October 26th, 2010

Xabi Alonso: GQMF/BAMF/We’re DunzoMF

Images via Tirrameles/ Copyright DTlux.com

There comes a time in life when one must step up and own up. A moment when you throw your hat in the ring and say, damn it: I’m doing me. I am making a play for Kickette’s Hot Hall Of Fame.

That moment for Xabi Alonso (in a shoot for DT magazine), is obviously now.

And We Are Listening.

Well, we’re not listening, actually. We’re sort of breaking out into a rather unladylike sweat and squealing like wild boars in an everything-must-go mud & slop sale.

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135 Responses to “Xabi Alonso: GQMF/BAMF/We’re DunzoMF”

  1. alexandraalonso says:

    hi baby…

  2. Deedz says:

    Oh shit. This…this is too much.

  3. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    oh my god
    xabi, i have always known you are hot, but this level of hotness is almost burning my eyes!but i just cant look away!
    and im a cule!
    look what you and your friends have done to me, xabi!
    ps, he needs to be in HHOF, if there is a god, he needs to be in it!

  4. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    i agree!xabi is meant to be in spain!

  5. ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

    oh my god

    xabi 1010%belongs on HHOF.

    what a great guy..i say this not only coz hes hot, but hes a good person

    lol, look at me!!im a cule! oh well ,im a sucker for spanish NT boys, regardless of their club

  6. piquetorresxabi says:

    oh gosh Xabi Xabi Xabi… you know just the right thing to make my day so much better…

    by the way, UNF.

  7. Alisha C. D says:

    O My Lord! How can this man be so perfect? T.T
    and, btw, he looks like Stevie G in some of those photos.. =P

  8. gossip girl says:

    I die… and I go to heaven… and I see the most hot hot hot angel in the sky…

  9. xbabyshakesx says:

    why why why why
    Why do you try to kill me Mr. Alonso?

  10. GiGi6982 says:

    Xabi for the HHOF now!!

    Every other thought is more ahakhgskjgsdfkgkhash *drool* asjdlfhdkjhads. unfunfunfunfunf. I wish more men near me looked like him, but then I wouldn't be able to restrain myself and would get myself into danger…

  11. Cristina P says:

    You sexy, sexy beast… purrrr….

  12. aninjasdream says:

    OMG OMG OMG. I do, I do, I do believe in Prince Charming now. Kickette, I promise to never laugh at sappy romance movies or songs again. Please send Xabi to me for Christmas. Please.

  13. endlessinfinity says:

    O_O My eyes popped out of my head after seeing these perfect photos. Someone here described it perfectly: Xabi has ruined other men for me.

  14. Emme says:

    Upon closer inspection of the photos, I really love the one where it looks like he is unbuttoning his coat. He is kind of a tease. The only thing that could make this better is if he was wearing those glasses.

  15. Emme says:

    Boca is amazing, but I think he might have to start working harder for us :) He'll get there eventually, I have faith. That Midweek Mmmm where he wore that green t-shirt just about incapacitated me.

  16. he knows he shot.
    hes like "im soo gorgeoud and everyone is jealous of my bow tie. you know you want me"
    and im like, i agree. (:

  17. Tash says:

    Nagore is a lucky lady!!!

  18. kitty1979 says:

    OMG So that is what heaven looks like!

    He should be crowned king of the HHOF!

  19. A-B says:

    Xabi does not need to apply to the Hall of Fame, he is there ex lege, it's so obvious that he does not need to be mentioned there by name . That is the only justified reason you can give Kickettes for not having included him there by now!!!

    To make up for this fact, I here propose to you Kickettes to start a new Hall of Fame called the XABI ALONSO CLASSY HALL OF FAME.

    It is something more than usual Hall of Fame (which would be the first step to get to XACHOF, however, XABI went to his HoF automatically, when he was born)

    It should be a place where the others would look up to, the standard every footballer and every – I underline -every man of Planet Earth should aspire to be and dream to be promoted to. The place only for the chosen ones.

    I already made such a hall of fame for myself. Now the real life guys are ruined for me. I worry about my future ;-) )

  20. nenna loves arsenal says:

    ok i dislike all the real madrid players. I Hate Jose mourinho, but xabi Alonso OH LA LA! heee's sooo fine, he doesn't even Try To look sexy (like all other models) noo no this guy Is sexy.

  21. wanniemelon says:

    oh. this is just. too. much.

    how can ONE guy have so much class? the only unclassy thing he ever did was move to real madrid.

    kickette, HHOF this man, stat.

  22. Ines del Sol says:

    Pics are so shameless and the vid fried my brain. Damn You Alonso, you can overtake the world.

  23. MmmXabs says:

    I just… W O W

    He’s rendered me speechless. The sexiest man I have ever seen, and he’s a walking example of what the ‘perfect’ man would be. He’s ruined all other men for me.

  24. Mrs.FernandoTorresAustralia says:

    i think i just shat my pants

    that is sexy

    but he looks so different

    but it is a good different

  25. bri_saldana says:

    He is the ONLY MAN ALIVE that can pull off a bow tie and be soooo drop dead gorgeous that it just makes a girl wanna remove the damn'd thing w/her TEETH! ….sorry girls i'm back; phew! COLD SHOWER NOW!!

  26. heythereivannah says:


    This more than makes up for his absence at the Prince of Asturias presentation. I have completely forgotten about any and all fashion blips at that photo op in the wake of these photos. Xabi Alonso, you will forever be perfect in my mind. Always and all ways.

  27. rupster says:

    I think i just died… sigh
    Words cannot express how gorgeous this man is…please please put him in the HHOF. He doesn't even try and he's just too hott!
    And the beard! Bless him, the beard is back!!!

  28. Ninjess says:

    Okay, I admit that I never saw the appeal before. Xabi was always one of those peripheral guys for me – hot on my own personal HHOF. Then I saw this first picture. And now I get it. Kickette, you have reformed me. I now see the Xabi appeal. And now, as a new fan, I think I shall go back and look at these pictures for a few more hours. All in the name of studying a new topic, you know. I'd *never* be having dirty thoughts about a footballer and how fun it would be to hook my fingers under that bow tie and use it to pull his face down to mine…

  29. Debsen says:

    Omg, when I first saw the picture, I stopped breathing. And then I looked through the rest of the pictures, pure perfection. He pulls off all the outfits. And he's also smart, classy and hot. Put him in HHOF right away and I'd vote him for #1. Nagore is one lucky lady.

    • Debsen says:

      Also, if they need anyone to remake any of the Bond or Indiana Jones movies, they know where to look. Whenever Xabi retires, which I hope isn't soon, he should definitely take up modeling or acting.

  30. GracieB says:

    Xabi & bowtie only. now that i'd pay to see. very dapper!

  31. aps says:

    Boca doesn't belong in the HHoF cuz he's not HOF material. Maybe finest five but definitely not HHOF.

  32. Emme says:

    Is this serious? is this real life? These photos are simply torturous & prevent my brain from functioning properly. Hot H.O.F. please, now. Why is Xabi so hot?

  33. @mezz98 says:

    This man is simply living, breathing, walking HOTNESS.

    Also, I need to confiscate all of his razors, because I need that Ginger Beard in my life.

    • Emme says:

      I will second the razor confiscation. I think we need to book flights to Madrid asap & make sure there is no way he can get his hands on a razor. The ginger beard just kills me

  34. Lymari says:

    Wow, wow, wooooooow, Hot H.o.F. please, this man is toooooooooooo gorgeous to say anything else… *faints*

  35. Christy says:

    Hear, hear! Why isn't Boca even in the Finest Five, anyway?

    • MAya says:

      IDK!!! It sucks. He's just as hot as some of the other guys and is modest, AND dresses nicely 93% of the time.

  36. mcgee says:

    he should definitely be in the HOT H.O.F maybe even number 1!

  37. livealittle says:

    the only thing that would make me happier than seeing my lovely Xabi in the Hot HOF would be seeing him back at Liverpool.

  38. Jen says:

    Dragging my jaw off the floor and rushing home for a cold shower asap!

  39. Jive says:

    I’ve been swooning since the post, and now I must lobby for HHOF induction for the icon that is Xabi Alonso. Google him and find me a picture where he doesn’t just ooze sex appeal. If that isn’t HHOF worthy, I don’t know what is. Give us a coronation, ladies!

  40. Deanna says:

    Suga Suga, How you get so fly?

  41. Leá says:

    Xabi belongs in the HHOF. I have never wanted children, but this man makes me want to pop out 5 or 6 little ones. There are no adjectives to describe how incredibly gorgeous he is!

  42. d0li says:

    Xabi looks so handsome! And he's a gentleman! If only he would give some tips to the other Real Madrid players, specifically Cristiano and Sergio!

  43. Zinny says:

    I stopped breathing the second my eyes met Xabi's in that picture. How is he real? I mean, seriously. HOW?
    Oh, and we all know that a certain Liverpool captain will be donning dark shades and a cap at the newstand looking for the latest issue of DT magazine. =) Haha sorry I had to reference their epic bromance.

  44. this man for sure deserves to ne in the HOT .H.O.F. in fact he should be the king numero uno of that list of incredible sexy men. Xabi has a good body, is a super smart guy, classy, elegant, chivalrous,has good taste in clothes, what more can you ask from a men. he is a walking definition of perfect

  45. SeñoritaMLS says:

    O…breathe … M…breathe….. G… breathe…..

    he needs to be on top of the list <3

  46. GourcuffLover says:

    He looks different from his face, did he loose to much weight? face work?

  47. senora ramos says:

    oh good god xabi!!!!
    that's all i've got.
    HHOF now!!!! somethings just deserve special elections.

  48. Louise says:

    Oh, and there's video on the website.

  49. C16 says:

    O-M-G!!!!!!! <3
    That's it.

  50. Lunare says:

    Oh. My.God. I have two exams tomorrow and I still have to prepare for them. How am I supposed to do that having the image of gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Xabi Alonso in front of my eyes. He's perfection. I'm ready to forgive him his transfer to RM. Who am I deceiving?I've forgiven him long, long time ago. It's impossible to be angry with this man. OMG! I just noticed I'm scrolling up to look at the pics after every two words. What are you doing to me, Xabi?

  51. marielinha says:

    Wait a sec, I call photoshop desecration of the perfection that is Xabi. He looks a bit off to me BUT ridiculously beautiful nonetheless.

  52. Leya_S says:

    It's exactly the opposite, I think:
    He DOESN'T try so hard, he's really naturally amazing, which is what makes it BETTER.

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      Ya know, that's an excellent point. he does just naturally exude sexiness.

    • Emme says:

      You are totally right. (btw-pardon me for interrupting in on this conversation) He just seems like he is one of those men who have no idea that they are seriously sexy & that is what makes his so spectacular. I guess, maybe he knows by now, considering how many magazine covers he's done. Nonetheless, he doesn't try. He just is.

  53. Lashes says:

    Oh my *insert a lot of babbling and drool*
    I can't think. While writing this I had to scroll up just to look into his eyes and *sighs*
    What sweet dreams I'll be dreaming to night..

  54. Tora says:

    I want him. NOW. :P

  55. red chick says:

    Anyone that can make a bow tie, velvet trousers and a man bag look that hot deserves a place on the HHOF! In fact Kickette, he deserves a league of his own, the hottest of the hot hall of fame! x

  56. Pique_Xavi says:

    I have recently discovered that this man has something that many others don't. No matter what he wears even popped up collars he makes it work! Period! He is just adorable and sexy. I'm a comics geek as well as a lover of football and with that picture with the fake glasses I just fantasized of him as a Spanish Superman. But what I love the most is his vest and bowtie. I will have my favorties forever but there are just some… yes, I'm talking about you Xabi Alonso…. that makes it hard not to take a second, third, a millionth look your way :) …….. SIGH!

    • Emme says:

      Is this enough to make you switch your allegiances from Gerard & Xavi? :) I like the Superman thing – makes for good fantasy :) They should have made him wear the glasses & then I would have died.

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        No way! I love Xavi. Gerard is more like eye candy and I love his sense of humor but Xavi is that and more. He's actually pretty funny. I found some videos of him and he is just as funny as Pique. And he is smart. I love smart people. Yes, I like superman thing too, lol. Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the glasses. Also Xavi is also a great football player which is why I fell for him and that a huge plus in my book.

        • Emme says:

          Well, I hope for you that Xavi will get his day on the hallowed pages of Kickette :) For now, I guess you will just have to settle for Xabi Alonso & his very, very, very sexy bow tie :) I am still giggling/swooning/smiling over these pictures. Damn him…..I've turned into a completely incorrigible, silly fangirl because of him. Why do these footballers have magical powers over us? :)

          • Pique_Xavi says:

            I have been feeling sad Kickette hasn't done a special on him. I know this site is for the drool making ballers and well many girls don't think of Xavi that way but let me tell there are a lot out there… They probably don't know about this site though but I found out of some. Its terrible the way one baller can make you behave. I promise myself each day I won't use internet time to drool over my Xavi but its like my brain and hands do different things, lol. I love the guy. I like them both because their personalities are similar but I think Xabi is a bit more serious while Xavi when around people he bearly knows he can be quite the kidder. He often talks about sex in interviews without realizing what he says then tries to fix it by putting in the some football context, LOL…..

            • ZaharaSpain NTBarca* says:

              i think xavi is amazing, a good, genuine person and hes quite good looking in my opinion ans hes very funny

  57. N says:


    That photo of him in the hooded jacket alone was enough to cause a combustion of my girl parts.

  58. Ashlee says:

    I am speechless.
    Welcome to the Hall of Fame, For All Time forever and ever.

    Players take notes. Take. Notes.

  59. cyd525 says:

    Holy mother of God.

  60. MrsNesta says:

    OK Kickette just put him in the HHOF NOW!!!!!!! This is one of those special circumstance thingies!!!!! Also you could add a few more (Nesta, Borriello etc) and my 'TO DO LIST' is looking HOT HOT HOT.

  61. hereforthenando says:

    In the second one, he looks like a professor. Let the "Xabi Alonso as my professor" fantasies begin!

    • gin_in_teacups says:

      Haha. Ohhhhhhh God, professor fantasies are… distracting… Now I'm trying to picture Sergio as a professor but it's just too silly. I'll have to stick to the me trying to teach him English fantasy I think.

  62. Sarah says:

    This season I see Xabi modeling fo magazines more often than on the pitch. But not complaining, I would look at him all the time. Gorgeous

  63. Sara P says:

    Couldn't agree more! Good call Mia!

  64. DutchGooner89 says:

    Words fail to express the beauty this man holds, he has just left me speechless, IVE RUN OUT OF ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE XABI, A word has yet to be invented to describe this man. He's just heavenly!

    That's it. I'm probably going to be single for the rest of my life – I am convinced I will never meet a man who is even a quarter of Xabi, Thanks Xabi for skyrocketing my expectations of men now that ive seen your gorgeous self…..Big up to his wife i need to high 5 his wife, she is one lucky lady!!

  65. Candide says:

    This is everything I have ever wanted.

    Can we please not ever doubt this man’s rightful place in the Finest Five again? I mean, look at that perfection. Wow, I’m dying.

    and Kickette you have ruined me! I’ll never be satisfied with anyone but him after seeing those pics!

  66. ClassyGirl says:

    OMG!!! Classy Xabi is of course classy as always but hell yeah! Soooo handsome!

  67. SoccerDuckie says:

    Omg….I'm still alternately whimpering like post-great-cunninglinguist session and grunting like a hungry wild sow….. Kickette, what have you done!?!?

  68. starbucksgirl10 says:

    hellooooo lil’ daddy!!
    yum yum gimme some!!
    i like it, i love it, i want some more of it!!

    ok i shall try to get abck to work now ;)

  69. Melissa says:

    Yum yum yum!!! I know what I’d do with some of that! Too hot to be true!!!

  70. beri says:

    oh dear God! yummy yummy screw…..

  71. canederli says:

    Clearly Xabi is HHOF material. If we didn't know it before, we certainly know it now. We've been served, Kickettes. Make it so.

    Hot damn.

  72. Nora says:

    arjkhgakjhdr <- I think I just had my first instant orgasm

    I want to see what those glasses would look like on him. And then I picture him staring at me over the top of them saying "you've been a naughty naughty girl" mwuahahaha

    HHOF now. I don't think its possible to be more smexy than Xabi *sighes and dreams naughty things*

  73. Summer says:

    Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! Why this man is HANDSOME? I could say an only thing..Scent of you in the wind, scent of you in the evenings, scent of you in everything that I make, scent of you don't know how much is it..If you was a song you would be the song Everything written by Michael Bublé, this is the song's text:

    "You're a falling star, You're the get away car.
    You're the line in the sand when I go too far.
    You're the swimming pool, on an August day.
    And you're the perfect thing to say.

    And you play it coy, but it's kinda cute.
    Ah, When you smile at me you know exactly what you do.
    Baby don't pretend, that you don't know it's true.
    Cause you can see it when I look at you.


    And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
    It's you, it's you, You make me sing.
    You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.
    You're a carousel, you're a wishing well,
    And you light me up, when you ring my bell.
    You're a mystery, you're from outer space,
    You're every minute of my everyday.

    And I can't believe, uh that I'm your man,
    And I get to kiss you baby just because I can.
    Whatever comes our way, ah we'll see it through,
    And you know that's what our love can do.


    And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
    It's you, it's you, You make me sing
    You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.

    So, La, La, La, La, La, La, La
    So, La, La, La, La, La, La, La


    And in this crazy life, and through these crazy times
    It's you, it's you, You make me sing.
    You're every line, you're every word, you're everything.
    You're every song, and I sing along.
    'Cause you're my everything.

    Yeah, yeah

    So, La, La, La, La, La, La, La
    So, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La, La"


  74. YvoGirl says:

    OMG Kickette! HHoF NOW! And preferably Numero 1! This is beyond 'ovary-bursting' hotness. I just want to melt. I think this makes my year. Nagore is a lucky woman! (FYI: He should get the Bollon D'or this year b/c of his amazing awesome hotness that has contributed to all us Wagabee's PC's and Macs)

    • Jive says:

      This now makes him my three last phone wallpapers. That has to count for something. C’mon ladies. Xabi Alonso for HHOF NOW!!!

  75. loves la roja says:

    oh. my. god. that is all.

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      lol its okay, it took me a little while. Besides, I get criticised for my taste a lot too because I dont like see anything in certain people…*cough* Pique and Ronaldo *cough* but I am coming around on both of them a little bit so maybe you will too :P If not, we can be criticised for lack of taste together. lol. To each her own.

  76. Angela says:

    Dammit, Nagore you lucky, lucky woman.

  77. CarmenOcio says:

    That suit would look a lot nicer on my bedroom floor….

    • CarmenOcio says:

      I'm sorry, but I had to commenrt twice. I'll stop now, I promise.

      • Lashes says:

        How can one not comment at least twice?

        • CarmenOcio says:

          I know! There aren't enough words to describe how HOT this man is! I showed him to my friends and they were like 'he's ok, bit weird looking.' I'm so glad I have Kickette, where I'm with my people! :P

          • hereforthenando says:

            No one gets me like Kickette does.

            And if you're going to leave hilarious comments like "that suit would look a lot nicer on my bedroom floor," then please, comment more!

          • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

            Looool I KNOOOWWW when I show my pictures of hot footballers (like Xabi!) to my friends they're all like "I guess he's okay but he looks weird" Im just like WHAT. How could you not see it…

            Like hereforthenando, no one gets me like Kickette does.

            • rupster says:

              I cudn't agree more! I showed one of my friends a really hott shirtless pic of Xabi and The Ramos, and they just didnt get it!
              I mean no one else wud understand my need for "Xabi as my professor " fantasies (seriously, i love that one!)

              • CarmenOcio says:

                OMG me too! As my Spanish professor! Especially with that sexy bow tie and his cute lil glasses!

                • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

                  lol you two are adding another dirty thought to my already dirty mind…lol Spanish football will do that to you!

                  Anyway, misunderstood kickettes unite!! lol

  78. Jive says:

    (@_@)’!? If I was wearing panties I’d throw them at my touchscreen.

  79. Zan says:

    Hot Hall of FAME!!!
    he must he must he MUST!
    <3 <3 Alonso

  80. FootballDaze says:

    Oh, for Christ's sakes. Sigh. I am a lesbian and I just don't know what to do with the feelings that first picture is bringing to the surface. That is all I have to say. Oh, for the love of God and all that is holy. Put this man in the Hall of Fame now. Please. Now.

  81. mandy says:


  82. hereforthenando says:

    I haven't stopped giggling since that glorious moment when I first laid eyes on this photo. Which aspect of the perfection should I begin with?

    1. Xabi Alonso's bedroom eyes. Unf unf unf unf unf. Did I mention unf?
    2. He is wearing the shit out of every outfit. While I personally think that footballers and clothes shouldn't go together, Xabs is really making me re-think that. Temporarily, anyway.

    Yeah, everything else that I would say about this is too dirty for Kickette. Nagore, you win. You. Win.

  83. gemmie says:

    There is legitimately nothing I can say other than: wow Nagore, you are one lucky lady.
    So gorgeous he needs to be in the HHOF. ASAP.

  84. Leya_S says:

    That's just plain mean, kickette.
    How am I going to get any work done now???
    I want him in my office…where I have a desk…desks can be VERY fun….

  85. Cara says:

    Xabi Fangirls dont hate me please *angelface*

    But his eyes look weird on these pictures, like they have overdone it with the photoshop or something. He looks hot but their is something about them that I just cant put my finger on…

    • blitzenTO says:

      It's OK, Cara, I see what you mean, as well. They have played around with the shadows or something and made his normally gorgeous eyes look a little…off. Don't they know that this man is already 100% perfection and any photoshopping or enhancing can only detract from his beauty? Silly photographers!

      • Helen says:

        I think the problem is that they HAVE to photoshop him – his pure unphotoshopped beauty would make men and women alike die from excessive swooning.

    • Swooning in Spain says:

      I know! Especially in the first picture. Don't get me wrong, I would drop my panties for him faster then he can crack a smile, but I do agree his eyes look a little weird, especially in the first picture.

    • SoccerDuckie says:

      No, no, I can totally see what you mean; they've photoshop-murdered his usually beautiful eyes.

    • YouNeverWalkAlone says:

      Lol yeah, they make him look like Dexter…like an evil look XD Isnt he a Dexter lookalike anyway, tho? This just adds to it. Still damn hot tho.

  86. JEJ says:

    Definitely deserves a spot on HHOF

  87. Taskeen says:

    Err.. ummm.. oh.. wow.. I am so glad that i finally began to appreciate the hotness that is Xabi. Hello0 cheekbones!

  88. CarmenOcio says:

    ….And I JIZZED IN MY PANTS. (8) The bow tie is actually driving me crazy. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. OH YEAH. In that first photo, he'd only have to say these words in that sexy accent of his 'Alex, would you care to dance?'

  89. Katty says:

    Awesomeness made Man

  90. saraloha says:

    whats up with Xabs? he looks weird.. probably first time ever i dont like a shot of my baby

  91. @orionstorm says:

    Yessir….Say helloooo to the the Spanish Mr. Bond…. WOW.

  92. Gaia says:

    Oh dear, this is top of the hots. What a classy and hypersuperhellagorgeous man!

  93. Jeri says:

    He's so sexy it makes me want to cry. And the Hot HOF: can we please please make that happen? He's clearly been campaigning hard with all these gorgeous magazine shoots lately. It's the least we can do to show our appreciation and gratitude…

  94. Kare says:

    I can't think of thing to say that doesn't involve scores of profanity-laced panting.

  95. rachel says:

    yes yes yes yes yes yes ye yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

  96. Louise says:

    Yes, I almost screamed "take it off!" at my screen at that first pic.

    I'll be under my desk, thinking about untying that bowtie with my teeth.

  97. sarrible says:

    The fashion assistants on this shoot must have been very good in their past lives. Unf.