October 11th, 2010

Xabi Alonso: The Refined Gentleman’s Guide to Good Living

Real Madrid man speaks with El Pais

Images: Sergi Pons/ElPais.com.

Xabi AlonsoNagore's hubby is hawtSpain’s resident Mr. Sophisticated and personal answer to James Bond, Xabi Alonso, the man whom El Pais describes as ‘a player anyone would want on their computer’, had a few choice words to say about the three most vital things in life -  food fashion, and champagne.

We’re swooning already.

Xabi on fashion:

“For that [clothes] I am very classical, I like the detail and care what I wear, I love watches and shoes, but I’m not a fashion victim. I am very clear on what I like and what I don’t, and in that way I rely on my gut feelings: I would never wear a fur coat.”

Xabi on his teammates’ style choices:

“Cristiano does his best to make me laugh, but that’s nothing compared to the clothes that Drenthe wears. He was a spectacle. I also laugh a lot at Arbeloa. ‘Today your wife dressed you, no?’ I tell him. And he gets pissed off.”

Xabi on food:

“I go crazy. I eat everything, and in that sense Madrid never stops: there is cooking with fresh ingredients, Japanese, Chinese, more high-end, less so, I don’t care, I just like to eat a lot. So much so that I’ve had to put limits on myself because I can’t stuff myself everyday, and Madrid has some wonderful things to offer.”

He is also classic when it comes to wine: “a good Ribera del Duero or a Mauro, and I’m happy” and admits that his weakness  involves bubbles – “I love champagne.”

Xabi Alonso Real Madrid starReal Madrid Alonso HotWell there you have it: a recipe for success for snaring the lovely Mr. Alonso. All you need is gourmet cuisine, buckets full of bubbly, and a classic sense of style. Sounds a lot like us, actually.

To top it all off, Xabi’s prolific headshots seem like he’s contemplating a walk over to the dark side. Marco Borriello take note should there ever be a F5 rematch.

Nagore, we both salute you and are madly jealous of you. Sigh.

More translated tidbits can be read over at Unamadridista.

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60 Responses to “Xabi Alonso: The Refined Gentleman’s Guide to Good Living”

  1. bri_saldana says:

    Ok…so I have changed my common use of the phrase "Not too shabby" with…"Not too Xabi Alonso!" Tacky? Yes, but to my defense…his debonair qualities and ultra fine good looks are enough to render any self respecting girl into a goofy hot-mess! Even crazier, I live in TEXAS and absolutely NO ONE even understands the reference! (sigh)….anyway I'll just go back to drooling over this post :D

    • Emme says:

      You are in serious American football country in TX. I get you though, chica -I have no girlfriends who have any idea who Xabi Alonso is or any other baller for that matter. The only person I can talk footie with is my brother and he cares very little about the merits of Xabi's beard or clothing choices. Sometimes wish I could gather up all of the Yank kickettes and move them to my city, so I would have some girlfriends who knew something about football

      • bri_saldana says:

        Ugh after I'm done raising my kiddos I'm seriously thinking of moving to some wondrous footie land….till then Kickette land it is!!!

  2. HiL says:

    omg. what a GREAT photoshoot!
    god i love that stubble.

    Why a Gillette contract, Xabi? why?

  3. Stephanie says:

    Is anyone else feeling his sexy, stubbly gingery beard? Rub it all over me Xabster!

  4. Dru says:

    Also- HE GOT OFFERED A MOVIE ROLE AS A KID? Can you just see where this could have gone?

    I need to fan myself, the thought of Xabi as a movie star is just too hot to handle. Though I prefer him as a footballer, of course :)

  5. Dru says:

    Xabi is perfect. Intimidatingly perfect. How is he so perfect? Just when you think he can't look better than he does in a suit, he (or Nagore) adds rock n'roll pins to the lapel! And he looks classy even when holding a giant tape of Hey Jude *sigh*

    Loved what he had to say about Liverpool, and I lolled at the bit about small troublemaking Xabi too (it's hard to picture Mr Classy himself as a naughty little kid, though that grin of his helps some).

    Nagore is lone lucky lady, indeed.

  6. Dru says:

    "A player anyone would want on their computer"? El Pais, don't be shy, it's really "a player anyone would want in their bed." Right?

  7. Heather says:

    This entire article just made my period pain go away. Thus is the power of Xabi. Sigh…

  8. @Lyandra says:

    Loved what he had to say about Liverpool! The man is just a class act. Come back Xabi! Come back NOW!

  9. SoccerDuckie says:

    Oh be still my whole reproductive organs……. UNF!!!!!

  10. misstorres says:

    This man is classier than everything I've ever seen. He's just classy as hell! ;)

  11. Ines del Sol says:

    Pure perfection *le sigh*

  12. aninjasdream says:

    Damn. I can’t handle this much beauty on a busy working day.

  13. Keri says:


  14. caitanya says:

    Xabs is totally Spain's answer to James Bond. If Spain ever decides to do a 007 rip off, he will be first contender for the part. Yes, he is classy, hot, shaken but not stirred

  15. canederli says:

    This man is so beautiful that he should be considered a controlled substance. Wow. Those pictures are amazing.

  16. bri_saldana says:

    Good Lawd Xabi! I swear you can make a girl whimper!!!

  17. Leya_S says:

    If James Bond were nicer and hotter, he would be Xabi Alonso.
    And yes, I DO think that Xabi can fight off bad guys, dismantle an atomic bomb, and save the girl, all while juggling a soccer ball.

  18. SoccerLoverrrr says:

    whoa hes freaking sexyyy!!!!

  19. Jackie says:

    Hot damn!

  20. @Dadillio26 says:

    I feel like Xabi is best appreciated from afar. Don't get me wrong. I'm super nerdy, and into worldly affairs (seriously, I promise) , but while this is fun to read (for some, to look at), I just can't see Xabi and I having a discussion about how the gas station sign said $2.75, but apparently tehy were in the midst of changing it, and I got charged $2.79 and since I needed 22 gallons, that's 88 cents I could have used to get a snow cone.

  21. Steph says:

    This whole article about him was pretty great. :) Those pictures are amazing, seriously. Especially that pic with the tape! Aww. :D SO jealous of Nagore! I love them, but Nagore, can we share him? I'd be ok with that! :P haha. Anyway, that quote he said about the clothes really made me laugh. And did you see Arbeloa's tweet yesterday? He tweeted the link to the article and then said the funniest thing about that quote Xabi gave. lol.

  22. Ashlee says:

    He's flawless. Classy doesn't do him justice. Gentleman is not enough. Xabi Alonso > Mere Mortals.

  23. aps says:

    This man just oozes ELEGANCE.I really like him.

  24. Bebo Ronaldo says:

    Wiv such hotties in his team I wdnt b surprised if Jose mourinho turnd GAY!!!

  25. ioveyounando says:

    i'll see you tomorrow night xabi ;) will be supporting spain <3

  26. VS1986 says:

    If you look in the dictionary under the words "sophisticated," "hot," "beautiful," "handsome," "classy," "sexy," "gentleman" and "GORGEOUS" you will see a picture of Xabi Alonso. :)

  27. JVD says:

    “Cristiano does his best to make me laugh, but that’s nothing compared to the clothes that Drenthe wears. He was a spectacle. I also laugh a lot at Arbeloa. ‘Today your wife dressed you, no?’ I tell him. And he gets pissed off.”

    All three of these guy's wardrobes are pure comedy. Xabi, I love him for this. Well, and the whole hot/dapper/hot thing.

  28. Summer says:

    There are so many things which has happened in my life, I has been happy so many times, happy each time for different things…But when I've met Xabi my life is totally changed, in positive of corse, and now still today I can say that the things improve day by day…Xabi is an important part of my life, he's like the sugar which sweetens my days, the sun through the rain, the dream through the reality…Xabi saved me so many times especially when I was a lost soul who has stopped to believe in the love's immensity. Thank you Xabi to exist and for me doesn't import how much is the distance between us, where you are because for me you are in only place, in my heart and here you will remain always with me…I have to say sorry to all of you because I have speak about my feelings but I had to say these words…I've met so men in my life but still now NO ONE IS LIKE XABI!!!! (TQM mi hombre pequeno)

  29. CarmenFoxe says:

    Phew, is it hot in here? Oh no, just Mr.Alonso. I'm thinking Spanish professor, and you haven't handed in your homework, so you have to make it up to him somehow…

  30. Taskeen says:

    wow, i never truly got the mad love that most of the army has for Xabi but i seriously see it now! the whole thing just made me smile coz he sounds like such a sweetheart (the pics caused more of a drool, but who's counting right?), i always knew he had style but now.. helloo0 Xabi!:)

  31. Pique_Xavi says:

    I'm one of those people who don't like it when people get so upset about Kickette's mistakes but…. shouldn't it say good looking instead of living? :) Seriously though, I see why many of you suffer from Xabi yeah right you don't suffer you enjoy and very much from the comments I read. Both his wife and him are lucky to have each other. Don't think he would want to be a model after his football career but what about a sports announcer? I'm sure many of you would love to hear him talk.

    • Emme says:

      Okay, maybe it is an exaggeration to say that he is so outrageously hot, it's painful. It's just that he seems so nice and sincere, and like a normal person. There is reason to be madly jealous of his wife. You have to admit that he looks totally adorable with the oversized cassette tape…even if he isn't your cup of tea.

      • Pique_Xavi says:

        Well that's the beauty of "loving" someone. We all think our or "our" guy is the best no matter what he dresses like, yes talking about The Ramos, or what team he plays for, lol. He is adorable and yesterday I was googling <—– is that the way to use that "word"? Anyway, and found a picture of Xabi and I swear you feel like he's actually looking at you! And one thing I do agree is that he's classy not only as a person but as a baller… heck, he makes his football gear look goooooood.

        Did you hear about what Arbeloa said about Xabi? Well, he said that Xabi sees him dress all nicely so he gets jealous and teases him that it was his wife that dresses him, lol. Arbeloa posted that on his twitter.

        • Emme says:

          I am telling you, that is the power of Xabi Alonso. In practically every photo, it actually looks like he is looking at you. You are totally right about that. Good grief! I am such a fangirl and I am past the point where I am not even ashamed of it :) I am not on the twitter, so I was not aware of this revelation tweeted by Alvaro. I love those Spanish guys for some reason. I need to learn some more Spanish, so I can start understanding their interviews.

          • Pique_Xavi says:

            Shame? Whats that? LOL Well you might want to learn castellano because it differs a little bit from spanish. There are some words I don't know what they mean. Come to think about it my grandma speaks more like spanish people must be the way the use of language changes with generations. Anyway, Xabi is the handsome type.

            • Emme says:

              I actually need to learn Spanish because of my job, but understanding what hot ballers are talking about is probably a better reason. Too bad there are not more english-speaking media outlets doing the interviewing. Xabi speaks english quite well.

              • Pique_Xavi says:

                Oh, and LOL. I'm trying to understand Catalan since Pique loves to give interviews but more than often he speaks Catalan. Some Americans expect other people to always speak english no matter where they go but there are so many who just learn spanish or other languages and it makes me feel good that so many try to speak spanish. I find it really cute that people teach themselves. One of my exes never spoke a word of spanish only the food names, lol. His mom understood and spoke it (also for work) and she always shocked people when she did speak in spanish.

                • Emme says:

                  I am pretty much at the point where I know tons of words, but not how to put together sentences, can definitely not understand fluent speakers, but I can read a little bit if I have some sort of context or prompt of what the text is about. Whoa….this is a giant segue from Xabi Alonso….back on track. From what I could pick up from the El Pais article is that he likes Neil Young which is a total coincidence b/c I just saw Neil Young in concert two weeks ago and that he also likes black & white film. My goodness, what next? I suppose he likes Eric Rohmer's series of six moral tales? He is the only baller I've come across that has seemingly intellectual interests. Totally perplexing

                  • Pique_Xavi says:

                    Whats amazing and that you and I are still drooling over this post when at least I have "other interest". First VIlla sneaking into my heart and now this… I feel like such a cheater and yet somehow doesn't feel like a bad thing. Yeah I get what you say about knowing words but not understanding them when someone else is speaking them. I have never dated anyone within my race and my american bfs said that they don't understand me in spanish because I speak too fast. If they knew any words I said it wasn't clear to them. I had this discussion with some girl because she said that if I were to speak english in a very slow way the non-english speaking person will be able to understand me. I tried it and so far I have been unsuccessful. I do agree if they have prior knowledge of what is being said to a person they can catch some things but not fully understand a whole conversation.

                    I see Xabi like a Kennedy where the family eats breakfast while dad quizzes them on current events. If there is a man I adore is JFK… he died before my mom was born but I have read many of his biographies and seen videos.

                    • Emme says:

                      I know you have your Gerard & your Xavi, but could you honestly say if Xabier showed up at your door, you would turn him down, or San Iker for that matter? :)

                    • Pique_Xavi says:

                      Well Xabi no. He would be welcome with open arms. I would love to just listen him talk about anything english or spanish. He would be a good professor I think. Okay maybe that one is just a fantasy :) Iker, I don't know… there is something about him that I don't like. I'm judging him on his behavior one only of a couple of seconds but who knows sometimes it doesn't take much to kind of feel a person. Do you remember that airplane thing where Xavi, Ramos and Reina were dancing and singing? Xavi went to talk to Iker and he was all weird like he didn't want people to bother him because he was with Pastasauce. She even said to Xavi I didn't say anything to him. I guess Iker told him to go away. Xavi's face was that of surprise. She even offered to go somewhere else to sit but Iker was not having it. I understand he wanted some alone time with his gf but if everyone else could enjoy the moment without their significant others why not him? She was on the plane and a few mins. w/out her wasn't going to kill him. I don't like guys/girls who act different around their bf/gf. One of the reason I don't find him "attractive".

                    • Emme says:

                      See what you are saying about Iker. I didn't actually know that about the plane incident. WAGs can cause big time problems sometimes. I am thinking i am going to have to take a break from my incessant Xabi drooling. I think it has reached the point of being out of hand. I agree he would make a great professor – most likely of history, political science, or maybe film studies. I could listen to him talk all day long in English or Spanish

  32. Esque este hombre jamas me termina de sorprender. Me encanta. Omg how can one not love Xabi Alonso he is so handsomeand he has this sex appeal that even Cristiano wants.

  33. zztop says:

    cristiano, guti, ramos, drenthe, arbeloa fashion BURN!!!


  34. xbabyshakesx says:

    i was thinking bubble bath keke

    but Xabi is such a gentleman

  35. Amandinha says:

    this man is perfection!

  36. Zinny says:

    I believe that Xabi has now transcended both "classy" and "gentleman". He is so beyond those concepts that we need new words just for him.

  37. DutchGooner89 says:

    I am sooo in love with Xabi that he can do no wong in my eyes lol….eventhough i dont drink i wouldnt mind Xabi using me as his human cup and drink of me with his favourite drink lol, it seems he gets more beautiful each day…like i said before am packin up and moving to spain and find my very own Xabi which am guesssing is not hard to find since 99.99% of spanish men are ridicilously hawt!

    And these pictures should have a warning sign i mean it should be illigial to be this drop dead gorgeous! hmmm

  38. SylviaC1 says:

    xabi looks really like he should be a male model not a footballer…hes got the perfect cheekbones and facial structure…^^

  39. hereforthenando says:

    He also said some really classy things about Liverpool, which just makes me love him even more. Xabi, how could you leave me??

  40. beri says:

    Dear God….this man makes me want to go to Madrid and drop my knickers faster than any of you can say "Jose Mourinho". Sigh….thank goodness I respect the sacrament of marriage! Nagore….you are one lucky chick!

  41. heythereivannah says:

    It's going to take surgery to reconnect my jaw, it's fallen so far past the floor… is champagne good for post-surgery consumption?

  42. sarrible says:

    "a player anyone would want on their computer"

    Respectfully, that is not what I want him on. Er, not only what I want him on. I'm trying to say I wish Xabi Alonso would stop wearing trousers and run away to Bali with me. Is that clear?