January 5th, 2012

Xabi Alonso & Nagore Aramburu: Your Football Power Couple Of The Year 2011

Congrats (and Happy Belated B-day to the most Gingerific man in La Liga) you crazy kids! Image Credit: Vanitatis.com.

While the global footy community is full of hot and heavy, high profile relationships, not all of them are as wonderful and easy going for us to cover as Xabi and Nagore’s is.

And whaddya know, at least 2,000 of our loyal Kickettes agree! With the largest majority of votes in all of the polls we’ve ever published, please give a good-looking standing ovation for Mr & Mrs Xabi Alonso of Real Madrid, 2011′s Football Power Couple of The Year.

The standings were overwhelmingly in this couple’s favour, leaving Gerard Pique/Shakira and Iker Casillas/Sara Carbonero in distant second and third places, respectively. Image Credit: Vanitatis.com.

Though successful marriages in general are diamonds in the rough these days, this happily married couple juggled two nummy kids and two equally demanding professional careers all whilst raising the bar and our hopes for footy love last year. Besides being envious of their all-around beauty, glittering personalities and ability to make you interested in a game of chess [Ed Note: naturally, none were part of the voting criteria that we asked you to consider, but you did so in droves anyway. No worries - it's one of the infinite reasons we'll always love you guys & gals], a number of Kickettes voiced concern for all the awards they collected and events they attended over the last 12 months that we forgot to mention.

Soz everyone, but at the end of the day, we can only be good at one thing. Typically that’s dehydrated, drunk bloggers who hate spell check.

So without further ado, please offer up a mushy round of jealous applause* for this year’s FPCOTY. If your of able body and mind, throw ‘em a whistle, holler or leftover confetti while you’re at it because the degree at which Xabi must bend over during his victory bow will be dictated by how obnoxiously loud our celebrations are.

His bum will be front and centre facing all of us, of course. We didn’t call this a Rear End Review for naught.

*It wouldn’t hurt to pat yourselves on the back for another voting job well done, too!

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43 Responses to “Xabi Alonso & Nagore Aramburu: Your Football Power Couple Of The Year 2011”

  1. sa335 says:

    Your blog is great. Your thoughts are also very good and i am very inspired from your post. That is why I visit this blog again and again and will come back in future too.

  2. Agnes Wonka says:

    Congratulations to them. How long have they been married?

  3. Laura says:

    As predictable as Xabi's jeans and sweater combo.

  4. Inveja_Mata says:

    Boring. Sorry.

  5. Eleanor says:

    He's boring, she's withered.

  6. Kristina says:

    I don't sense the power, but congrats.

  7. iram1982 says:

    how is it that they're flawless and perfect? I dont understand it…they're just PERFECT!

  8. April says:

    Amazing to me that some people think you need to be obnoxious and overstated in order to be a "power couple". What if you just have to be consistently fashionable and incredibly put-together in public, as well as being generally good people? Xabi and Nagore for the win. Love it.

    • Kristina says:

      I was one of those people who spoke out against these two as a power couple. We were asked to name the Posh and Becks of 2011, and to me that entails at least a bit of drama and glamour. And a Wag with her own mission. Nothing overstated or obnoxious.

      But hey, Xabi and Nagore seems to be a nice, good looking couple. I certainly have nothing against them, but I just didn't put them in the "Posh and Becks"-category.

    • Katie says:

      We don't know that they're generally good people, we know nothing about them.
      They're fashionable now they have a lot of money for expensive clothes – look at early photos of them. They were a mess. Especially Nagore.
      And there is a big difference between being obnoxious and being boring. These two don't do anything interesting. They're the most overrated couple to ever walk the planet.

  9. thelovehater says:

    Such an awesome couple – I knew there wasn't a chance for the others listed :)

  10. Honey says:

    She is a few years older than him but I'm not sure by how much :)

  11. Rachel says:

    Lovely couple! Does anyone know how old she is? She look older than him.

  12. Nonna9 says:

    Seriously. There are the Alonsos and then theres everyone else.

  13. Rose says:

    Yay for the classiest of classy couples! I can't even be jealous of Nagore because they are just so lovely together!

  14. Alone- Brazil says:

    beautiful couple, shows that did not leave the fame and money to be greater than the love and complicity between them!

  15. aninjasdream says:

    What the? Nooooo. It was supposed to be him and me.

  16. Hear, hear – classy and quiet always wins.

    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

  17. xoWinnie says:


  18. GirlWithLFCTattoo says:

    Good work, ladies! While we can't always trust the voter to do the right thing in politics, fangirls know whats true and right. Xab and Nag forever!

  19. lacey says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Xabi has two beards?

    I never see people talking about this, but to me it seems pretty obvious.

  20. [...] TOGETHER, THEY FORM VOLTRON. NOT REALLY. I WISH. Give it up for the 2011 Football Power Couple of the Year. The award go on the mantle right next to the World Cup medal, methinks. // Kickette [...]

  21. Carolina says:


  22. LOL says:

    Class for the win!!! Shakira&pique don't stand a chance with couple like this :)

  23. kat says:


  24. Gio says:

    These people are so effing boring! Seriously!! Xabi Alonso is a dullard who takes himself way too seriously. How he gets to be stylish by living in jeans and toad brown jumpers my dad would shun, I don't know.

  25. Jackie says:

    They are just so classy

  26. Sarah, Madrid says:

    Didn't I say it in the orginial post, the other couples don't stand a chance! Class wins, regardless of how famous are they in comparsion to the others!

    • zinatasreen says:

      Totally agree with you, Sarah! This couple simply oozes class in everything they do. And, Xabi is a gift to el Madridismo… :-)

  27. sıla says:

    Omg!Nagore, such as an old woman's face..

    • Anastasia says:

      I was thinking the same thing. He's hot, she looks soooo freaking old. He definitely could do better.

      • AiM says:

        which makes him so much hotter – cause he's with someone for reasons beyond just looks.

  28. ChefDi says:

    My first comment upon seeing the first foto was Wow, what a gorgeous couple. I love them!

  29. Miss XOXO says:

    Yeah very lovely couple…