March 5th, 2007

WTF files: Victoria Beckham, Pig Pursuit

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And we don’t mean pig like we’re talking to our homies, ie: the feds, five-oh, boys in blue, etc.  Nope, we’re talking about the four legged bacon variety of pig.  And who are we kidding? We don’t have homies.  Unless you count the salespeople at Fendi.

Warning: before we carry on, this story comes via the National Enquirer and you know what that means, right?  It’s like, totally fact-checked and completely true, riiiight?

Whilst looking around a private school for her sons in the suburb of Sherman Oaks, CA, Victoria Beckham was taking a look around a science lab.  Two pot-bellied pigs took a shine to her new look and began a hot trotter pursuit. Victoria ran off in her high heels screaming.

Oh, how we truly hope, wish and pray this event actually happened.  Video footage has yet to be unearthed.

Note: one of the pigs names is Horatio.

You can thank us for that crucial bit of information later.

Link: Pigs Don’t Like Victoria Beckham

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