July 22nd, 2007

WTF Files: VB’s Legs


We had the same reaction as everyone else when we saw these nasty ass photos of Victoria Beckham’s legs: shock horror, followed by a heightened sense of superiority, followed quickly by the urge to point and go “nyah nyah nyah!“ and email her a link to the Thermage website. 

However, we finally settled on the assumption that the cellulite-ridden, weird old ass pensioner skin shop of horrors occuring before our eyes was a photoshop job.  Not that we don’t appreciate a good photoshop job when we see one (ie, the naked David Beckham pics).

As one can imagine, throughout the blog world the Victoria cellulite photos were discussed, analysed, mocked and scorned.  And then mocked and scorned again.  We witnessed and engaged in full scale debates in fan forums about the photoshop situ (a word of warning: don’t mess with Victoria Beckham fans, they keep it gangsta) examined dozens, maybe millions of photos of Victoria Beckham’s calves and we’re now thinking the pics are real, but very very evil.

The force of Lady V’s leg hitting the concrete whilst strutting, the lighting, the fact that the photographer has links with Satan – this is why Victoria’s normally perfect pins look like this.  Several national newspapers have printed them – and they have the budget to deal with million pound lawsuits, mind, and theh images were released by INF/GOFF without inconsistencies. The zoom shots come from other agencies – so they are two different sets of the same negatives.  Apparently.

When asked about the photos by journalist Victoria Newton, Victoria said, “Everyone has cellulite, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”


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One Response to “WTF Files: VB’s Legs”

  1. lOttiE x says:

    she needs 2 do sum serious toning! u’d think she wud b wiv david next 2 her evrynite doh! ohh