October 25th, 2006

WTF files: the soccer ball waist

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As women in love with football players, their lifestyles of excess and thighs like thunder, we have to put up with the odd bit of shite from those who :

- ask us to write about something other than David Beckham
- suggest that we get a “real” job
- tell us to stop being mean to ugly people

Luckily, we can handle that. We’re strong and we’re shallow.

What we do have trouble dealing with is the suggestion by fashion designers that we should aspire to have a waist the size of a football. High end designer Nicole Miller plans on introducing a new sub-zero size of clothing, with the circumference of “a soccer ball”.

It’s no coincidence that WAG supreme, Victoria Beckham, has this waist size. Start re-thinking your food choices ladies. We suggest not eating anything ever again.

Link: Those Zeros Keep Adding Up

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