March 14th, 2008

WTF Files: Long-Ass Trouser Legs


It’s not just Coleen McLoughlin who has been afflicted with the dreaded long-ass trouser leg disease.

It’s spreading in the community, Kickettes.

Cheryl Cole stepped out for lunch today (still sans wedding ring), looking her usual cute self – but with trouser legs that are collecting a wide variety of ants and London street disease in their seams.

Another recent victim? None other than Victoria Beckham.

No one is safe. Consider yourselves warned; have your tailor/seamstress on speed dial.


Random semi-related but v amusing: Ashley Cole has been voted the worst husband by readers of Eve magazine. This take on this situ will set your Friday off right:

“And now poor, poor Cheryl has decided to stick with this awful man, bearing through with nothing but £90,000 a week and a choice of sixteen bedrooms to weep in. And she still has the guts to go on the cover of magazines and the front pages of newspapers every single day and talk about her misery. How do you do it, Cher? How? F*ck that guy who wrote a book with just his eyelid, you truly deserve the award for most exceptional human being of all time.”

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47 Responses to “WTF Files: Long-Ass Trouser Legs”

  1. Is that a BlackBerry bag ? This site makes me smile, thanks for taking the time to post. OK as long as it doesn't rain – wet flappy material slapping round your legs, not a good look.

  2. Evgeniy says:

    I’m surprised <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="smile" style="border:0;" />

  3. Marianna says:

    We shall learns :-D

  4. Very cute one, thanks!

  5. Yuri says:

    The beautiful girl!

  6. You should take a rest a little, and check her trousers wink. Very cute

  7. Maybe I spend too long each day repairing computers, but I never even noticed the length of her trousers !

  8. These always look great until it start to rain. Then urgh horrible wet flappy material slapping round your legs, not a good look.  The only good thing with fashion is things don’t tend to hang around too long.  Whats next – Any guesses ?

  9. I lived in Barcelona back in 2004 everyone was wearing thier jeans like this. It looks stupid like young lads with no arse showing off thier boxers. Another stupid fashion look, but if your in the know then your in the know.

  10. Cheryl is keen to get cracking on new material and didn’t want to play second fiddle to anyone

  11. tammyv says:

    <url>>Didi and Carlo</url>

    Trying again.. I refuse to accept that I can’t master this.  Feel free to delate them as I go smile

  12. ela_xx says:

    I actually like wearing those, but not too long that it’d reach the floor. Just above the ankle is perfect. I can still get to show my heels, the most important part.

  13. It could be that Cheryl is introducing a new fashion – muslimesque (covering up western style, except for the face) – Well she has imposed a six month sex ban on poor on Ashley!!

  14. Wtf? says:

    At least with Victoria, you can still see a ttiinnyy bit of black shoe poking out…like two black tips on two very long skinny bananas!


    To the Kickette crew:

    I love the new look page!

  15. Becca x says:

    At Least The Other WAGs Look Half Decent When They Wear Long Trousers. But Elen Rives Doesnt. She Is Not Worthy.

  16. mimi says:

    Ladies – guess where I am going on 5 April. I watch thighs live – at the Emirates: Arsenal Liverpool.
    and I am not going to wear trousers that are too long.

  17. That outfit would never pass a Health and Safety risk assessment

  18. Tracy says:

    Did he really not wear the ring during the Swiss match, Gina? God, he has some bloody nerve to abandon his wedding ring when he is the one doing the dirty on Cheryl. Uugggh…What possible excusse can he come up with, unless he doesn’t want to salvage his marriage?!

  19. SuzyQ says:

    maybe try just typing it as it is with no “quotes” or anything, ie like what you would type in your web browser…


    as for the jeans… er, no. just bring em up an inch or two and she’s good… why would you want to hide the shoes?!??!

  20. tammyv says:

    <a >Didi and Carlo

    <a> href =>Didi and Carlo

    I believe that you have to include the <a”>“

  21. tammyv says:

    never mind.. I have no idea

    <URL&gt>Didi” rel=”nofollow”>;>Didi and Carlo</URL>

  22. cheryl bites says:

    How do you do it, Cher? How? F*ck that guy who wrote a book with just his eyelid, you truly deserve the award for most exceptional human being of all time.

    *Deeply unimpressed* Oh yes, no doubt are deeply committed to disability rights when they’re not slagging off WAGs. And they would certainly have heard of said quadriplegic if the film of his book had not just won an Oscar. Pfft.

    PS Anna, how did you get the html on the hyperlinks to work?? I’ve tried it before and only got this sort of result:
    <a >Didi and Carlo</a>

  23. MrsXabiAlonso says:

    OK you expect it from Elen really!! But can I just say WTF is up with that hat??! That has to be some sort of joke. Please tell me it’s a joke!!!

  24. sarabee says:

    Lol! I would have loved these when I was little in the ***ahem*** 70’s!

    Remember it well…“mummy mummy I want those jeans where you cant see your feet!  In fact like yours, mummy!“

    I remember her having to sponge the bottoms at various points throughout the day, too.

    Cheryl looks cute and gorgeous as usual, but whilst her flares bring to mind Led Zep and Rainbow and summer festivals, they ARE just too long and the bottom half of her looks like its morphing into a ponys hooves.

  25. LoveLamps says:

    Clearly a sign of the end of times – a fashion don’t that lovely WAGs are doing!  Ladies, when Elen does it, JUST SAY NO!

    That being said, Frank please remember that I have read and do follow Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style and I AM HERE FOR YOU!!!

  26. Gina says:

    TFO, wasn’t the overly-long-bell-bottoms look around briefly in the mid-70s?? For some reason that pic reminds me of Led Zeppelin…

    And although Cheryl isn’t wearing her wedding ring, Cashley has his on again. He stopped wearing it circa the Switzerland match, but had it again during the Olympicos tie. So we’ll probably see a bigger diamond and vow renewals in the summer.

  27. carly says:

    Yuck Elen – thanks for the input Anna.

    Well, in Cheryl’s defense, I think it’s hard to find the right lenght of trousers, it really depends on the kind of heel you wear. That been said, the trousers look ridiculous!
    Apart from that, Cheryl looks lovely, as always.

  28. Sarah x says:

    If You Wear Longer Trousers You HAve To Wear Higher Shoes!
    Do They Not Know That,
    Dont Loose Your Feet <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="raspberry" style="border:0;" />

  29. HoneyBee says:

    What a shame!She looks really cute,but those pants are awful <img src="; width="19" height="19" alt="shut eye" style="border:0;" /> (and so is her decision to stay with Cash Cole-awful husband and awful player,average at best-Chelsea should get rid of him).Arsenal got better deal with Gallas).She is pretty,rich,has her own career,surely it wouldn’t be too difficult to find someone better than Cole(fist guy on the street would probably be better than him).

  30. Anna says:


  31. freddiegirl says:

    She looks like a petite girl who’s too lazy to get her new pants hemmed…I know because I’ve done it…can’t be assed to tailor them and have regretted it because it’s a pain to walk around with your pant legs that long…and yes, they really do collect everything on the street…

    Needless to say all my jeans/trousers are tailored now.  Like her jacket though.

    As for her husband; eh, I’m an Arsenal fan, can’t be bothered.

  32. xlxcx says:

    TBH, I love this look and it allows me to mismatch my brown/black pump and no one notice.

  33. tammyv says:

    Brady, fantastic title.

    As for Cheryl – Girlie Girl work it…Even if you take his skank ass back. Make him pay for it and feel all the pain that you can. 

    As for Victoria, seriously at the park you wear that?  I can’t even get that dressed up to go out

  34. The Fourth Official says:

    Cheryl looks ridiculous – like some teenaged girl whose mom hasn’t gotten around to hemming her pants, but they’re new and cool, so she wears them anyway.  What a waste of an expensive pair of trousers.  How long would they last on the streets of London?  About one wearing.  I don’t see this as a trend, girls, so don’t fuss.  And don’t you just know that no man would fall for this fashion silliness.

  35. Rusty says:

    Can someone go onto the online phone directory and check around Stamford Bridge for tailors? (I have no clue where they live or the location of the Girls Aloud headquarters, so that’s why I chose Stamford Bridge; it’s near his work.)

  36. cassie says:

    i love her and have been thinking she looks great in everything she’s been wearing lately.  the pants are definitely too long, but i can forgive that if the rest of the outfit is cute, which it is.

    i don’t fault her for giving her husband another chance, i think i would do the same even as i have told my fiance i would never do so.  it’s not about the money for her, she actually loves the guy and that does say a lot about her.  at least we know their marriage isn’t a sham.

  37. brandy, aka CR's Official Mistress in Perpetuity : says:

    This would be an A+ cute, afternoon in London outfit – if her pant length was tailored…. I’m hoping there are some cute ballet flats under there, however I have this sneaking suspicion that she is wearing the unfathomable a la mode stripper platforms, in which case I am glad her trousers are soooooo long!

    I want to slap her for staying with him! Honey – you don’t need his money! At this point, that is really his only appeal/redeeming quality!

  38. FT9FTW says:

    Adorable, but she’s way too thin, IMO.

  39. Cinie says:

    I…actually like the look. I think it’s a cute way to look not so dressed up, but still nice and put together.

  40. robin says:

    When these women spend as much on their shoes as I do on my monthly bills (including mortgage) you think they’d want to show them off not hide them.

  41. Johnna says:

    Does she not know what’s growing on the streets and is thus going to end up being teracked back into the house? Oh to not have to worry about such things.

  42. Trainee Wag says:

    im in between laughing and crying.. that looks HORRIBLE. The bottom top of the picture loaded.. and i was like.. wow.. she looks pretty.. but them when i scroll down.. WHERE ARE THE SHOES?

  43. lose that girl says:

    This long pant leg look is totally ridiculous! Why you would want to stomp around town looking like you have no feet…just stumps! That’s not a sexy look.

    Shame too because Cheryl looks great otherwise.

    I guess they’re not worried about stuff like us minions worry about—laundry and dry cleaning. They have ‘staff’ to do such low-life tasks.

  44. Kimothie says:

    The biggest problem with the x-tra long pantleg epidemic (other than the fact that it looks like your legs end in bloodless nubs) is that when insanely adorable looking people like Cheryl start doing it—the “trend” will be a nationwide disaster.  Soon, tall girls like myself will be ordering special sizes for our pants because all of the petite women will have bought them in order to look like… Coleen. 

    I still don’t understand why she’s considered to be some sort of fashion icon.