

  87. It's just plain ignorance, really.

  88. EspePique says:

    Wtf ?! They should be ashamed , she did her work wery good… Just because she's a female doesnt mean that she dont know anything about offside , she even did better than most male referees in the premier league.

    • lorena_yGp says:

      Unfortunately I think that worst from these two is yet to come-can you imagine comments they are going to make as soon as she makes an error!?