June 16th, 2010

Xabi Alonso, Spain: Simply Scent-sational

Image: Ralf Reinecke

Our dearest Xabi Alonso was quoted in Spanish daily paper, Marca, today and his revelations were… Xabilicious. Yeah, we said it. Deal with our slipping editorial standards at another time. For now, look at the photo and feel the happy bubble of lust, longing and let-me-stroke-that-ginger-beard float you up and away.

As for the interview, here’s what you need to know: Xabi wears Chanel Allure cologne and envies women most for their sensitivity.

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27 Responses to “Xabi Alonso, Spain: Simply Scent-sational”

  1. Josie says:

    i want that as my desktop pic. i could stare at him for hours

  2. Carolina says:

    He is such a cutie !

  3. Ess-Jay says:

    Mmmmmmm, I could stare at this all night…. He’s jus stunning!

  4. Ines del Sol says:

    oh… pure beauty

  5. ba says:

    One word: goooorgeouusss

  6. Ella says:

    Wow. Just wow….

  7. Charlotte says:

    …and also alonso does look like he smells gorrrgeous :)

  8. Charlotte says:

    Woooooo this dude is sexxyy, he reminds me of a maths teacher that also has a lisp amd works at my school lol who is also fitt :) :) xx

    • xabimyonelove says:

      omg same!!! he reminds me of my maths teacher too :) and he is the most handsome teacher in our school, almost all the girls have a crush on him lol :)

  9. beth says:

    He does look like he’d smell really nice

  10. NandosGirl says:

    There are words under this photo. Why are there words under this photo? This luscious, luscious photo. This luscious, luscious man. -sigh- I want to see you back in red, love.

    • NandosGirl says:

      Liverpool red, that is. He already wears red for the Spanish NT, of course. Oh dear, I’m making this worse. I blame his sexy, sinful stare. -drools-

    • Ess-Jay says:

      Flag red!!!… I wanna see him naked! :P

  11. caitanya says:

    xabs! he makes my heart go lub dub :-) Such class …

  12. Erin says:

    Simply gorgeous. Perfection in human form.

  13. tanyip says:

    soooooo sexy god i love this man :)

  14. HRH ROAR says:

    No denying it, when every one else on the Spanish squad has a bad hair day or a serious infestation of manplaits we can always count on Xabi to be above reproach for his sense of fashion and style!

  15. senora ramos says:

    aww, another post to ease the pain. love you xabis! you were thisclose.

    and vital info on the smell of xabi!!

  16. Red_Girl says:

    I miss him! And according to Stevie, Xabi is missing Liverpool too. Let's hope Jose has a brain aberration and wants to sell him, then he can come home.

    • azezah says:

      who told you that xabi is missing liverpool?

      • Any says:

        Are you saying that the voices in my head that keep telling me that Xabi misses Liverpool and is coming back are not to be trusted? Because these are the same voices that told me I’m marrying Pique, so if they’re lying, I need to return that dress.

        • senora ramos says:

          lol at work irl

          • Redgirl says:

            In an interview, Stevie G said he keeps in touch with Xabi and mentioned that Xabi misses Liverpool… we can but hope, while knowing it's the hope that kills us…

  17. coconuta says:

    I'm a Barça girl, but there's no denying that Xabi is a gorgeous, über-hot man.

  18. christina-kyiv says:

    Omg I just simply adore him and this page for bringing us this kinds of important news. Discovering kickette has been the best thing ever happened to me since I bumped into a pic of Harry Kewell's abs

  19. JaneSpotting says:

    Yummy..watching Espana now. Its like a GQ model shoot.

    Don't know whether to take my eyes off Iker, or check out Torres.

    The list goes on.

    Xavi certainly has a certain 'je ne sais quoi' sexiness to him!