August 25th, 2010

Yoann Gourcuff: Lyon Medical Or Softly-Lit Adult Movie?

YouTube Preview ImageWe know. We just wrote about Mr. Gourcuff. But here’s the thing(s):

1. The above video. 00:26 seconds for the money shot. Or, to be more specific, the zoom shot of his arse climbing into an airplane.

2. The screen caps from Yoann’s medical with Lyon today. They’re kind of bordering on… well…

See for yourself.

Aren’t medical examinations supposed to be held in brightly-lit rooms with unflattering high watt bulbs? The pillow case (see below) is floral and romantic. The mood is candle-light, the setting is “it’s about to go down”. In short, it’s brilliant.


Don’t thank us, thank POTP for providing the video and screen capping talent.

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108 Responses to “Yoann Gourcuff: Lyon Medical Or Softly-Lit Adult Movie?”

  1. The French film starring Sophie Marceau, after realizing that movies based on teen life in her home country of France were almost entirely missing.

  2. CescForever says:

    wow he is just too perfect <3

  3. Veronica says:

    does yoann know how to speak english? or just french? or maybe italian from playing at milan.. someone tell me!! ;)

    • LucieDeban says:

      Dear Veronica…pity- as the most of french people he speaks only french :(
      Perhaps a little italian…
      ladies, you have to learn french, lol…i already did- because of my beloved french man…and Yoann, of course :)

    • lisa says:

      Hey :) Yes Yoann knew how to speak Italian when he was in milan. I don't know if he continued it when he came back to France, but here is an Interview where he speaks Italian:…

      And no – he doesn't know English, or maybe he's like maroune and just isn't comfortable speaking it .. but i'm sure if he went to the Premier League he would learn it :)

  4. Sahra...* says:

    Ahahahahaha! OMG the second picture should just be framed and put on exhibition. I mean, seriously. LOOK at it!

  5. macdmag says:

    that man is so gorgeous he can’t possibly be the same species as the rest of us can he? Was so gutted today that Lyon weren’t in the same CL group as Rangers so I could get full perving without questions! hey ho…

  6. Alone Albuquerque says:

    I love Yoann , hhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ! Beautiful!!

  7. Mancandy...yesplease says:

    oui oui oui! Gimme gimme gimme!

  8. M says:

    Oh yoann

  9. Miss Estonia says:

    This raises my perennial question of "why are we not married yet?" ahh, I will never know. But thanks for the porny photos, Kickette! :)

  10. CrazyforNando says:

    He’s as close to perfection as you can get. Just a beautiful man.

  11. Kristina says:

    That man is a walking ****** Christmas. He needs to be preserved in amber for future generations to enjoy (once we've cloned him, of course).

  12. Barcelista says:

    I just found my new screen saver – a sleeping Yoann.. *Drooling*

    - Now all I need to do is photoshop myself into it!!

  13. kat says:

    *last pic*is that what he looks like when i wake up every morning??lying on his chest,staring longingly to that beautiful face till he open up his eyes and flashes a dazzling smile that lighten up my whole day??arrgghh..i need some time alone now,excuzes moi..

  14. Mrs Puyol says:

    The hottest thing about him is that he speaks french. Not that crazy about him, although i can see from a objective perspective that he is a very good looking man. He looks like someone out of a Disney movie :) !

    • Dee says:

      Picture 3 is no Disney movie I've ever seen…

      • Mrs Puyol says:

        I must go and have a look… No i didn´t mean porno-Disney :) ! I meant that he makes me think of princes in fairytales, rather.

        • Dee says:

          Sorry, my mind is permanently in the gutter. Any attempts to rebuild the tunnel to the surface have failed miserably.

          I can so see the fairy tale prince thing though. He’d be good for a Cinderella remake. Too bad my favorite is Beauty and the Beast. [I've already casted the beast role perfectly].

  15. Jessie says:

    I'm so glad i minored in french :)

  16. viola says:

    AAAAAAH HOLY FREAKING SHIT!!! Yoann I want you IN me NOW!!!!

    And btw thank you kickette!

  17. Kiera says:

    I would do ANYTHING for just one night with this masterpiece of human art. How the f*ck is he even real?

  18. dira says:

    WOW, now I'm certainly sure that I'll take sports med once I'm done with my high school this year! :D

  19. lorena $Yoyo Gaga$ says:

    @ASM I was wondering if someone will post it!!! TNX 10000000 times :-)

    And tnx to this pictures I can now imagine him ( more realistically ,then ever) under the shower…just imagine him +water +steam…+ ME :-) ahhhh I should be studying right now…damn you Yoann,damn you!!!

  20. Ha,,,ha,,, thanks 4 the sneak peek.. __(^.^)__

  21. ASM says:

    gosh!!all of this just come out without any warning??i'm not complaining anyway..

    ::trying my best to refrain any sudden horniness:: ;)

    without any shame LOL,…

    UGH!sin again and again..cant keep everything under control with this guy..

  22. Tabby says:

    kickettes you just impregnated me with this post :o nuff said

  23. cymraeg_ddraig says:

    This boy is perfection. I think I'm in love.

  24. Annisa says:

    Oh my dear Yoann. Your perfection is painfuullll *drool* My eyes hurt so bad!

  25. sounderslove says:

    Full translation, for anyone who wanted it (it's more adorable in the original French though…I tried…):

    I feel nostalgic, you could say…nostalgic for these two years that were enriching…both humanely and sportively…with a title of champions of france and a league cup…two champions’ trophies and then…and then a quarter-final of the champions league, so…it was an interesting path, and…voila. We had…there was a group…a good group, good guys, so certainly it’s…it’s…it’s strange to say good-bye to them, but okay it’s like this, this is football, (laughs) this is life. It’ll be a new experience…uh…a new challenge, it’s…it’s something new so…so it’s important to get along well, to integrate well, and so I’m very motivated…I’m motivated and I hope to…to fit in (he literally says “melt”) well with…with this group, with this collective and….and do my best.

    Ah yes, of course, there are certain players that I know…(he mentions two, briefly…didn’t catch their names and am too lazy to look them up)…so I know them well and then…well okay I would love to play with Hugo [Lloris] and Jeremy [Toulalan] who are…uh…(smirk) two…two good mates (gah slang is killing me here) and uh…with Hugo as well we…we won a decent amount of stuff together, we won the European championship, with the French U-19 team, so uh…yeah with Hugo we have…we’ve known each other for…for a good number of years so…so of course….To know that there are so many good guys at Lyon helps with the decision. And it’ll be a pleasure if (hopeful smile), if the people of Lyon are looking forward to having me here! And so I’ll try to…to do my best and to continue my progress…I’m only 24 and I think I still have a good progression ahead of me…so I’m arriving at a club with ambition, that has proved this in the past, and I’m signing here, so…so I hope we can do good things with this club and this team and that of course the fans will…will be happy.

  26. Juannie says:

    So this is how heaven looks like.

  27. Rossanera says:


    He’s basically saying that he has warm feelings for his old club, but that he’s excited about the move, he hopes that he can do the best he can and that the club’s supporters will be happy.

    Mon Dieu, qu’il est beau !!!

  28. sounderslove says:


    holy shit.

    yoann, do me now.

  29. sarrible says:

    C'est un plaisir, Yoann. UN PLAISIR.

  30. Rachelle says:

    is he wearing guyliner?!!!!!!!!!

  31. missbubbles says:

    Dear Lord!!!!!

    Forgive me for I have sinned!!!! in all possible ways when it comes to this guy!!!

    • lacata says:

      Well I’m not Catholic but for all the thoughts that went through my mind I probly should go to confession.

    • Dee says:

      As long as he is nowhere near the state of Connecticut in February, I may actually turn out to be a halfway decent godmother.

  32. cherryboomboom says:


    no I'm kidding , I'm not speechless . HE'S FUCKING SEXAAAYYYY!!!!!

  33. AngelDust says:

    I would learn French just to know what he’s saying. I took it a long time ago, but the only thing I understood was “a new challenge”

    Lol that’s why I go for Spain…I understand their interviews better.

    • sounderslove says:

      i put a full translation in my comment above, if you want to know what he says.

  34. yoannlover says:

    Is there a video of the medical exam?
    Now what I wanna see is a video of him j*rking off.

  35. gretchen says:

    Yoann puts all men to shame. Great job Yoann, mon dieu :*

  36. Leya says:

    i don’t know what he was saying but it was enough to make him even more beauuuuttiiifuuullll…


  37. Liz says:

    you can’t blame them. if i were in charge i would make sure to set the mood just in case, u know what i mean? ;)

    all i could do is stare at his beautiful face while he was talking, it’s too hard to pay attention to what he’s saying & i don’t understand French anyways.

  38. loveu2much says:

    im loving the semi-nude Yoanness…very beautiful somehow he quite resembles matt lanter fron 90210 a bit. how i wish i can be there.

  39. annbug says:

    PS: I love him all scruffed up and unshaven. It makes me think dirty thoughts.

    But I'm still kind of mad at him for leaving Bordeaux like that.

    But then sort of not because his new number is 29, which is Chamakh's number, which makes the whole situation ALMOST endearing. Ok, I'm lying. It's so frikken cute, their bromance.

    Oh Yoann, what am I going to do with you…

    • loveu2much says:

      oh i simply adore the unshaven look and yes it also makes me think dirty thoughts

  40. annbug says:

    Excuse me while I pick up the pieces of my exploded ovaries.

    He can't possibly be human.


  41. nils says:

    All of a sudden, I love french cinema

  42. Mme Gourcuff says:

    I’ve always wanted to become a doctor…I take this as a sign from God for me to continue pursing a medical career.

    • Leya says:

      i have a degree in biomedical engineering, and i was STRONGLY considering going back for a second bachelor's in sports medicine….

    • ASM says:

      thank god!!i'm a medical student..i've decided my options now..wait for me,guys.. ;)

  43. ba says:

    i’m the only one that don’t get the full of girl-crushers for Yoann?? He’s gorgeous but doesn’t nothing to me!

    • JV says:

      Me, too. I find him very attractive, but I just don't have that "I really want to touch him" feeling. Maybe it will develop… it did with Ramos. LOL, maybe I need intensive Yoann therapy.

    • Claire says:

      My best friend doesn't find him THAT amazing either.

      I believe it's because he is simply too pretty. And prettiness can be boring… sometimes. Imperfection is in some cases much more appealing.

  44. Maple_lee says:

    OMG there is far too much hotness going on here! Not that I’m complaining but this should have come with a warning that read: May cause viewers to loss ability to speak and will increase the viewer’s heart beats :P

    • loveu2much says:

      i dunno that would take away the scream factor…..although "soft lit adut movie" was enough to make my heart beat like crazy

  45. gemmie149 says:

    If he weren't so gorgeous I might really question the sanity of a person (myself) who watches a 5 minute interview completely in French. Thankfully, I understood every third word. So, no need to!

  46. VEE says:

    I need THAT job. :D

  47. Lisa says:

    I think I need to go see a cardiologist now that I’ve watched that medical video. holy crrrrap!

  48. Claire says:

    Sweet Mother of Jesus!



  49. KarenGourcuff says:


  50. Allthegoodnamesweretaken says:

    Holy moly… 0_0

  51. Dee says:


    When I regain the ability to have more to say, I will probably wish I had taken a different career path.

  52. DC says:

    i can usually understand french but seeing Yoann….ohgod. he kills my brain.

    more of the gorgeous Yoann please!

  53. jen says:

    omgg he's perfect! *melts* seriously, im about to switch my profession choice to EXACTLY what that man in the second photo does!

  54. Manutdgirl says:

    Ooh it's about too go down :D lol

  55. AC_USA says:

    And God has officialy heard my prayers….now I get to see him and Pjanic play for the same team!! Heck ya….once a week 90 minutes of staring at those two hotties will be plenty for my eyes :) ))

  56. VP says:

    Mon Dieu, indeed! I have lost all ability to form words.

  57. Amanda says:

    Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god


    Oh, Yoann, je suis contente all right! I LOVE YOUUUUU

  58. ruby says:

    Best. Medical. Ever.

  59. Steph says:

    OMG. Hot. Just SO hot. :D This is definitely a welcome break from school stuff I should be doing. Speaking of, is it too late to transfer and study sports medicine? :P haha.

    • JulieFromParis says:

      Team Teacher yeah!!

      It's the week before school officially starts here in France but Im already in as I have a group of 10 years-old in charge for what we call "soutien" (remedial courses??). I was trying to focus on fractions reducing system when this little boy came in wearing a Ronaldo Real Madrid jersey…

      I love my job. I wouldn't transfer to any other job unless The Ramos begs me to . No need to say I'll still be teaching in 10 years then :)

      • Steph says:

        haha. Yeah, I kind of want to switch my major after seeing that now! :P You do? Oh, that’s cool. How do you like doing that? I really like kids and all, but I don’t think I could do that. I’ve got a bit of a short temper. lol. He did? Aww, cute! :) Seeing kids in their jerseys is always adorable. Only if Ramos begged you to? LOL.

  60. C16 says:

    OH MY DEAR GOD!!!! He is just…. <3

    He looks almost angelic in the last shot. He is bordering perfection.

  61. Anita says:

    OMG!! How does he manage to look so hot every single day?? :P i looovvveee him <3

  62. Zinny says:

    Monseiur Gourcuff is not just any man! He needs a more intimate approach than your everyday physical. I say we put him through a "Kickette- certified" physical, if you girls know what I mean. ;)

  63. MrsNesta says:

    OH……..I was doing something but I'm not sure what :)

    I would pay to see that, someone missed out on making some big WONGA LOLOLOL

  64. Azezah says:

    The first pic of the medicals, am i seeing a bulge there *wink wink nudge nudge*

  65. Monica says:

    It's not too late for me to study sport's med!

    I think I should..

  66. Jackie says:

    Mon Dieux, Il est beaux. I love him. Hope he makes his way to the Premier League… preferably Arsenal… just saying. :)

  67. WagInTraining says:

    ….I think I'm probably one of the youngest on kickette, 15 years of age. a bit more than a year ago I chose my GCSE options….WHY THE HELL didn't I choose Sports Science?!

    • Madenaaa says:

      Hahah nope you aren't the youngest!

      I am 15 as well, turning 16 next month (:

      Its okay, its better to be younger than the players than to be older in my opinion!