August 30th, 2006

Zzz: Abbey & Crouchy

Let it be said: Abi whatsyerface and Peter “tall and lanky” Crouch, we don’t care if you’re a couple or not.


In most instances, we here at Kickette are happy to be the first to jump on the “are they/aren’t they” bandwagon of endless discussion, speculation and analysing of body language from paparazzi photos of footballers and their gals, but not in this case.

We don’t like Abi Clancy.

No, we don’t know why.

Is it the drug taking fiascos? The drunken flashing? The lack of class? The reality tv bids? Maybe the cheating on him with a less stick insect styled dude that was splashed all over the papers? The fact that a girl like her would never date a guy like Crouchy if he worked selling fags and pork pies from the local petrol station? Alas, some mysteries can never be solved.

For those of you that are interested, links are below.

Link: Clancy That
Link: Wise up Abi, For Pete’s Sake

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5 Responses to “Zzz: Abbey & Crouchy”

  1. Yeah, thats fricking crazy man!

  2. anthony lomA says:

    well at least abbie isnt living off her crouch at leats she has got a career of her own not like all the other wags who live of there husbands!!1

  3. KC says:

    LOL she is a skank.  and now that she’s hit one baller, who’s she gonna score with now? no one in the premier league will want her nasty self——-

  4. Anonymous says:

    clancy is such a slag. when your 15 minutes are up it’s time to go. whatever broomstick boy is doing with this ho needs to end immediately.