March 20th, 2007

WTF Files: Frank Lampard Attacked

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Here’s the thing about football.  Many of the people who watch it are complete idiots.

And by idiots, we mean tossers.  Nitwits.  With extra toes and/or unbrushed teeth.

At the Tottenham/Chelsea FA cup match on Wednesday, a fan/lunatic/dumb ass ran onto the pitch and threw a punch at Frank Lampard. This Frank Lampard, he of cute-baby-holding-while-the-wife-tears-through-the-credit-cards fame.

Luckily, Frank ducked and dived and avoided his face connecting with the fist of a random hooped up hooligan.  All whilst shirtless.

Nice one Frank.

By the way, the unidentified attacker got the living snot beat out of him afterwards, so all is well.

For more, check out the video at The Offside

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